Kind of dull on top?? Wait till you see underneath!...

Pam and Kailey are raising a clutch of babies right now and they are available for sale. It will be ready Spring/Summer of 2011.

We used to raise Pionus and most of the pictures below are from our past birds.




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Kailey is pictured here with a previous baby. As you can see, the baby was flight suit trained and loved people!

From the outside, a Bronze Wing Pionus can look pretty dull to some, eh? But...check this out...

The underside of the wing is a brilliantly stunning turquoise! Amazing, isn't it?


Click here to watch Mayzee accepting love!

Click here to see Mayzee on video in the shower.

The Bronze Wing's eye rings are pink. On a lot of the other species, the eye rings are white!

Mayzee is often out and about with me wearing her Rainbow Flight Suit.

This shows the beautiful coloring underneath the chin and neck. See the pink and the white????? In different lighting, the Bronze Wing really changes colors!

I find them to be a very playful and active Pionus.

These gorgeous animals are very sweet, docile and all Pionus are! See our Blue Headed Pionus page and our Maximillian Pionus page. Here are Mayzee and Charlie together.



All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.

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