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June 23, 2011 and we ship band 316. The emails from April are a delight and make the baby-raising all very worth it!

Oh she is a sweetie all right!!! Sunnie is in love and so is Weeetamoo! She is picking at her mash, but not into it yet...she love loves the  food I bought her..Zoo Vital Daily Diet w/fruit for small smells so good when you open the bag. I also bought her Sunscription Vita Formula Conure Mix seed...she seems to love that too..hoping she'll eat her mash though too....Sunnie shared honeydew melon with her and she loves that! She is exploring her cage right now...she actually took to the highest perch so we put her water and food dish up there along with her cuttlebone..she loves to be up high so we will move her other toys up high for her also... ok talk to you soon..Thank you for taking such good care of these little treasures, you can tell because  she is such a happy sweet girl...bye for now, April & Sunnie

We are just so excited about her that I love telling you all about it!! I know you're busy and I don't expect replies...just love to tell you what she is up Sunnie has her last day of school so Weetamoo is getting used to her cage playing with everything...I do have to say I thought I was a good cook, but she just picks out the corn in my mash! she loves fruit tho...just not my mash right now...Sunnie says I put too many beans in it and it is stinky, haha but, don't get discouraged mom..keep trying, hahaha....Sunnie treats her like a newborn...tucking her in her crate (right next to Sunnie's bed) at nite and shushing us...we all have to be quiet and keep our voices down when Weetamoo goes to bed, haha. She is so proud of her little girl Beth..and so in love with her that she can't believe it herself. I can't thank you enough for such a sweet bird! She loves her bananas, honeydew, cantelope, and CORN!! She won't drink for us and we have 3 different water things in her cage so Sunnie gives her water by dipping her finger in it and dropping the water a drop at a time on her beak works! Love that child of mine! I just bought Sunnie an new memory card for her camera and we will send you photos and a video as soon as I can figure out how to do it, hahha...not very tech savvy. Well, till next time .....take care! April
Hello Again, 
I have to say this little bird is amazing!! We brought her out to the store and she rode in Sunnie's pocket the entire time...poking her head out fm time to time..she is such a love and smart too! She has done a lot of snuggling with Sunnie today...they just can't get enough of each other, teehee. She actually was on the bed and started acting up and flapping her wings and backing up and shaking her tail end so Sunnie put her in her cage and immediately she pooped! She seems very happy and we are if I can get her to eat some of my mash ....hahaha...we have given her mango, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, but her absolute pick over all is honeydew melon.

April & Sunnie

Hi Beth...just a few shots of Weetamoo....The love of Sunnie's life!!! 

June 22, 2011 Band 303 went home with an older lady who struggled with his beak and activity levels. We spent a lot of time on the phone and she spent a lot of time trying to make it work. We finally concluded that she was going to bring him back when I got a call that things were getting better, and that he was so in love with her and that she wanted to keep him. This dear lady has raised 5 children so I believed she was going to make it work with her "Rainbow."
June 13, 2011 We are down to just the last 6 Crimson Bellies of the season. As I sit typing, band 310 is right here with me. Jess is in the kitchen with a baby doing Algebra. Anna is completing a World View study with a Green cheek and Lisa is finishing up Biology wearing a bird. Band 306 goes home this Friday and Band 310 will go home on Monday.  Below is the update from 310. Band 310 was a shyer bird and I was concerned enough to call Kim and keep her a few days longer. But she has wriggled her way into Kim's family.

Thanks...that helps a lot! I've tried it that way a few times and it's worked well. She's doing great. She went to my parents house on Father's Day and fell asleep on my step-dad for a while. :)  My mom also held her for a while. She did great in the flight suit. She fussed a bit when I first put it on, but once I started rubbing her and talking to her, she forgot about it.  She would preen it a little every now and then, but she pretty much left it alone. She is eating really well! I give her fruit in the mornings before I leave for work and she always has pellets in her cage, and at dinner she gets her sprouts and mash when we eat dinner.  She doesn't seem to be too keen on the pellets, though. We got Zupreem Natural pellets (cockatiel size). I wasn't sure if there was maybe a better one we could try? Or if I should just keep trying these and she will eventually eat them? She is pretty much out while we are home, but I do put her in her cage by herself sometimes for a little downtime for a few minutes. She will eat or play with her toys, but will start squawking to come back out after a bit...I have been waiting until she's quiet before I let her back out again.  I know you're probably tired of me saying this, but we just love her!  :) She will go to anyone and she is fabulous with my daughter.  We're working on the potty's going a little slow, but that's probably because she keeps flying off the perch in her cage and back onto me when I"m trying to get her to go potty. She flies off, I put her back...this goes on for a while. She's a stubborn little thing. :)  lol  Same with "step up". She just leaps and flies onto me and I have to pick her up and try again...she gets so excited when we get home and she LOVES to cuddle. I can pretty much rub her anywhere...her head/beak and under her wings are her favorite spots. She is still nameless. I am racking my brain trying to come up with the perfect name for her...hopefully it will come soon!  I am also so very happy with her noise level! Her call isn't very loud at all. Even my husband is impressed. :)  Thank you again...I can't thank you enough for our girl. I am so glad that we were able to get one of your babies. They are so worth it. She's the sweetest bird I've ever had. Hope you have a good week! Kim

And here is an update from Kim in Sept of 2011Hi again, Beth...I just wanted to say thanks again for our girl...I took her out in her flight suit for about 6 hours again the other day, and she did GREAT! I was a little worried, because with my morning sickness being so bad, we haven't gone out in quite a while, but she was so good. She did bite me pretty hard getting the flight suit on, but we got it on, and once it was on, she was fine. She's getting a little nippy, but we're doing "the hold" and telling her "gentle" and she's doing pretty well. We're working through it. :) We're being pretty consistent, so hopefully she'll come out of it just fine. I think we've finally decided to name her Millie. She is still sleeping on the side of her sleep cage, which is funny to me. I got her a sleep perch, but she cuddles up against the back of it instead of sitting on the perch...whatever works. lol She LOVES to be held, but she also does well with down time in her cage sometimes and doesn't scream to come out if we have to put her back up for whatever reason, which is nice. Her noise level is wonderful!! Anyways, just wanted to send you another update and let you know that everything is going great. Her chest is starting to get more red as's so pretty! Hope you have a nice weekend!! Crimson Bellies really are the perfect bird!! Kim

June 5, 2011  New pictures!! Babies are slowly going home as you can see. Joyce picked up 305 and 304 flies all the way to Newark tomorrow.

My camera lighting is not allowing me to show their real colors. For example, they are deep green right on their cheeks and it always comes out yellowish green in the pictures. I have tried changing settings, but have not yet figured this out. Karine got a better shot of her bird in the photo she sent to me below (June 4 entry). The other photo that better shows the cheek color is the top picture on this link.

My other challenge is Crimson tails. The babies tend to cling to the cage side, thus rubbing their tails on the bars and fraying them. Some tails are worse than others.

Our kitchen remains very crazy when they are all out flying. Crazy and fun!

Band 316 (For Sunnie)

This suit is still a bit big on this youngster!

Band 315 (for Elena)


Band 306 (for Joyce)

 "Arcos Iris"

I absolutely love the hatch certificate. It is very cute! Everyone adores him! I've taken him all of Flagstaff and people find him absolutely gorgeous (all thanx to you guys). I just want to let you guys know what an AMAZING JOB all you wonderful people did. God Bless!


Band 308 (for Connie)

Good morning.  I so enjoy our visit – absolute down time for me.  I love all the babies flying around.

Benny  is doing amazing.  He starting eating right away – I put mash on the floor for  him which he went to right away, was eating seed too.  The kids loved him.  Monet, who is 12 now and is highly allergic to cats and dogs has decided she wants a bird.  She kept Benny on her shoulder for a long period of time and was loving every minute of it.   She is Kristy’s daughter, Kristy being the one that adopted the twins.  I told Monet that she would have to wait maybe until next season, or next year and I would see if I could save enough money up to get her one.   She was sad that I couldn’t go and get her one right away – had to explain to her. If I put Benny back in his cage he came back to the door and wanted out again.  Too cute.  When it was time for bed, he made a few sounds but then quieted down right away and I never heard another peep out of him.  Long day for our baby boy.  Thanks so much for this amazing baby.  We love him.  Oh, I had to tell Dave several times to stay away. LOL.  But, no matter what happens he has lots of  us to love on him.  Archimedes wasn’t sure what to make of him.  I think he looked a little upset, but we took him out and put him on his play station.  He will be fine.

Well love to you all I will send you updates and pictures too. May God bless this day for you all, Connie

Band 309

(for Eric-Logan)


Band 310 (for Kim)

Band 307 (for Sarah) "Jayda" is now in North Carolina

Hello Beth, Lisa, Jessie, and Family!
Here are some pictures of Jayda-Doll (band 307).  She's fitting in well here.  After speaking with all of you about quarantine, about the almost impossibility of it in a single household, and since both Jayda and Trig have been recently tested with negative results, I decided to skip it and pray I've made the correct decision.  You had also given me advice to spend a few days alone with Jayda before introducing her to Trig... Please understand that I did consider it, with quite a lot of heavy thought.  In the end, I thought it may end up causing more problems then avoid.  If I may explain... The only time Trig isn't with me, either on my shoulder or within a half second flight of me, is when I'm at work.  She goes out to dinner with us, goes to the movie theater, goes to my hair appointments (usually sitting on my bra underneath my shirt, peeking out on occasion to take a quick look, get a drink, or get a snack).  I've been told that she is unusually quiet for a Sun, and it's because of this that she is able to go so many places with me.  Since she is 'always' with me, it seemed likely that if suddenly I was out of range of her for long periods of time, within hearing but unable to be seen, she would most likely stress about it, especially if she heard another bird, but again, couldn't see her.  I very likely could be wrong, but it seemed in this particular situation it might be better to introduce them almost immediately (when we came home I put Jayda in her new cage to get a bite to eat and some water, then went over to say hello to Trig who'd stayed home for the trip to the airport; then, I took her out to our screened in porch and had Josh bring out Jayda).   Trig was very wary of Jayda at first, but in almost no time they were preening each other.  There have been a couple of very brief squabbles in the last 24 hours, but very minor.  I've been trying to handle it in the way recommended by that article about the two Grey's (a man had a Grey and brought a new one to the home but did all the wrong things, then the new bird was given to someone else, then came back completely different...) I think I got it from you.... if not, I'll find it again and send it your way.  Right now as I sit typing these two are snuggled up together under my chin, napping.  One of the reason's you gave for keeping them separate at first was for me to form a strong bond with Jayda.  Though I agree that is important, it made me re-examine my motivation for getting a second bird.  Sure I 'wanted' one, but I want lots of things, we all do.  The main reason I decided to get one was because I wanted there to be another bird in the house for Trig to 'talk' to and keep company with while Josh and I are at work.  I think if I'm very careful Josh and I will be able to form an excellent bond with Jayda, it's more important to me though that Jayda and Trig have an excellent bond.  I didn't want to risk Trig's enmity toward Jayda... Do you think I did okay?
  In anycase, everyone is healthy, happy, and, at the moment, sleepy!  Jayda seems to enjoy our version of mash... I had to get an MRI done today, and Josh says that while I was gone Jayda did nothing but eat, lol!
  I hope this finds you all well.  If you have the time, I could really use a prayer to help guide me with Jayda and Trig.  They're great so far, but I'm terrified that I'll end up doing something to mess it up.  Thank you all so much for all of your help, guidance, and most importantly, for Jayda. 

  God Bless, -Sarah

Band 317 (for Ernst)


June 4, 2011  The DNA results are already back in from Avian Biotech. I emailed all of the families waiting on babies and the girls are taking pictures of babies right now. Joy came and picked  up 305 today and we had a nice visit. She is a true animal lover.

Karine sent me an interesting email. She bought a baby Crimson from us (band 301) and a baby from another breeder. She sent me pictures of her 2 babies side by side. What a color difference. Feather quality reveals a lot about diet and health of a bird. Her picture reminds me of once when I bought a Blue Headed Pionus years ago. The Blue Head was kept in a bathroom with no windows, the owner smoked and she was on a seed only diet. Her name was Charley. Her color was so different from our other Blue Heads and I believe it was due to her living conditions. Here is Karine's picture and  I am also adding pictures of Charley to show why it reminds me of her story. In Karine's picture, the other baby (from unknown breeder) is beginning to turn red, so he must be older, but the green on him looks like Charley's green when she first came to live with us.

June 2, 2011  This is the email in my inbox this morning! Thank you to Avian Biotech for being good communicators and so professional.

Dear Beth Lee Dales : Acct#  XXXX,

Your samples were received on 6/1/2011 and are currently being processed for testing.

Results are usually available within 1-3 business days. Your testing status and results can be viewed online at our website: Sexing results can be accessed using your  account number XXXX.

Thank you,
Animal Genetics Customer Service
Phone: (800) 514-9672 or (850) 386-1145

June 1, 2011 I am so frustrated with the avian sexing company that I tried. I apologize to all of you who are waiting to find out which baby is yours. Here is the story. For years, I have used Avian Biotech for our DNA sexing and they have been reliable and consistent. Early this year, I was told about a company that does the gender testing for less money, so I gave them a try. I sent our samples in on April 30 and called them time after time. They kept putting me off. Finally, just yesterday, they told me that the lab they were using was not going to be able to process the sample. I dissolved into tears.....but then, I was out to the kitchen to redraw samples on 10 babies and send them off to Avian Biotech. I overnighted this envelope. So, we should know very soon who is who. I also sent other breeders to this unreliable company and am feeling badly for them. Grrrrr.



Meanwhile the babies are doing well. We took one shot of them this morning after getting them all to pose....only to have them fall apart (see 2nd pic) within seconds. Snap that camera fast, girls!

May 27  I just got an email from Band 301's owner. Her flight was delayed due to storms in Atlanta. For those of you who are prayerful, please pray for this baby. There is enough food and water in her crate to last days, so that is not a worry, but she will be lonely. Another email was in my inbox early this morning. Thank you for praying!

Little Sookie (Band 301) is home!!! YAY!!! We got back around 11:30pm and she was tired, I scritched her head and her eyes were closing. Her bed was ready and waiting for her so I placed her in her little hut and she went to sleep........I am glad she didn't spend the night at the airport. Can't wait until tomorrow to see more of her! :)



May 24, 2011

May 21  My parents were in town for a few days this week, and we had lots of time to sit around and play with the babies! I took some video of the babies playing with us at breakfast and lunch for you to enjoy. They are really cute and growing up fast!

I had one buyer request me to "disease test" her bird prior to shipping it to her. This is nice for the rest of you because her test actually tests the entire nursery, for all the babies share cages, brooders, syringes, etc. We tested for PBFD, pscittacosis, Polyoma and Pachechos. It all came back negative, as we knew it would. I think it is great that the test was made though!

Avian Biotech Int'l



Beth Lee D


Pampered Peeps Aviary





Date Received:


Crimson-bellied Conure
' 301
May 14 The first of the Crimson Bellies went home!! Princene, who picked up her bird, appears more than ready with mash and sprouts waiting at home. She left with her baby in a bright yellow flight suit!


Band 300 (for Nina)


Band 301

(for Karine)


Band 302

(for Tammy)

Band 303 (for Joy)

Hi Lisa, Got your Email but no Hatch Certificate ??Will it be coming ? I'll be looking for it and will print it out to keep with Rainbow's info..He's doing great and eating good and was a little clumsy in his cage but is getting better everyday at getting around and feeling more comfortable with our house etc. What a little sweetheart he is..He's bonding with me and would like to be out of the cage all the time but that's not possible..Sheri and I loved our visit and getting to meet all of you..You're great ! Will Email down the line and update on Rainbow.. Joy
Band 304 (for Teri)

Lisa,Thank you so much for helping give me the baby of my dreams!  This is such a beautiful birth certificate piece of ARTWORK as well, and I am going out tomorrow to get a frame for it to hang next to his house (which he is only in when he is sleepin J)Once again THANK YOU for all of love and thoughtfulness. Love, Teri


Band 305


Band 306


Band 307


Band 308


May 7

The babies are growing up really fast! Last night, we were sitting at our table with another family from church studying Aristotle and Plato, and all of us were holding a baby Crimson Belly. One of the babies was very active, and wanted to go explore the table. It walked around for a little while, and finally ended up underneath the baseball cap of one of the boys studying with us. Once it was under that hat, it was very content and happy to go to sleep...I think it liked the little dark hole!

Band 298 (home with Princene)

Band 299 (for Barbara)

Band 300 (for Nina)

Band 301 (for Karine)

Band 302

(for Tammy)

Band 303

Band 304

Band 305

Band 306

Band 307

Click on the pictures and they will blow up for you.

April 29, 2011Whenever I post these pictures, I am still amazed at how the babies change in one week's worth of time! We now have all of Raz and Berry's with us and the oldest from Zane and Sadie. Our kitchen is getting busy!

Band 298 (for Princene)

Band 299 (for Barbara)

Band 300 (for Nina)

Band 301 (for Karine)

Band 302 (for Tammy)

Band 303

Band 304

Band 305

April 23, 2011  Happy Resurrection Sunday to all. Jesus is risen! As you can see, we now have 3 more babies inside with us. I have sent in their dna samples to find out their gender. All are eating well.  Band 298 an d299 are perching and in a cage. The younger 3 are still in the brooder. We did have our baby horse born and she was well worth the wait.

Band 298  (for Princene)

Band 299 (for Barbara)

Band 300

Band 301

Band 302

April 18, 2011 As you have read on the Green cheek nursery page, we are anxiously awaiting a miniature horse birth. The babies love playing games with us as the time flies by. Band 298 is reading the rules to Rummy!

Band 298

Band 299 (for Barbara)

April 13, 2011 We just brought Rhett and Scarlett's two babies inside! They are eating well, doing well, and growing fast. The next babies to come in will be the first of Raz & Berry's...they are on five!! Zane and Sadie are on 4 babies so far. We have sent in the dna samples for these first 2 babies.
Band 298


Band 299 (for Barbara)


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