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 Below is the beautiful transformation of baby Crimson Bellied Conure into a fully colored out youngster. This transformation occurs over 6-9 months.


Just how smart is a Green Cheek?? Watch for yourself....

Larry, Lindbergh's human, again sent us a Christmas Video. I knew you all would enjoy seeing his progress. Here is Lindbergh's 2009 video!




Pamperedpeeps aviary specializes in raising exceptionally sweet handfed parrots in Phoenix, Arizona. As a family, we have bred and handfed sweet parrots for over 15 years. We have always produced parrots in few numbers, but with great love and attention. In 2014, we downsized our breeder pairs of parrots and kept only our Crimson Bellied Conures. We raise only those species that we enjoy most as pets....so most of the species we offer  are relatively quiet, non-demanding, good self-entertainers and easy to handle. This statement is made relative to other bird species: families must remember that overall birds are very messy, needy, loud at times and can be destructive. If you are not ready to commit to their needs, you may want to look for another type of pet. Please talk to other breeders, pet owners and read on the Internet (or books) before buying any parrot.


If you are buying a baby from us, please go to the article page and read the articles with a star * by them. All the articles are good to read, but the starred ones are essential and must be read. This is to make you a responsible "parront."

We are unique as breeders in that I have 3 daughters that are as involved in all of this as I am, due to their love for the birds and due to them being available because of homeschooling. We also have very few babies relative to the "Big" breeders. We would not be able to do the good job we do at socializing the babies if we did have such a high person to baby ratio. Our babies are limited in number and usually are reserved very early in their life. I want to maintain our enthusiasm and continue to spend oodles of time with each wee one; we would not be able to do that with a whole ton of babies.

Our birds get played with in the ways that only children can imagine. Click here to see the Green Cheek Merry go Round.

We are further blessed to have a dad that allows us to raise these gorgeous creatures and is able to enjoy his work from our home. His schedule keeps him going in and out of the home, but often he is involved with the baby rearing! We catch him many a morning carrying on conversations with the birds as he reads his morning devotions.

Check out our Flight Suits!  Click on the Blue Crown in his rainbow Flight Suit to see our prices and hear more about them!


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Whoo Hoo. I just reread the below paragraph and Lisa is now a gorgeous and gifted 21 year old!!


"I" am the oldest daughter of Pampered Peeps. I am 13 years old (12 when I made this site) and homeschooled. Mom started to make this website and then gave up...handing it to me as a school assignment. If you think that I could improve this in any way, feel free to email me. My name is Lisa and thanks for looking around!!!!

Beth (my mom) and Lisa Dales

PO Box 432; Waddell, AZ 85355

** Payment methods accepted are postal money order, paypal (from bank account and not from credit card) or cash only. Please do not try to pay with a personal check or another type of money order. We live a long way from any bank, my post office will cash the postal money orders for me and thereby saving me from running into town with bank errands. POSTAL money orders can only be obtained at a United States Post Office.

Please mail your deposit to me at:

Beth Dales
PO Box 432
Waddell, AZ 85355


All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.


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