Do Flight Suits cause vent infections? Watch and see....


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Many people have contacted us saying, "How can you use Flight Suits? I have been told that they cause vent infections." And we reply, "Have you ever had this happen to one of your birds?" The answer is always "no," which means they are basing this fear on hearsay and not on "see say", commonly known as the facts. I would like to say right now that if  you have ever had a vent infection happen as a result of a flight suit, please tell us!!!!

We have left flight suits on our fids (feathered kids, for you new "parronts") for up to 8 hours when we take them on outings. After this extended length of time, we do not find any poop even on the feathers around the vent area. The pouch that catches the poop hangs below the bird's bottom and does not press against the skin at all. We have used these suits on Green Cheeks, on Pionus, on Blue Crowns, on Eclectus and on African Greys very successfully, and have never had a problem.

We got this email from Jan, in Phoenix, who bought an African Grey and a Flight Suit from us. She loves taking her baby Shiloh to the Farmer's Markets: "I was amazed yesterday, when taking her suit off, which she helped me do, that like you say on your website, there is no mess on the bird.  She sure filled her diaper though!!!!"

And this was from a man who bought a Yellow Sided Green Cheek and a Flight Suit: "After three hours in the flight suit we got home and de-suited, I checked her vent, and it was clean as a whistle.  Most impressive.  Couldn't wait to share the news."

These questions made us take a video to show you that flight suits do not cause any infections. We left this suit on our Grey for 4 hours to show what it looks like when we take off the flight suit.

Click on the picture of the baby Grey to watch the video.

We hope this convinces you that Flight Suits are very safe and are effective,too!


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