Colorful, sweet, quiet...what could it be?...a Blue Headed Pionus!

We no longer raise Blue Heads as of 2009


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If you are looking for a:

  • Colorful

  • Sweet and Gentle

  • Non-demanding

  • Self entertaining

  • Quiet

  • "Perch Potato" bird...

Pionus are the way to go! They are so sweet and the colors on them are amazing. The fact that they are not loud but extremely quiet makes them great "apartment birds." Pionus will do their call in the mornings and evenings, but they are calling in "their flock." It is not a call that is repeated all day long.

This is a female Blue Headed Pionus. In this picture, you can see some of the red vent area.
This shows the amazing difference between malnutrition and a well taken care of bird. These three birds are our three pet Blue Headed Pionus. The one on the farthest left is a bird we have had for 4 years. Every morning, she has gotten a plate of fresh fruits and veggies. Also, every day that the outside temperature is friendly, she gets time in her cage on our screened in porch. The bird on the far right is one that (in this picture) we had had for 2-3 days. She was kept in an apartment in the bathroom in the bathtub on a seed diet with no windows and incense sticks burning! Do you see how her feathers are almost brown and her head is gray?
This is "Charley" shortly after we got her. Even after a couple days at our house, her head is getting bluer!

This is Charley again very recently, ....doesn't she look so much better????? Pionus are said to have a wheeze, but mom calls it a purr, that they make when they are very pleased. They will also make this noise when they are scared. Mom snuggles Charley in bed and scratches her head. Charley purrs the whole time. Since many do not know what this sounds like, we put a video of it on here for you. Click on the picture to the left to hear Charley purr.
You can probably read the writing, but this picture so wonderfully describes the personality of the Blue Crown Conure and the Pionus. The proud Blue Crown is saying, "My puffy head is prettier than your Blue Head!" And the calm Pionus is ignoring it!!!

These two little kids are brother and sister and they both love birds. They both wanted to hold and kiss our Blue Head!!!

This is an absurdly happy Blue Headed Pionus. When they get happy or excited, like Jaycie is in this picture, they puff out their cheeks and spread out their tail. They will also do this if they like someone immensely!

My sister, Anna, is whistling a high note and Jaycie is loving it. Her tail and cheeks are puffed out. Jaycie is our  "Momma" Blue Head, and our father is Rico. who is the most stunning of all Blue Heads....even his tail is bluer than most.

Blue Headed Pionus are good with children because of their docile attitude.

Yes, your eyes are seeing right! This is a baby Blue Headed Pionus at 1 day old. We have not had any Pi babies for a few years. "I WANNA BE LIKE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Who needs plastic horses when you have a bird??

The Blue Headed Pionus are easily trained for harnesses/flight suits because of their quiet and laid-back demeanor!

The Blue Heads are one of the more colorful Pionus...but not as babies! After weaning, there is a sprinkling of blue that increase with age. They are really stunning birds!

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