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1.  Avian Medicine and Principles: Here is an excellent reference, but do keep in mind that it has not been revised since 1994. You can download it for free at

2. Three Day E-course and training video, just by visiting I have never seen these videos, but he claims his course will teach your parrot to: Stop Biting, Perform Tricks and Tame ANY SIZE bird you could possibly own.

3. This is one of the most popular Cockatoo videos on the Web

4. AJ, an Indian Ringneck who has starred on the Jay Leno show:  

5. Indian Ringneck clips:

Bijou (This clip came from Tanya of Wrangler Roost) talking on the phone.

IRN trained to do tricks:

Alexandrines and Ringnecks talking

Trained green IRN doing tricks

6.  Peregrine Falcon drops from the sky with a skydiver


7. Baby Hummingbirds

8. Free bird data software:

BirdData: Don Bradner's complete FREE database program developed for bird breeders' needs. Records are kept for individual birds and for breeding pairs.

Pets-on-Trak: "Fully functional, free pedigree software. There are no limits, no restrictions, no expiration, it's yours for FREE! No gimmicks, no hype, just a free useful tool!"




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