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This is probably the most common question I get!

I can't begin to tell you what kind of bird is best for you. I would go as far as to tell you to be careful of any breeder or bird store who do try and tell you which bird is best for you. They are probably trying to sell you on what they have and are driven by the dollar.

I can't even tell you what bird is best for me. I can't tell you what bird is best for my daughters.  And I know all of us very intimately. The bird that is best for us varies each day with each activity and mood. That is why we who love birds often end up with more than one bird. They fascinate us and delight us with their individual uniqueness. We all have different ways of feeling loved and expressing love to others. This is true in our relationship to birds. Thus, each human is so unique that it would be very hard for me to tell you which bird will fit into your life.

Many people choose a bird because they want a talker, but be careful if you buy a bird just for its talking ability.  There are many Greys that don't talk at all. These Greys usually do have a bunch of funny sounds they make though. That aside, a Grey is an incredible bird. 

Different birds fit different moods. Different birds fit different activities. If I am on the computer, I love having my Eclectus on my shoulder entertaining me, but if I am walking around the house working, he would tumble off.   If what I am doing is bending or moving, a conure fits much better. If I am hiking, again I prefer a  Conure.
There are those moments when I want my calm Pionus who just sits and preens me, a Conure is the same, but my Ekkie wants to interact.
My daughter with her fantastic talking Grey still wants a pet Green Cheek, a pet Ekkie and a pet Red Belly. I tell her that is fine when she has her own home.
I can tell you which type of birds tend  to be loud, which tend  to be more demanding, but again birds are all individuals that differ within a species.  For example, there are many, many Quakers that are very loud, but there are some individuals who are quieter. And what bugs me may not bug you. 
My advice is to read, read, read.....get on some yahoo groups of the species that interest you. Don't impulse buy. Do your homework for this is a long commitment. I would talk to parrot owners and not to parrot sellers :) 

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