Crimson Bellied Nursery Journal 2010

One of our 2009 babies sent us a video. Thank you, Dan, for sharing your beautiful Tutu with bird lovers all over. Click here to see Tutu in her mature crimson feathers!

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July 20, 2010 We shipped our last Crimson to Seattle today. Still waiting to hear of her arrival. Pray for her safety? Thank you!

July 9, 2010 Our oldest Crimson Belly went home yesterday! So, now we only have two of them here that we are still feeding. Here are some pictures from today

Band 281 (flew to Mike in Buffalo)
Well Ellie played successfully with 7 visitors today.   Our whole family and Uncle Mark.  She especially likes to go under the girls pony tails.  We learned that we can pick her up from under the pony tail and she just lets you hold her.  She is superb.  She walked all over all who held her and she did not bite at all.  Our two youngest handled her very well.  No hesitation on the Ellie's part or the children. 
Her car ride from Buffalo to Rochester was pretty uneventful.  She walked all over her mash investigating, but only had a few bites.  I put it on a small paper plate and put it in her travel cage for the ride.  About half way home she came over to the door and hung there the rest of the ride.  She was enjoying the sun on her and looking at me as I drove.  Her Unit was completely intact, with all her water and food still where you had put it.  The water bottle was empty but there was still some water in the tray just below it.   She did eat some fruit and seeds on the way home. 

She has beautiful color and her tail feathers are a great looking dark maroon.  Just love the blue poking out in several places.  She is just beautiful. 

Well she played with family from about 7 till 11 EST. We put her in her cage from time to time to see if she would devour her dinner.  We put her on her perch out in front of her cage and she sat on that for a little while.    She poked around her food investigating all her bananna, fruits, sprouts, mash, cracked corn, water, but she kept going back to her seed that came from Arizona.  That, we were able to save all of after her trip.  We put it in a tray in her new cage and she was happy poking around that.  She has been climbing around her cage for a while now having a great time. 

She loves when we stroke her back.  Especially when the girls held her.   She nuzzled in the neck of all the girls and sat on the hand of all the boys.  HMMMM.  I wonder why that happened.  She is so lovable and calm.  Priceless.



Band 282 (flew to Rob up in Seattle)


So I got off work early and got down to SeaTac where I picked her up. Strapped her cage into a seat and headed for home.

            I didn't open up the cage till I got home and washed up to be on the safe side. It was only another 20 minutes any how.  We popped open the door and Lucy hopped out. I think she was reeling a little, strange place, strange people. You could see it in the way her head bobbed.  But it only took her a second to recover and she flew up onto my shoulder and began to cuddle up with me.

It was also time for our normal game night so I didnít get a chance to mail you right away, sorry about that.  But Lucy found our backlit keyboards the most interesting thing ever as she hopped about the keys.

 We then let her explore her new cage where we all found that she was a little smaller than we expected and she was able to slip her head through her bars! I guess I was judging based on my old conureís size. EEEK So we moved some toys to her sleeper cage and Iím going cage shopping again for something she can use for now today.

 This morning we got her up and she was a little grumpy nipping a bit but seemed much happier once she got a little mash in her.  And then I was off to work and Theresa has her for the rest of the day. :(

Nothing to really say, other than she's a cutie.
But I thought you'd like to see how much she's come to love our son Zack.



July 3, 2010 Band 280 (Reserved by Thomas)

Hello Beth and family,

Well, so far, so good.  Peeka and I are buddies now and she has adjusted well.  She is pretty playful and full of good spirit.  She seems to handle it well when I am gone during the day, and when I am home, she has total freedom from her cage; it's the least I can do!
I did nip her flights about an inch.  The 5 end feathers are even with the 6th.  She can still fly pretty well, but a little of the lift-off power has been diminished.  This seems to have calmed her down a little, but maybe I'm imagining it.  She's still pretty free spirited.
I've managed to improve my technique for handling such a petite bird, when it comes to putting the flight-suit on, but I haven't committed to doing it every day.  It is my assessment that (I think) no matter how regular you are with putting that thing on, a bird will never be/act "normal" with it on.  And, if the opposite is true, it comes down to the fact that I just do not have the dedication to be consistent every-single-time.  I'm okay with that, and the suit serves it's purpose when I take her out.  She does, however, scream and struggle desperately when I try to put it on her.   It's actually a little funny.  Once it's on, though, she's fine.  I think she recognizes it means leaving the house, too.
The daily formula feeding ended about two weeks ago.  I have mixed feelings about that.  I do have a little left and gave her some the other day.  She saw it and got excited and ate about 7 cc.  This brings me to a question of concern.  I'm not sure why, but I was under the impression the Crimson Bellies were big eaters.  My Caique had a huge appetite and refused little.  Peeka, on the other hand, eats very, very little -even of the things I know she likes.  Is this typical of the CB?  She seems healthy, plays with fervor and flies around the room, gets in trouble, etc.; all the seemingly healthy bird things.  Yet, she eats very little.  An example:  If I give her 3 grapes, she may nibble at all of them but only consume about the quantity of one, before she's off to do something else.  Another example:  So far it seems her favorite thing to eat is pecan.  She will eat the most of this, but even at one sitting, may only consume the volume of half a nut or a little more.  She will/does nibble frequently, but in such small amounts, and I never see her crop full -something I am accustomed to seeing when feeding her the formula.  Should I be concerned?  I'm not worried, given her seemingly good condition, but it is on my mind.
Other than that, all is well here.  She seems happy.  She's sitting on my shoulder eating a piece of grape now.  I love that slightly damp feeling of grape bits.
I hope you all are well,
Tommy D

Band 281 (Reserved by Mike) The babies are all flying and it makes for lots of fun around here. This baby gets all sorts of unusual attention. No, this baby's color is not in yet; she is just wearing a flight suit.

Band 282 (Reserved by Rob)

June 28, 2010 Here is a movie that shows just what I keep saying about how silly these babies are. This was taken after feeding last night. The babies are all in a bucket that attempts to keep them contained while we are feeding. They do make it messy, so please excuse the mess. Click here to see a very cute mess!

June 24, 2010 These babies too are back sleepers. The oldest is flying to us and is very friendly.

Band 280

Band 281

Band 282

June 16, 2010 As you can see by Band 280's picture, the babies are starting to wear flight suits! They are accepting them well, and the oldest are now in cages, too. Band 280


Band 281


Band 282


June 11. 2010 We brought in all 3 of Tyler and Millie's babies. Today I sent in the dna samples to have them all sexed. They are all skittish right now due to the surprise of coming from a quiet, dark nest box into our home. I have heard of babies getting stress bars in their feathers due to this type of change, but have yet to see it in our babies. Stress bars can also be caused by a poor diet. Feather quality tells you a lot about the health of a bird.

Band 280

Band 281


Band 282

June 10, 2010 This clutch of babies is almost ready to go home!

But, we just brought in Tyler & Millie's clutch. They have three, and all are doing well. We should hopefully be getting pictures today and put them on here sometime later.


Band 276

"LuLu" flew out of state to Kristi and her children

Our new baby, Lulu, arrived safe and sound an hour late. We were worried about her, but she came through just fine. The kids couldn't resist removing the netting once we were in the car. She is very sweet and friendly (and chattering away)!  Thanks so much for including her first haircut. My daughter Katherine just loved that.  I will send you another update soon.

Thanks for everything!
Kristi M

We put a flight suit on Lulu for the first time today. Boy, was it nerve racking. I was so afraid I was going to hurt her. I couldn't do the hold you show in your videos. She kept getting out of it, and I didn't want to hold her too tightly. Let me tell you, I was so nervous but didn't want to give up. I finally managed it while my 11 year old, Patrick, had her perched on his finger. It took a few tries because as I was working on getting wing #2 in, she would get wing #1 out. Finally, we did it, and I was so proud!

Hi.  I wanted to send an update on Lulu.  She is a joy to have around.  She canít get to the front of the cage fast enough when we open the door to get her out, and sheís so good about not pooping on us!  I have attached a few pictures of her that were taken today. Sincerely,

Kristi M


Band 277

"Lolani" flew to Ann Marie, who is a proud 10 year old owner in the NW United States.

Hi Beth, I haven't given you an update in a while, so here it is. Lolani is just a playful, sassy, sweetheart!! She loves to sing to the song I sing to her every night during the day. You can hear her try to pronounce the words! She loves to sit on my shoulder and will do anything to get up there, goes from my shoulder to my head and will watch cartoons with me, and loves to just sit on my laptop keyboard and on the top of the screen like a perch! She loves her big brother(my dog) and enjoys sitting on his back. He could really care less about her being back there, but when shes not on top of him he's very curious and likes to just sniff her. Lolani loves everyone, but also loves to nibble and she likes shiny things, so I can't where earings while she's on my shoulder!! Thanks for my sassy sweetheart! ~Ann Marie =D  

Band 278

"Ruddy" flew all the way back east to Sue B who owns a Green cheek from us.

Sorry I havenít written this week.  Iíve been so busy at work I just havenít had time. Thanks so much for such a beautiful boy.  His pictures do not do him justice.  He is just gorgeous.  When I picked him up at the Airport Friday his crate was sitting behind the counter and he was just making happy noises.  I didnít open his cage until we got home.  All the way home (20 minutes) he didnít make a peep, but I could hear him eating and picking at the green screen material.  When I opened the cage everything was sopping wet.  He must have had a bumpy ride or something.  I felt bad for him, but he didnít seem to mind a bit.  Heís been so good.  He has some crazy antics.  When he poops.  He stomps his feet runs backwards and lifts his tail.  Itís funny, like the Road Runner only in reverse.  He also likes to put his head under water.  If there is a seed or something in the water he will scour the whole bottom of the dish until he fishes it out.  Hence forth he has a wet head several  times a day.  I love his speckled feet too.  He has been wearing his flight suit almost every day.  Heís not thrilled with it, but once itís on heís fine.  He likes to cuddle and he even will let me lift his wings and scritch underneath.  He loves to get scritches all over.  Andy is very curious and seems to like the idea of having a new brother.  Georgie on the other hand could care less.  He sits there and looks as if heís saying ď Not another one!Ē  Last night I start making a batch of mash.  Not done yet, I didnít have any citrus and I want to put some in.  Oh I almost forgot.  How is Lisa?  When I called, you were at the hospital.  Hope all is well.  Again thanks for 2 beautiful babies.


 Band 279 (For Tammy) "Jill" and Jack is 'acoming!

Thank you so much for Jill.  She is a doll.  She has adjusted well here and loves to be held.  I am anxious to see her breast after she molts.  She has a vet appt on Friday but I know there won't be any problems. 
Also, thank you for the nice visit and the soda.  If there is anything specific you would like us to pray about, please let us know.  I hope that your daughter is recovering from the pneumonia.  That stuff is horrible.  It took me several weeks just to regain my energy and a month before the cough went away when I had it a few years ago. 
Blessings to you and your family,
She had a clean bill of health today at the vet.  Dr. Driggers has never seen a crimson bellied conure before so he was excited about that. 
Thanks again,

June 3, 2010. This group of babies is getting ready to meet their new families. They are all doing very well and are so enjoyable. We have many visitors and the children love playing with the babies. Once they grow up a bit, feeding becomes much easier. We always try to include the children in what we are doing in our kitchen. Yes, it gets chaotic, but a good time is had! Here is a feeding from June 1. You can see how big the babies have gotten!

The samples have been sent in on the dna sexing and I am just waiting to see what gender each bird is. Then, I will know which bird goes to which family. I bet they will tell me tomorrow or the next day.

May 27 These babies are growing up so fast. The oldest two are now flying, and we are having a lot of fun with that! They are loving their fruits and mash, and are all wearing flight suits regularly. Band 276


Band 277


Band 278


Band 279



May 18  These baby Crimson Bellies are so friendly! They love to be held, scratched, and cuddled. The two oldest have graduated from the brooder into a cage and have even started eating their fruits and veggies every day.
Band 276


Band 277


Band 278


Band 279



May 15 All of Rhett's babies are inside with us now! Band 276

Band 277

Band 278

Band 279

May 7  We pulled Rhett's first baby inside and there are three more in the box. Here are some pictures of the one we have inside.

We candled Tyler and Millie's eggs and at least two are fertile. The other ones looked clear, but they could be too young to tell yet. We will keep updating as we know more!


May 3 Rhett and Scarlett are hatching out babies!! Their first one hatched already! They are now on four babies!!! Tyler and Millie are on eggs....who's on second?

April 18 The flight suit manufacturer asked us to make a new movie of how to put on a flight suit. She wanted us to put one on very slowly. Lisa and Jess did this with a Crimson baby. Click here to see it.

April 11 Click here to see Crimson Bellied Playtime!


April 10 We are preparing for these babies to go home to their new families. They all get in a flight suit daily, practice flying with us and are serenaded by piano and violin. My oldest has young piano students who are very good with them. We have not yet trimmed their wings for the first time, but that will happen soon.

Band 266


Band 265 Reserved by Kristin ni TX. See update below

I should have sent an update on Bella (band 265)(Crimson Bellied) long before now.  She is wonderful and doing well.  She has one crimson belly feather on her tummy, and of course beatiful crimson under her wings.  As I mentioned before, she knows 'step up' and 'poop' and now makes a kissing sound.  I think she is going to be a good talker as well... there's only one problem...  she seems to be 'learning' English from our Green Cheek Conure, Otis.  At night I'll hear her practicing phrases that Otis says - complete with the same odd cadence he uses!  It's incredibly cute.  Now that the quarantine period has ended, Bella and Otis have been moved gradually closer and closer together - now they have cages right next to each other.  They are spending some time outside (with us) together.  They've gotten into a few squabbles that we've broken up, but now are getting along pretty well.  They spend most of the time together hanging out on our laps preening each other.  We'll have to wait and see if they continue to get along well enough to eventually share a cage.  For now we're just enjoying that we can have them out together.  In the past week I feel like Bella has really bonded with us, and lost all of her initial nervousness.  We experienced the same thing with Otis a month or so after getting him - we enjoyed having him, and playing with him, but weren't sure what he was thinking, or really wanted... and then one day, it just seemed to click - we could tell when he wanted to just hang out on us, or wanted to tousle, etc.  I forgot how good that moment feels when you realize your new bird is now forever a part of the family, and everyone (and every bird) is comfortable with the routine.  Hope all is well with you guys.  I keep checking the website just to see all the cute babies you guys are raising!  Just because our family is complete, doesn't mean I can't ooh and aah over the newborns!



April 3 These babies are so much fun now. The 2 sisters are flying around and the boy is still real snuggly. We are flightsuiting them regularly and taking them out to see the spring flowers here in AZ. Jess is playing with the camera and took some close-ups of the eye for our link about parrot vision.

Band 264 checks out the flowers!


Band 265 gets to to outside too.

Band 266 is still wet in this picture from the after-feeding bath time.


March 30 The oldest baby is flying! And, they are all doing so well. Such a joy and privilege to get to raise these babies. The genders are in. I am using a new DNA company called JP Birds.


Band 264 (girl, reserved by Marie)

Band 265 (Girl, reserved by Kristin)

Band 266 (Boy, reserved by Suzanne)

March 24 Click here to see the babies after their last feeding.       


Band 265


March 19 Time has flown. The 2 oldest babies are in a cage for the first time today! I did send in the sexings to JP Bird company a few days ago. After, I get back the results, we will know which bird is going to whom.  

Band 264


Band 265


Band 266


March 10 And, now there are two! We have brought in a second Crimson Bellied!


Band 264


Band 265


March 9, 2010 The Yellow Sided Green Cheeks are all in their new homes. I love hearing the stories from their new owners. One went to Colorado via Houston and one went to Connecticut via Cleveland. The third one stayed here in Arizona. Now, our focus is on the baby Crimson Bellies, There is just one baby inside, but our plan is to bring in another tonight. The brooder we use is mighty big for just one wee baby!

Band 264 3/4/10



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