What Should I Breed to my Dilute Male Gouldian??


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Yellow back is a sex linked mutation. Thus females cannot be split to the Yellow Back gene for they carry only one sex chromosome. Birds are opposite of humans; the males are the XX and the females are the XY. The Y chromosome does not carry any sex linked gene.
Yellow Backs can be males, but can only be produced by 2 YB parents or by a Dilute male breeding with a YB hen.
If you breed your YB male to a normal hen, all of your male babies will be Dilutes and all of your female babies will be YB. If you breed your YB male to a YB hen, all of your babies will by YB.
When you breed your Dilute male to a YB hen, your chance of male babies being a Dilute is 50% and of being a YB is 50% also. Your chances of your female babies being Normal is 50%  and there is a 50% chance of them being YBs. When I use statistics like this, it is not realistic to think that this is what will happen with a single pair. Instead these statistics apply to a huge population sample and your sample can't begin to compare.


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