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Many pet birds love to snuggle up into a cubbie or hideaway. Let me introduce Jane's Birdie Bunks! Jane is an excellent bird mommy who owns one of our babies. She had read about the dangers/disadvantages of happy huts so she sewed a birdie bunk for her little love. She then took it to Dr. Burke (the favorite avian vet of many Phoenix bird owners) and asked him to appraise its safety level. He gave her the thumbs up!

They are made out of a quality fabric using designer fabrics  (like Laurel Burch) which does not seem to be as strong of a magnet for all of the birdie dirt (dander, food, poop) as the cheaper materials. There are cheaper huts, but they are not made out of this quality material. All seams are double stitched with care to cut off any tiny threads. Jane is a nice, nice lady who is reliable and a fast shipper. Please read the article on toy safety.

My only caution with this or any material put into a cage is to check it as time goes by for loose threads that could harm your bird.

The tent is washable and complete instructions are included.

Jane does sell her bunks at www.peanutsplayhouses.com. Please visit her to see her birdie bunks!

x-small 10.99
small 11.99s
Med 15.99
Lrg 21.99
X-lrg 27.99


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