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Flight suit purchases are non-refundable

Do flight suits cause vent infections? WATCH a video to see for yourself!

Watch mom taking Emma (Congo African Grey) bike riding in a flight  suit.   Click here to see Tango take a bike ride to a yard sale on 10/10/08!

Flying pets in our home on Aug 26, 2008. Potty training!

WATCH a video of an African Grey walking a person!

WATCH a video of a Crimson Bellied Conure going to the Post Office in a Flight Suit!

How does a Lanyard go on? Watch a video.

Should I buy a flight suit or a harness? Read what one bird parront has to say.

Having problems getting your Flight Suit on? DON'T GIVE UP!!!

Click here to read what our customers think of their babies and flight suits.





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We LOVE flight suits and use them on our youngsters during their handfeeding and weaning period. They have enabled our birds to go where "no other parrot has gone before" (OK, maybe some parrots have been there before).
At a recent APHA horse show, mom was wearing her Blue Headed Pionus all day and the other spectators thought it was wonderful and no one saw any bird poop on her shoulder. This is due to the flight suit also serving as a diaper. There is a pocket below the vent that catches the poop. The pocket hangs far enough below the bird that the poop is not pressed against the bird while wearing the suit. In fact, when we take the flight suits off, there is not even any poop clinging to the feather area around the vent.


african grey breeder, african grey babies Parrots accept the flight suits much more readily if they have been introduced to them while young. That is why we begin our babies wearing them during their weaning time. One man was having a real struggle getting his suit on his Yellow Sided Green Cheek. Here is what he says after a few months of having Libby: "Even putting on the flight suit is second nature now.  She's turned out to be the most wonderful companion." If your parrot has been weaned for some time, your bird is NOT going to like the flight suit. I do tell buyers that an older bird will HATE the suit at first, but we have put them on many an older bird and have persevered with the wearing of one.  They get used to them with time if you reward them with an adventure. My Grey garbles happily on my shoulder wearing her flight suit while I drive my miniature horse!
Another good thing is that the birds learn to be comfortable in them. They have a very fun time outside enjoying the weather and since the Flight Suit is made from a stretchy, comfortable material, the bird is very comfortable the entire time! There are no rough straps or clips anywhere...just a strip of Velcro on the back to attach it and comfy cloth! The birds love hiking with you, biking, roller skating, (in our case) riding horses or just being outside listening to other bird noises!

Suits should not be left on unsupervised birds.


My Charlie had never worn a flight suit until she was over 2 years old. She is still somewhat of a wrestle, but I love using the flight suit in the evenings with her. I put her in the flight suit and bring her in bed with me when I read at night. After reading for a few hours in a poopless bed (all of her poop is in her diaper), I take off her suit, tell her to fly to her cage, and Charley flies over to her sleep cage. It is so kind of her to not make my tired body get out of bed to put her to bed!

To see a beautiful female Eclectus flying with in a flight suit, click here. She comes when Lisa calls her! There is no Lanyard on the suit. We often put the suits on our babies and leave them on for awhile for them to get used to wearing them.We once had a Patagonian Conure who loved being outside so we took her with us on a hike in Sedona. She was so excited that she would bounce up and down and yell "Hello!" to every other hiker we saw!!! 

Have you ever been around horses? Or, have you ever seen a wild horse haltered for the first time? They flip out wildly and act like they are going to die. This is because they feel like they are losing their ability to escape. Horses are prey animals. So are birds. Flight is their way of escape. Just like horses learn to wear a halter and come to accept is easily, so does a bird learn to accept the flight suit.
If a suit is new to a bird, I put it on them in a location where they are in a safe place. They could really flip around (just like a horse wearing a halter the first time). The more your bird is used to you, trusts you, and accepts your touch everywhere, the easier this process will be. I usually begin with the bird on the carpeted floor, in a wide open area where he can't knock his body or head on anything. First I put the suit on with out the lanyard. Once the suit is on, I just allow the bird to throw its tantrum. Then as soon as they get over it, I feed them a treat, and walk around with them. They will calm down faster when they find out they can still fly with the suit on.  There are owners who go very slowly and spend time playing with the suits with the bird and not putting them on. I don't do this. I just put the suit on and then play with the bird.
We have put suits on many mature birds (Pionus, Greys, Eclectus, Cockatiels and Green Cheeks) and have had them come to accept them.
Whether or not a bird will accept a suit is more dependent on the owner than on the bird.


I used to sell the liners that come with the flight suits, but they were high priced for what you are buying. For size Junior Small to Large, use the cotton disc-shaped pads. For sizes Wide on up, use a Pantiliner. I cut them in half for the suits.


Payment (not refundable)

All sales are final.  Beware of shipping charges on other sites!!!

Below are cash prices 
 PETITE through Large Wide AND Bigger 
Flight Suit, including Lanyard (leash) and shipping   $29

Econopack:3 Flight Suits, 1 Lanyard and shipping   $62

Flight Suit, including Anchorline (leash), and shipping   $33

Econopack: 3 Flight Suits, 1 Anchorline and shipping   $73

*Trainer Flightsuit, Lanyard and shipping   $25

Econopak of trainers includes 3 trainer suits, 1 lanyard  $49

*Trainer Flightsuit, Anchorline and shipping   $25 

Econopak of trainers includes 3 trainer suits, 1anchorline  $53

Spare Lanyard   $6 Spare Anchorline   $9

*WHAT IS A TRAINER SUIT?: These are our same famous flight suit, but you do not get a choice of color. Our "trainer suits" are sold at a reduced price to encourage you all to raise and wean your babies wearing flight suits. Some may have a sewing error or a imperfection.

Payment Instructions: If you would like to buy a flight suit, please email me ( and let me know. I will let you know what is available. There are 3 methods of payment:

(1.) Send me cash at your risk,

(2.) Paypal  Quick, easy, and convenient. If you would like to buy your suits using PayPal, click here.

(3.)  Postal money order to: Beth Lee, PO Box 432, Waddell, AZ 85355. I like POSTAL money orders, and not other types of money orders, because my post office can cash them for me. I don't often leave home with all that we do and our bank is quite a distance from home.  By the time you buy a money order and pay postage, you are about the same as paypal.

I cannot offer refunds on flight suits due to the nature of contagious avian diseases. If a parrot has a viral infection and the minute, tiny particles are on the opened flight suit, they could be transferred to someone else's beloved pet.

Again, use the round cosmetic cotton pads for liners in suits up to the Large size. For the bigger suits, use a Carefree Pantiliner.

To learn how to put a flight suit on your bird, click on our Santa Blue Crown on the left.
To learn what size flight suit, your favorite parrot would need, click on the Eclectus on the right.
To see color examples, please click on the Yellow Sided Green Cheek on the left.

Why do I think it is good for breeders to put flight suits on and off of their babies? I think it is important enough that I recommend asking your breeder to put one on and off while weaning your baby. Mail one to your breeder while waiting for your baby to wean.

  • Birds accept flight suits more readily if they have been introduced to them while they are young. The bird needs to consistently be wearing the flight suit as it matures, but a breeder can start this process and make it less traumatic for the bird if it starts out young.
  • If a breeder puts a flight suit on and off of your baby while it is weaning, that breeder is forced to really, really handle the baby. You HAVE to lift wings, touch feet, talk to them, encourage them as you put them on and off. I include this in my criteria of things to consider when looking for a good breeder.
  • Parrot owners love taking their birds outside. Birds love going outside. Clipped wings is not enough.
  • Young birds should be exposed to something new everyday. This is true when they are with the breeder and when they are in their new home. Many birds become phobic because of fear. Help your bird be more flexible, accepting and tolerant. A flight suit allows you to take them on outings where they can't help but meet new people and see new things. T

More fun videos are on 'you tube.' See a YSGC who has been well-adjusted to her flight suit and to car travel. This Green Cheek owner is in MN.

I should have known I would get ongoing videos, for I even got one the day I shipped, of him picking his bird up at the airport!!! As soon as his bird arrived, he fixed up the passenger seat of his car with a perch for his Libby who goes back and forth to work with him and wears a flight suit.  She is with him all day as he works in his store and townspeople come in  just to see his Libby. He put 2 clips on youtube of her traveling to work. Here is part of his email.
I went on a drive to a neighboring town's library yesterday, and thought that it would be a good time to test Libby's new visor cam. I made a bracket that attaches to the visor in front of Libby's car seat perch to hold the digital camera. 

Libby seems unimpressed with the skill shown by the immense and powerful Flock Leader as he pilots the white thingy with the wheels onto the freeway. All she seems to care about is the chow!

Was hoping to get some one footed seed snacking, or a least a good lean into a curve on a cloverleaf, but got this instead.  Watch out Libby!!



DO NOT ever assume your bird can't fly and take them outside unrestrained. I have been told so many stories of birds flying away unexpectedly. These birds were severely clipped and always went straight down with no lift while inside the home. Read 2 true accounts by Vicki and Suzanne by clicking here 



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