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The name of the drug is Ketoconazole and the brand name is Nizoral.   ... if your Eclectus is ever diagnosed with a fungal infection, alert your vet that several female Eclectus parrots have died as a direct result of taking this particular drug. It might be suitable for larger animals, and I don't know if it has caused the death of other parrot species, but please alert your vet to the deaths that we know have occurred.
Other anti-fungal drugs appear to be safer for Eclectus when they need anti-fungal treatment.  Nystatin is one antifungal drug that is safe even for young birds and I have never heard of problems with Nystatin for parrots. I'm not a vet but there is far too little research on drug interactions of parrots so we
must be alert to the few warnings we're lucky enough to have learn in order to avoid more tragedies.

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