Incredible Videos That I Cannnot Take Credit For...Egg Laying Hens.

What is it like to lay an egg?


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Birds continue to fascinate me as time goes on. Late at night, I am up on the computer reading and learning more and more. These two videos struck me as really worth sharing with you all. I was in awe of these two hens. This first video is of an Eclectus hen laying an egg. When I emailed with the "filmer" of this video, they were camping (RV'ing) with their 4 birds.


That is how a bigger parrot lays an egg! Now for a Linnie. Click on Lea's picture to the left to watch a Cobalt hen lay an egg. Watch her mouth as she lays an egg. The "filmer" of this video calls his Lineolated hen, his "Princess!" He has a camera mounted on the box.
This man has other fun you tube videos. Here is the same hen feeding chicks.