The Blue Crown Conure!

We have sold our pair of Blue Crowns, but wanted to leave this  page up for others to learn from. I love the Blue Crown Conure and we have one pet.  One pet is not too terribly loud, but the pair were much more than doubly loud. I think their noise may have disturbed the quieter Pionus pairs. Update. Our pet is now 6 years old and I consider her LOUD :)


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The Blue Crown Conure is in the Aratinga family. However, they differ from the other Aratinga species (Suns, Cherry Heads, etc.) in that they are not as loud. They are about 9 inches from head to tail and are solid green (different shades), have red in the tail feathers, and a blue head. This blue increases its covering down the neck as the bird matures. They are a calmer conure and one of the most intelligent and affectionate.

One question I have had after babies go home is about the beak's shape. Blue Crowns have a very pointy sharp upper beak that comes to a pin point at the tip.
This shows the playful, tolerant, calm attitude of the Blue Crown. This is one of my sister's plastic horse riders on her pet Blue Crown!!!!!

And this is my sister riding a horse with a Blue Crown on her. Her Blue Crown's vocabulary rivals our best talkers. She is quite the talker and has so much expression. She will call all three of us girls with a lisp. "Wisha, Anna, Shessie!" (Lisa, Anna, Jessie) She even picks up her foot and talks with it.


It's Christmas day, and look who we found getting into the presents before us.


"Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus lane..." OOOOOOPS!!! I mean, "Here comes a Blue Crown, here comes a Blue Crown, right down Blue Crown lane...."

We tried talking her into wearing a hat to match her flight suit.



The birds love the shower. Buying a suction cup PVC perch that attaches to the side of your shower is a great idea! The birds love showers as their native rainforests are humid! You can buy them at most bird stores. Visit our bird store page to get a list of stores.
Baby Blue Crowns are so funny! They have huge beaks to feed and huge feet. Their mouths are like buckets to dump the food into...they remind us of a macaw mouth. But, the funniest thing is their noises...they sound like sick cows!!! They go maaaaa, maaaaa, maaaaa over and over and they fuzz up their head and slowly bop it up and down in time with their crying! It is hysterical!


The baby on the top right is is a crying baby. See how his head is all puffed/fuzzed up? When they cry, once in a while, they quickly flap one wing a little bit. Doesn't he look like he is hugging the Green Cheek?

Baby Blue Crowns also love to lay on their backs....



Stop reading your book! I want attention!!!!!!!!!"

"PLEASE? Pretty please with a cherry on top?"

"YAY!!! Thank you!" Life with homeschooled girls is quite wonderful.

At the end of September, we went to a church camp up in Prescott...and were feeding 2 Blue Crowns. When the church kids heard we had baby parrots in our cabin...we had lots of visitors!!!!! Everyone in church knows our family raises birds and everyone came to our cabin to watch us feed and to hold the babies!


Mom says some good educational sites on Blue Crown Conures are:   (this one also
recommends books that are very good) 

All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.



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