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Please make sure you read up on the Green Cheek personality and remember that the various mutations are just different clothes on the same body.

"AWWWWWWWWWW!!!...isn't she cute???"


The Cinnamons look like a pastel-Yellow Sided. If you look closely at their intricate coloring, you can see the tiny bits of yellow and red on their bellies...just like the Yellow Sided. Even the blue on their wings and the green on their backs is diluted. They, also, are a member of the Pyrrhura family.
The Cinnamons do not vary as much in their color as the Yellow Sideds do, but the degree or red on their bellies does show some differences.



They love to be cuddled and are very interactive. They are also playful and happy!


When we first take the babies from Momma to feed them at about 18-22 days (this depends on the parents and number of babies), it is rather hard to tell if they are going to be Yellow Sideds, Cinnamons, Normals, etc...etc. However, it can be done. When they are babies (and throughout their lives) the Normals have dark feet and dark fuzz and the Cinnamons and Yellow Sideds have pink feet and white fuzz.'re probably wondering, "Then how do they tell the Cinnamons and Yellow Sideds apart?" That is just as simple. Remember how the Cinnamons are lighter than the Yellow Sideds? When they are babies, they Yellow Sideds fuzz is snow white and the Cinnamons is peachy almost pinkish! It is really fun to feed out a clutch of Yellow Sideds and Cinnamons!


This picture really shows the difference between a Yellow Sided baby and a Cinnamon baby. The 3rd baby from the left and the 5th baby from the left are Yellow Sideds. See how white their fuzz is? The 4th baby from either side is a Cinnamon...see how her fuzz is peachy? (All the rest of the babies are Normal Green learn more about them, click on the bird! )
One of our talented Green Cheek owners painted a picture of this gorgeous Cinnamon. If you are interested in having your favorite fid painted, contact Karen at  or at (928) 536-5121. She painted this from me sending her a digital picture of our Cinnamon. (Also, visit our Yellow Sided Green Cheek page to see another amazing picture by her!)

This is one of out Cinnamons in her harness. This one had a very cute name...can you guess? Woodstock!

Both these toddlers are sleepy...aren't they sweet?!?!

They, as well as all Green Cheeks, make awesome family pets. Another great thing about Green Cheeks is that they are not loud! They will call in their high pitched little squeaks when they want food or attention, but other than that, they just make happy, low, guttural noises!

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Breeding Green Cheeks:

Breeding Green Cheeks

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Chart: shows the transmission of the Yellow Sided, Cinnamon and Pineapple genes

What does a fertile egg look like? See a fertile Green Cheek egg!

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