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5/4/12 We have had a very tough year with the Crimsons and their reproduction habits. One well known importer of Crimsons sold out his pairs a few years back because their productivity was so low. Until this year, I wondered what he was doing wrong, for our pairs were doing so well. Now, we have had a low year of hatch and survival rate. So, when I opened up my email to these darling pictures this morning, I was delighted. Below are the pictures and email that I opened up.
This was band 310 from 2011

Hi Beth! I hope you're doing well!! It's been a while. Our Millie just turned 1 year on April 18th. I just wanted to write you and let you know how much we love her. She's such a great bird and can still be handled by anyone. I am so grateful that we were able to get one of your birds.
I never could get her to eat pellets ( I tried several kinds) so I was talking to my vet about grinding them up with a coffee grinder and sprinkling them over her mash so she could get them that way. He gave me a sample of Harrison's to try so I tried it with her first and she LOVED it. So, Harrison's it is. :) She LOVES toys and destroys them. lol She still hangs on the side of her cage to sleep, so her poor tail stays frayed. I bought a fleece sleep tent for her, but she sleeps behind it hanging on the side of the cage instead of on the sleep tent perch. lol She's also SO quiet. She will make some noise every now and then. She really is such a great bird. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am with her. Here's a few pictures of Millie and Katie (my 4 year old) from this morning. I hope you're doing well! Thank you again. Kim

I also enjoy hearing how the babies develop into sweet pets when families do not give up on their nippiness. Kim was one who emailed me struggling at one time with how nippy their baby had become. Here was Kim's 9/29/11 email to me.

Ok, maybe I spoke too soon. lol :) She's getting quite nippy when I try to rub her head and beak now...which is a new thing. I can deal with it, but she's also getting quite nippy with my daughter and Katie is a little intimidated by her now. I really don't want it to end up that Katie won't be able to handle her much, so I was going to see if you had any good suggestions? Just trying to figure out the best way to go about it with the two of them....I will put Millie on Katie's leg or will hold Katie's hand when telling her to step up so we can do it together, but it seems that Millie is picking up on her intimidation and will try to bite. And she then tries to fly to me. I'm hoping that as she gets through this stage, things will be fine on the other end, but I just want to make sure I'm not doing anything wrong or there isn't something else I should be doing. She's getting more nippy and sassy, it seems, but am I right to assume she's probably just testing her boundaries? I do "the hold" on her or make a loud noise when she does bite and tell her to be gentle. Just want to make sure I don't need to be doing anything else in addition to that. I also thought it might be nice if Katie feed her some really yummy treats, too? We've had a super crazy few days, so she hasn't been out of her cage very much, either, so maybe that's why she's worse? Did you go through the nippy stage with your birds as well? Did it take them long to get through it? I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right so that we have a well socialized bird that my daughter can enjoy, too. :) Thanks so much for the advice! Kim

Lisa, my oldest, emailed her back this response.

Hi! This is Lisa, Bethís daughter. Mom asked me to come answer your email.
It sounds like you are doing a lot right. There was one thing that you mentioned that I would said that you make a loud noise when she bites. I would not do that because birds communicate by loud noises. The more excited they are, the louder they scream. The best thing is going to be holding her until she stops struggling and saying ďno bite.Ē If you want her to bond with Katie, she may need to be the only one who handles Millie for a little while. Do be aware that Millie will pick up on any fear Katie has and will take advantage of it. Sometimes, it helps to tell a scared person to just close their eyes and then tell the bird to step up so that they will not see the bird threatening them.
Read this page over again This page may also help. It has emails from some of our other buyers and how they have handled their nippy birds.
The biggest thing is going to be persistence. Donít give up! Every time she bites, give her the consequence, and keep handling her. Tell your daughter that she is going to get bitten. Itís part of owning and training a bird. But, it wonít kill her, and the bird will get over it. We had one couple buy a baby from us and their bird was so nippy that they were almost ready to get rid of it. We kept talking to them and helping them, and now they love that bird and get along wonderfully with it. It just takes perseverance.
Good luck, and let us know what happens!

I would not let her call the shots as to where you can touch her. If there is an area she doesnít want you to pet, I would slowly and gently not give up on that area. She may be molting though and sometimes they do not like an area touched when the pin feathers are coming in. Yes, to both of your questions....they definitely change as they mature and they do go through stages. Breeding season is approaching and they change seasonally too as that time comes on.
Enjoy the flock at Pamperedpeeps Aviary  By 10/11/11 We got this email back. And, now today, the new update and sweet pictures of her daughter and bird arrived. Thank you, Kim!

Just wanted to update you that she's doing SOOO much better with the biting! Thanks for the advice! She will still bite occasionally, but it's not nearly as bad as it was. The other thing I have noticed recently is that she's not really wanting me to rub her head anymore, which she used to love. She would just fluff up and fall asleep on me while I was rubbing her. She doesn't seem to be very cuddly right now, but she does like to play still. Do they go through stages like puppies? Or does their personalities change from when they are babies? I loved our cuddle sessions and really miss that! She will still let me rub under her wings and her back sometimes, though. Just making sure I'm not doing anything wrong! Thanks so much for all of the advice!! :) Kim

4/13/12 Hi all, this is Jessie, and I am the youngest daughter of PamperedPeeps at 15 :) The most recent two Rhett and Scarlett babies flew home on Wednesday to Miriam and Stephanie! They both made it safely, and are doing great. Raz and Berry are on 3 baby CBs, and Zane and Sadie just had their first hatch! Along with the baby birds, baby horses are coming!! We've had another one two days ago; a little red and white filly...she is so cute!!
4/2/12  I did make a short video of the babies during their lunch time feeding.  

We had the babies out with us today while we did school. Right now, we are waiting for a pregnant mare to have her baby, so some good friends are staying with us in hopes of seeing this baby born. They home-school also, and everyone held a baby while working. In one of the pictures, you can see the baby with Paradise Lost.  The results are already back!! Band 320 is a boy and will be flying to TX to live with Miriam, and Band 318 will be going to Ohio to live with Stephanie.

Band 318


Band 320


3/27/12 Today I sent in the sexing on both Crimson babies, so we should get the results back soon!!

They are doing really well and have started to think about flying. Before they really fly, they start doing little jumps that evolve into short flights. They're still at the "jump" stage, but they will be flying very soon. They're also loving eating their mash and sprouts every morning!

3/18/12 We are feeding the 2 babies (band 318 and band 320) inside and Band 318 graduated to a cage and is now out of the brooder. Our babies are "abundantly weaned" which means that mash will always be available along with seed and pellet. They get very curious and start picking at it very soon after being in the cage. Last night as I came up from our barn, I heard the soft chirp of a newborn. Yes, a baby in Raz and Berry's box. This pair of birds are newbies at parenting, so a prayer was said with hopes of finding a chirp still alive in the AM. New parents can lose a clutch as they learn to feed and keep young warm. All sounds good this morning. So, Kristy, this may be your girl! We will have to sex the 2 that I am feeding. Miriam wants a boy and Stephanie wants a girl, Kristy wants a girl, and I think Cathy and Christina are not particular about which gender. If any of this is incorrect, please let me know :)

We had a new addition this past week at our home. Many of you know that we also train, breed, and show Miniature horses. Kind of ironic for we are all over 6 feet tall! This little colt stands about 20" at the withers, and he really looks like a big horse and not a fat little pony. Our goal is to make them look like "horses" in miniature,  and to produce beautiful moving creatures.



The first Crimson Bellied babies of the season are inside and being handfed! They are from Rhett & Scarlett and are thriving! They are getting lots of cuddle time.

Band 318


Band 320




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