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FIRST, if you have bought a pet from us and you have a question, you are more than welcome to contact me with questions about anything bird-related. I encourage you to contact me if you think something is not going well, or if you have questions about care....anything.  We are here to support you. If you are interested in one of our babies, please contact me.

SECOND, if you are interested in a flight suit, please contact me by clicking here.  

 If you love how we raise our babies and would like a baby raised in the manner that we raise ours, then read about "how to find a good breeder." I wrote that to help people know what I would look for in choosing a breeder. If I have a baby that you are interested in, please email me.

If you have a bird that you need help with, I encourage you to do the following:

  • Go back the breeder or pet store you bought from. If they are of no help.....then,

  • Join a yahoo group. I, and other breeders, are very active helping others in a public manner. Many times by reading on these email groups you can find answers. They have groups that are species specific, behavior specific, groups about diet, groups about plucking, etc. To find these Groups, go to "Yahoo," and look for "groups." Then find their "search groups" and start entering keywords. The other groups that are excellent and can't be found on yahoo are found by googling "the Eclectus Connection" and "the Grey Connection."

  • Join a local bird club. There are pet owners and breeders that are so generous with help.

  • Click here for a  great list of Avian Resources!!!

  • If you bought the bird from us, Contact me at


We are only raising Crimson Bellied Conures as of 2015. Click here to read about them and why we find them so special.



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