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I hope that this encourages you to NOT GIVE UP if your bird doesn't like the flight suit on the first try. Read emails from some of our customers....


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Mitch bought Libby, a Yellow Sided Green Cheek from us in July 2006 and was struggling with the Flight Suit:

"Libby and I had two tries at putting on the flight suit today.  Close, but no cigar.  She knows that I don't want to hurt her so she takes full advantage (read drama queen).  We will persevere, and soon we'll be out and about.  A while back I made a perch to replace the passenger seat head rest, with a ring to fasten a very short leash to.  Should turn a few heads at the stoplight..."

After a few more days:

"We'll keep working on the flight suit.  Future fun depends on it.  A lot ofprogress on the biting front.  No blood loss or surgical skin removal in about a week.  She still gets cranky at times and beaks me mightily, but doesn't break the skin or leave a lasting mark.  I'm slowly learning what  more of her "signals" mean.  When she gently beaks my ear she's up for a cuddle and skritch. When she clamps on to my glasses she is telling me that I'm being boring.  All I have to do is walk into the computer room and she flies to the boing for a romp!"


"The flight suit was very, very difficult at first. Even being raised wearing  one. They are such drama queens. They know from past experience that if they  protest enough we give up... But even putting that on is second nature now.  She's turned out to be the most wonderful companion."

He was so pleased when he got the Flight Suit on for the first time. Libby fought for a while even thought she had been "raised wearing one." Mitch was great....he persevered until he got the suit on and then religiously kept putting it on her. That's what you have to do. If you put the suit on every day and DON'T GIVE UP, your bird will accept it and will start loving to go outside.

Here is an email from Tom, a truck driver who bought an African Grey from us. Scout was the oldest of 4 Congo African Greys and was a typical headstrong first born child. We shipped Scout to Tom in August 2006 and the shipping went great. Scout was doing great until he tried with the Flight Suit. He called us and was desperate. "Scout hates the Flight Suit. Maybe she doesn't like the color?" He was literally thinking that Scout needed a different color suit. We weren't sure what was going on, so we said to just stick it out for a few more days and see what happens. He just kept saying that Scout was biting and wriggling and hated the Suit. So, you can guess that we were surprised and delighted when this email came in on September 5th.

"Just wanted to pass on what this bird is doing....  Yesterday, and today, she brought her flight suit to me with the funniest look about her.  Yes, brought it to me, and then virtually jumped into it both times!!  This crazy bird seems to have it figured out this is how she gets to go outside and go with me.  We just got back from running several errands this afternoon.  Scout riding on my shoulder with no complaints of the flight suit.

It also should be mentioned Scout had to go and find this flight suit.  It was not in obvious view for her to find. Both times, it was by the kitchen sink drying out from my cleaning up what the little poop pads didn't catch.  I don't know about you, but this amazes me how she can find this so easy let alone bring it to me expecting to get to go along.

She is pigging out right now. Getting another big dinner after a busy day for a bird. I've figured out showing a banana can be dangerous. This kid loves the them. Makes a bit of a mess out of just a few slices.

Anyway, just wanted to let all of you know Scout is doing very well. She is by far the most affectionate little bird I've ever seen. If she is not eating or sleeping, she is intently interested in what ever I may be doing.  Gets plum upset if she gets left behind even for a few minutes."

We were so glad to hear that! In the next couple of days, this email came in:

"Miss Scout has a very independent personality.  Three days in a row, she brought me her flight suit and jumped right into it.  The fouth day, she didn't go looking for it.  Even when I made it easy for her to find.  I then tried to put it on her and is was not going to happen.  This independent minded bird didn't want to be close to her flight suit let alone wear it.  I am still trying to figure this out.  Just what is going through this bird's head!!??  Today, I gave her a break from it. Didn't even show her the suit let alone try to put it on her.

Scout and I are now officially on the road again.  We are building a load of cars all to go to New York and Boston.  Miss Scout is doing very well with the traveling and life on the truck.  Now, as we are stopped for the night, she is sitting on top of the steering wheel on guard duty (Sleeping  on the job).  A couple of times now, once of which was last night, she just through an inverted attack fit as someone got too close to the truck!!  Actually kind of cool to me!!  I've always believed that many animals are excellent judges of human character and intent.  So......  Looks like I might have a Guard Bird on my hands here.  :-)"

Jan bought Shiloh, a Congo African Grey from the same clutch as Scout. She didn't put the suit on for about a week after having her there (which is very naughty, because you are supposed to put the suit on your baby every day from the beginning) and when she decided to put Shiloh in the suit, Shiloh didn't want to. She emailed my mom saying, "I just can't get the suit on Shiloh. I have watched the flight suit video on your website a zillion times and just can't seem to get it. We can get the strap over one wing, and then she takes off running. Reminds me of a toddler who doesn't want their diaper on and takes off running down the hall. But at least I can catch the toddler......." So, we just kept encouraging her - after scolding her some for not putting the suit on daily and then expecting Shiloh to just jump into it - and she kept trying. We were happy, and a little surprised, when we received this email on September 9th. You can see a picture of Shiloh on our reference page!

"Hi Beth and Family,
Well, Shiloh has her flight suit on, and is doing everything she can to get it off, but at least I tackled that little adventure!  I'm in a sweat, and learned that my rings have to come off the next time I do it!  She was hanging onto those, and wouldn't let go.  So, now that it is on, off we go!!!  Her first adventure outside!!!!
Talk to you soon,
Jan and Shiloh"

She sent us this email later that day, after their "adventure outside!!!!!"

"Hi Beth,
Thank you so much for passing on the entertaining and encouraging e-mails!!  Shiloh and I just went around the neighborhood, visiting with all of her new friends.  Naturally, she is a huge hit, so this will get to be a ritual, so all can see her, and her beautiful outfit!  I will have to get a couple more suits, so when one is drying, she will have another ready to go, plus, a girl needs different colors for her different moods!!
Hope to talk to you soon,

She did say that "yes, her suit will be on every day :)"

So, if you are thinking of just giving up on putting your suit on, please, please don't! Keep trying and if you really suit them up daily, YOU WILL WIN!

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