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This is a video of a Flight Suit being put on a Green Cheek......







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A while back, we put on a video of a "race" between three girls of how to put a Flight Suit on your bird. Since then, we have had many requests for a slower video of how to put a Suit on a Green Cheek.

This is me (Lisa) putting a Flight Suit on "Speedy Grady!" Click on the picture of Speedy in his suit to see the video. (You may have to wait 3-4 minutes for the video to load) If you cannot view this video, you may want to try the "winzip" form, click here then push "agree" and then double click on the video's name.

We hope this video helps those of you who have Green Cheeks! We use the same strategy on the bigger birds, except for that I don't hold them in my hand....I use the table!


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