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Rated as the 4th best talker of all parrots by Bird-Talk magazine, lacking in dander due to their hair-like feathers, brilliantly colored, inquisitive with an endearing voice, the Eclectus parrot is a favorite of many!

There are many subspecies of Eclectus including: Solomon Island, Vosmarie or Vos, Grand, Red Sided and others. We only breed and raise the Solomon Island Eclectus.

The Female is a brilliant red with blue patches and a blue eye ring.
Since the different genders do not look alike, the male being green, the first breeders put all the red birds together and all the green birds together. Then they puzzled as to why that had no babies. They were a bit confused.


See how she has the blue neck band and eye ring???? Only the Solomon Islands and Red Sided hens have the blue eye ring.


You might say, the males and the females don't look anything alike...he does match her in one way...

 ...under his wings!!!! He has HER exact red color under his wings!!!!! Every time we mist our Ernie, he spreads his wings out in this manner. Guess he likes his armpits washed?


You may wonder how they ever figured out that they were trying to breed male to male and female to female??? By a wonderful work of the Lord...their beaks.

When the males are born, they have solid black beaks that eventually go "candy corn" as time goes on.

(Jan 7)


(Jan 27)


(Feb 24)

This is our last boy a couple of days before he went home........

We have horses and he loved riding them!!! Can you see his little flight suit??? He loved going outside. This was a Saturday and we had taken him yard sale'ing that morning. He loved all the attention people gave him.



Here is Wilma (a baby female Eclectus) who we are all in love with. She is one of the birds who is in the flight suit "race."

It is important that the breeder you buy your baby from has allowed lots of fly time during the fledgling stage. Many breeders clip right away for their own convenience. It does make a mess when a baby flies across the kitchen dripping hand feeding formula. But, I will clean up a mess for the sake of a well-adjusted baby!! Click on this baby to the left to see a young SI girl who has learned to not bonk into my kitchen window.

Would you like to see a baby fly? Click here to see her flying in a flight suit. She also flies in slow motion in this video! 

Eclectus are also relatively quiet. I say this "tongue in cheek" for I am comparing them to a Cockatoo or a Macaw. I am not comparing them to a cat. They do have a LOUD alarm call that ours have only made when alarmed. In the next video, you can hear this call being made by Belleek as the young female flies.



We love photographing the babies as they feather in and showing them off for their rapid change is nothing short of a miracle. Look below! It all starts with the laying of an egg (to see this, watch the video to the right) (AND, thank you mtnbikerfred)  

5 days old

17 days old 

38 days old    


42 days old


46 days old

60 days

63 days

and finally, at 80 days!!

Her new mom has sent her a box full  of baby toys and has built a glassed in room just for her. She has also been doing her homework and knows as much as us about Eclectus nutrition and care.

Do Eclectus pluck??

It seems to be a problem with Ekkies. I think much of it is due to diet. Click here to read about "Belleek" our lover of a green guy that came here for recovery. Click here to read about another success story. This was a feather plucking Eclectus that was even more plucked that Belleek. It broke my heart when I first saw him.


Once upon a dark night, a pirate entered Pampered Peeps Aviary, and captured our 2 favorite girls. Oh, the fun we have with our birds, babies and children!!

Check out these sites!

Read about our Belleek who we are trying to rehab after 10 years of feather plucking. Click here to read about Freddy, another feather plucker. the most awesome site on Eclectus. I have bookmarked many of their pages here because it seems silly for us to rewrite what Carolyn has put together so beautifully.,, has some awesome pictures!!!!!!!
"OK, where's the Eclectus??" "Is he in here?"

The Eclectus is a relatively quiet species...even with their talking ability. Their noise is a "honk." Other than that, they just make happy contented noises. The "honk" is more of an alarm call, or a "flock call." They give it off morning and night for about 5-10 seconds to "Call in the flock." Compared to most Cockatoos, most Amazons, Sun Conure, Jenday or Nanday Conure...etc., they are extremely quiet. At one time, we had Eclectus and a Quaker in the house. Someone would walk in and instantly know we had the Quaker...she screamed! But, sometimes, they would be standing right in front of the Eclectus cage and never know they were there!!!!!!

Here is Lisa cuddling with "Pilgrim," a baby boy. She thought she could put him to sleep! The opposite proved true.

       Eclectus Diet

Eclectus have the longest digestive track of all parrots. Consequently, they need to be fed different. Eclectus should be offered a dish of fresh vegetables, greens, sprouted seeds, sprouts, fruit and some cooked items such as grains and legumes (like cooked brown rice and lentils). Every morning, our Eclectus get a dish of our Pamperedpeeps Parrot Mash. Besides that, they get sprouts, and fresh fruits, such as oranges, apples, grapes, cantaloupe and sometimes, the rare treat of watermelon! The Eclectus diet should be rich in vegetables and fruits that are high in Vitamin C. This is found in vegetables and fruits that are dark green (romaine/kale lettuce) and orange (oranges/cantaloupe). Their diet should also be low in fat, but not non-fat. This means that when you mix seed and pellets, there should be about 7 parts seed to about 1 part pellet. 

Eclectus love fresh fruits and veggies and it is essential to the diet. I have heard that greens are the most neglected part of an Eclectus diet. That is true. Eclectus need lots of Vitamin A. Eclectus also love chewing up live branches (see poisonous plants) and mom keeps a Pineapple Guava on our porch just to rip off branches for them to chew. Fresh Eucalyptus is another favorite. Read on the feeding of live branches.

Eclectus tend to more sensitive to diet than out other fids. Do not let an avian vet push Harrison's pellets into your Ekkie's diet. Harrison's contains Spirulina which can cause problems. On many sites you will read that colored pellets can cause your Eclectus to feather in abnormally colored. We do feed Zupreem that contains colored pellets in very limited amounts and have not one plucker. But, if I had a problem (plucking, toe tapping), diet is where I would begin looking. We just bought a plucker in August of 2006! Read about our naked Red Sided Eclectus who we are trying to rehab after 10 years of feather plucking.

Sprouts are a FAVORITE of Eclectus. (Make sure you visit our sprouts page!) They are very nutritious because they have the nutrition of the whole plant in one little seed.  a

Land of Vos is a great Eclectus site. They have many awesome articles on sprouting, diet for Eclectus, etc! Below are some links that are very informative. If you are thinking of buying an Eclectus, I would highly recommend that you join up with 'The Eclectus Connection.' You can do this via the Landofvos website. Carolyn Swicegood has so much information and shares it with others very generously.; ; this article lists edible flowers to feed your parrot!  this article describes how to grow your own greens for your Ekkie friend.,

To read about the first time you take your Ekkie to an avian vet and important considerations, please click here. (Thank you Carolyn Swicegood). Click here to read an article on the drug Ketoconazole vs.the drug Nystatin for fungal infections in Eclectus.

Click here to see Eclectus mating in the wild



Nursery Videos!


Click here to see Liberty being fed! (4/14/08)

Click here to see her getting cleaned up (4/16/08)

Click here to see feeding on 4/25/08

Click here to see her learning step up on 5/5/08

Here is video  from 5/12/08 here in our home. This video has 176 and 179 in it, along with Liberty, the baby ekkie being raised.

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