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We are offering our two pairs of Crimson Bellied Conures for sale at this time. Selling both pairs for $1800. Both are very proven and produced recently.


Available Babies For Sale: click here

Click here to read our 2015 Nursery Journal!

Regarding the sale of babies:

*Health guarantee and payment policies

*Do we ship birds?

Cost of shipping

What makes someone a good breeder?

*Do we allow visits to our aviary? Visitation policies

What's in the nursery? (What species of babies are currently available)

Are we "Reputable Breeders?" Find out by what our buyers say!

*Games to play with your New Parrot-Training your new baby

Which parrot is best for you?

Why do we breeders band? And, how do I trace a band?

Partial list of breeders and bands. (I removed this link for I did not want to keep updating it)

Watch a video of a band being put on a baby bird

Why are parrots so expensive?


Shipping tips for breeders


Regarding diet:

*How to feed your baby during that first month (how we take care of your baby prior to departure from us)

*Pamperedpeeps Parrot Mash

*Sprouting is for the birds!!!

*The Importance of Feeding Fresh Forage

*Feeding flowers to add health to your bird's diet

October is Pumpkin Month!!!

November/December begins Pomegranate Season in the stores,

Pine Cone Toys

Red Palm Oil Information

The importance of Vitamin A in a bird's diet, which foods do I feed??

Do we feed Organic?

What to do about my new pets....Those pesky Fruit Flies! and ants, too!

Gout in Parrots

Perosis: Potentially caused by malnutrition

Recipes for creative cooking!

Your Parrot's Taste Buds

Fresh foods can be toys! Watch a Grey destroy an apple.

Average bird weights


Other care/Health questions:

*Common household dangers...a must read!

*How important is flying to a weaning baby? Should I clip?

Wing clipping

*The importance of sleep cages

*Are your bird toys safe? By Joyce of

What the experts think about Bird Marts by Old World Aviaries

*Perch size for your bird...all different ones!

Which plants are toxic and which are safe for my parrot?

*Cage sizes and security recommendations

*Cleanliness...birds can make messes...but can't clean them up!

A Cozy Hideaway? Bird bunks, cubbies, parrot tents......

Holistic information

Can I smoke around my parrot? Respiratory system of a bird

Make your home bird friendly

Disinfectants...what we use to clean with??

What to do about my new pets....Those pesky Fruit Flies!

Should I buy one bird or two?

If I buy 2 birds, should I get a boy and a boy or a girl and a girl?

Help??! My pet is laying eggs!

Toys: types, where to buy, ideas

My bird is lost! What do I do?

Why I disagree with The Parrot's Prayer

Why I avoid Budgies

Video: Nail Trimming 101


On hot summer days, it is a refreshing activity to take birds into a nursing home and share them with the residents. I encourage you all to do this too. They are good conversation makers and remind the people inside of the rest home of God's beautiful creation. It also brings back memories for them. It beats watching TV on a hot day  :)


Regarding Pyrrhura Conures (Green Cheek and Crimson Bellied Conures):

Crimson Bellied Conure 2011 Nursery Updates

Crimson Bellied Conure 2010 Nursery Updates

Click here to see the 2009 Crimson Bellied Conure journal

Green Cheek Conure 2010 Nursery Updates

Click here to read the 2010 Green cheek nursery journal.

Click here to see the 2009 Green cheek nursery journal

Green Cheek Nursery 2008

A very accurate description of the Green Cheek personality

Watch our last baby of 2007 fly to us when we call her.

How well do Green Cheeks talk? Watch a Video.

A very cool picture sequence called "The miracle of Green Cheeks!"

How does a Green Cheek sleep? A very funny picture sequence.

What to do if your Green Cheek, or any parrot, is biting

Read answers to the question....Just How Nippy is Your Green Cheek??

Watch the "restraint technique" that helps retrain some biters

Watch Green Cheeks with children

One Baby Green Cheek gets a Miniature Horse ride!!!

Watch Green Cheek attitude

Green cheek nursery videos of 2007

Green Cheek Explosion! How to pack a Green cheek?!?!

See a Green Cheek Conure Go For a Car Ride in Her Flight Suit.

Word of Warning to all Green Cheek Buyers. What happens when the lights go out?

Watch a baby Green Cheek learn to perch!

The story of Yellow Fellow's escape

Names given to our Green Cheek babies!

Watch Kaida's cheeky attitude and here is a clip of Kaida and Zumo together where you can see their gorgeous coloring.


Breeding Green Cheeks:

What is the difference between a Pineapple Green Cheek and a Cinnamon Green Cheek?

Watch a video of 2 Green Cheeks breeding

Breeding Green Cheeks

Early identification of what mutation your Green Cheek will be

Chart: shows the transmission of the Yellow Sided, Cinnamon and Pineapple genes

What does a fertile egg look like? See a fertile Green Cheek egg!

DNA Sexing Your Baby

What size band for Green Cheeks?

Free software for tracking your bird breeding data

Handfeeding Baby Green Cheeks


African Greys:

Click here to see the 2009 African Grey nursery journal

Click here to see an African Grey driving a Miniature Horse!!

Click here to see an African Grey go for a bike ride!

Red Palm Oil Information

Aging an African Grey by Their Eye!

See how breeders travel! Watch the baby Greys on a road trip wearing flight suits.

Fresh foods can be toys! Watch a Grey destroy an apple. 


Regarding Gouldian Finches:

How to care for your finch

The Egg Bound Gouldian Finch

Identifying the Dilute Gouldian Finch

What Should I Breed to my Dilute Male Gouldian?

*Sprouting is for the birds!!!

How to reduce wasted finch seed....or seed in any colony

Determining sex in Lady Gouldian Finches

Breeder tips for shipping

Worming your Finch


Regarding Behavior:

*Recommended Reading List for Behavior Problems

If I handfeed my own baby, won't he bond tighter to me?

Understanding your bird's behavior

Plucking Parrots. Our experience with an Eclectus

Click here to read about another Feather Plucking Parrot

*Games to play with your Parrot.

Why does your baby like Classical music? Watch a video!!!

How does your parrot see the world?

What does a hen go through when laying an egg? Watch videos of this miracle!

Watch an Ekkie, a Grey and a Yellow Sided Green Cheek fly in slow motion.


 A wonderful bird owner, who has nothing to sell, has made a website just to share her ideas on how to keep your parrot entertained and trained in his home. The website has motivational articles and videos to help inspire you!! Kris also published booklets (free of charge!) that are  a great read for anyone who shares their home with a companion parrot.  The explanations are easy to put into action in your our home, and there are pictures, ideas to help you become a great "parront!"  These booklets are in a PDF format so you will require Adobe Acrobat.

General Information for Arizona Residents:

Have you ever been to a bird club meeting???? Information about AZ bird clubs.

Need to know a vet's number?

Bird stores

Arizona Bird Marts and Bird Fairs

Where can I get my cage powder coated?

DNA Sexing Your Baby

Wonderful "all-natural" products made here in Arizona by a homeschool family


Flight Suit Information:

Information about Flight Suits

*Should I harness/flight suit train my bird?

Why do I believe breeders should put flight suits on while weaning babies.

Watch a video of how to put a flight suit on

Having problems getting your Flight Suit on? DON'T GIVE UP!

Watch mom taking Emma (Congo African Grey) bike riding in a flight  suit

Should I buy a flight suit or a harness? One man's opinion.

*Read two true stories of ladies who lost their birds!

Do flight suits cause vent infections?

"Wilma's" first day in a Flight Suit...horseback riding!!!

Some people walk their dogs, our Greys walk us! See a fun video.

Help! My flightsuit is too big. What do I do?

Flying pets in our home on Aug 26, 2008. Potty training!

The story of "Yellow Fellow's" escape

Average bird weights

Flight Suit Size Chart

Flight Suit Color Examples

Flight Suit Prices

How do I pay?


Favorite Links:

A list of fun, educational sites

Free Avian Downloads:

A list of computer downloads as I become aware of them

Favorite bird videos that are not from our aviary

Free software for tracking your bird breeding data


Miscellaneous Fun:

Just what do breeders do with all of those infertile eggs?

What else goes on in our Aviaries?!? 

Video thumbnail. Click to play
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Other Great Birds We No Longer Raise

The Pionus Parrot

Lineolated Parakeets

The Blue Crowned Conure

The Senegal Parrot

The Turquoise Green Cheek



*These pages are critical to read if you are buying a baby from us. There will be a quiz when you pick up your baby. 

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