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Depending on the species of bird you own, you should look at the space between the bars and make sure your little birdie doesn’t make a guillotine out of its cage. Think of your new bird as a Houdini-wanna-be. Make sure that the latches are secure and that the bars are strong enough to contain his prying beak...and body.

Here are some minimum cage size requirements and the recommended bar spacing for the species we breed.
Type of Bird Minimum Cage Size (width x height) Bar Spacing


1/4 to 1/2"
Green Cheek Conure/Crimson Bellied Conure 24"x24"x30" 5/8"
Pionus 24"x24"x36" 5/8" to 3/4"
Timneh African Grey   5/8" to 3/4"
Congo African Grey/ Eclectus


3/4" to 1"

Put your bird’s cage in a well lighted room (not direct sunlight). Your bird should have plenty of sunlight and outside air. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of other nutrients. We have a screened in porch and our birds love to be out there! Mom always says that she hopes my Grey’s talking and noises will attract Grey’s that are loose while she’s outside on the porch. "But then", we joke, "does she make any Grey noises???" Every noise she makes is an imitation of…something :) Wherever you decide to place your little bird’s daytime abode, your bird will want to be with you, so make sure you put their house where they can see you a lot. Click here to learn about making your home bird friendly.

We switch our bird's cages around a lot so that they do not get territorial. PLEASE read on the wonders of sleep cages.

If you have a screaming bird, having an outside cage is a wonderful idea! We have a Blue Crown Conure who used to scream. We put her in a cage on the porch by the door we were constantly running in and out of. She soon learned that her screaming got her no where...we would still keep running right by!!! This bird is still in our home, and does a flock call, but does not call in the middle of the day.

A bird's cage is his/her house. Make the cage big enough so that the bird is comfortable. When I first saw parrot cages, I was astounded by the number of toys in their cages. Now, I understand that those toys are also equivalent to their foliage and can help them feel safe in their cage. Click here to learn more about the safety of toys.

A big concern for me with cages is that IF the cage has bowl holders built into the cage, that those bowl holders should always hold a bowl, even an upside down bowl if the person doesn't want anything in the bowl...because leaving cage bowl holders empty is a serious hazard for the birds. The birds WILL try to crawl into those bowl holders and end up breaking a wing or leg or worse.   is an online site for cages. Based here in Phx.   is a Phoenix cage dealer


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