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March 3, 2009 These 3 Congo babies hatched February 5, 6 and 7, 2009. They are all eating well and are still in that funny looking stage.In this nursery journal, I am going to post thumbnail pictures. If you click on them, they will blow up bigger for you to see more detail.

This is a very hungry baby prior to feedtime!

Lisa feeding!
"Aww! The full crop feels so good!"
The babies spend most of their time eating and growing. Our day begins at 5 AM.
March 6 It seems like the babies are bigger every time I feed. When we first started feeding, I gave about 10 cc per feeding. Now, I am up to 25 cc per feeding! Their mouths are like big buckets and they are getting awfully cute!

March 7  I did not have bands in stock in Grey size when I needed them, so I borrowed 3 bands from a friend. They will be in my records though.

Band 113 Band 114 Band 115


March 13 Watch the babies eat! They are very good eaters who love being hugged afterwards.

March 14 These babies are growing up so fast!!! Here are a couple pictures of them after their night-time feeding...   


March 20 The Lord is good and you can see Him by watching a baby Grey develop. To think that from an egg, comes such a beautiful flying machine, that can talk too! Absolutely incredible. I like the analogy that evolution is like thinking we can develop a watch by throwing a bunch of electronic parts up in the air. Would those parts ever come together and form a watch? These birds are so complex in form and in their abilities. They point to an awesome God!


Band 113


Band 114


Band 115

March 25 We took blood samples today for sexing the babies!

March 29 

Band 113


Band 114


Band 115

April 5



Band 113


Band 114


Band 115

April 7, 2009 It is important to hug your baby a lot and have them accustomed to being toweled. We do not have very many baby Greys each year. When you find a breeder, request that they hug your baby in a towel and better yet, that they train them to a flight suit.


April 12  This is as big of a day in our home as Christmas. Easter celebrates the Resurrection of our Lord!! You can see how the Grey babies love to play now and are so curious about everything. Nothing seems to bother them, and their concentration on any one specific toy is amazing.  
April 21 The 3 babies are doing well, still not flying, but they spend lots of time exercising their wings. I have also seen their weights drop in preparation for flying. I have sent current pictures home to their new owners who are full of excitement. The babies are also wearing flight suits daily at this point.
April 22 They flew today! And, it has been about a week of them being suited up daily. In this picture, it is 113, 114 and 115 from the left to the right. I did weigh everyone today. In our home, the biggest Grey is Lisa' Liberty, then band 115, then band 113, band 114, Emma and smallest was Jess's Grey. Liberty, Emma and Jess's Grey are all adults. Babies tend to be their biggest right before they fly. Their weights will now drop over the next few weeks as they zoom around our home, spreading hand feeding formula on the windows and cupboard doors. Yes, it is messy, but it is also a fun and incredible time. They will learn so much and we will be able to see their wheels turning. For example, they learn about windows and you  see them hover and turn around mid air to not crash into one.

May 1 The babies are flying everywhere now, and are a delight. They are still not landing very successfully, but keep trying. Their desire for hand feeding food is decreasing as they eat more and more of their fresh foods and seed and pellets.

May 6, I like to share with the families getting their babies a bit about their life here with us. This morning, we took a quick trip to the Post office with two of the babies.  

May 12 The babies only eat at nighttime now and are flying everywhere! Click here to see a different way to get your bird to step up and to see them fly!

May 17, 2009 We allow the babies fly time daily. This is Archimedes (band 113) flying to me. Diesel (band 114) and Themba (band 115) both are missing me when I call them. They fly above me or land right to the side of me. Don't feel badly though. My Emma was one of our babies and I could never get her to fly to me at all. Her clutchmate was Ollie who flew to me and used me as his play gym. Both turned into incredible pets.  


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