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Fuzzy and Wuzzy: Pineapple Pair. This pair has been good and bad. Their coloring is beautiful, some of the best I have ever seen. One year, they did wonderfully and produced clutches, but last year, they ate toes off of babies and  a tip of a beak. Then, I started taking their eggs away and giving them to another green cheek pair. This worked for me. I am not sure if they will continue this behavior or not. Fuzzy is one of our babies and Wuzzy came from TX. They are unrelated. If you have other green cheek pairs or cockatiel pairs, I believe you will be successful with these 2, but I would not count on them raising their babies Please read about "proven" pairs below. To see pictures of Fuzzy and Wuzzy, click here.

Sold...funny thing happened....they laid an egg in the crate en route to their new home. I pray these birds overcome their problem and produce for Stephanie. Stephanie has been very successful with this pair. Look at one of her babies from them! Please email me if you would like to buy one from Stephanie!



On the subject of "proven pairs...." "Proven" is something you want to have every breeder define to some extent. I have known some breeders call a pair proven, only to find out later that they lay eggs, hatch them and then eat the babies.
Pairs also often change their behaviors when they change locations. I had 2 pairs that ate their babies and I told the interested breeders about this trait before I sold the pairs. The one pair, Red Bellies, went to man named Ken who just had the pair successfully raise a baby. The other pair, Blue Headed Pionus, went to a man who incubates all of his eggs, so this problem was eliminated.
A fellow breeder here bought a very proven pair of Greys, paid top dollar, bought the cage and nest box, bought the pairs that were on either side of their cages and set them up exactly the same at her home. This pair of Greys have not had another baby and they have been with her for 3 years.

And still a third situation....Cookie and Apple (green cheek pair) went to live at another home. They were perfect parents here and produced clutches for me with no problem. Lindbergh, who is the start of the video on the left side of our front page of our site, is one of their babies. Anyway, their new owner said they were not even bonded. I don't doubt what she says, I do believe pairs change in different environments.

In other words, buying proven or unproven, does not guarantee a situation with birds. These are still creatures that have lots of unpredictabilities around them.

Also be careful about what a breeder means when they say "proven" Ask lots of questions!



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