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Watch three competitors put flight suits on.


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The entrants are:

Lily, a young Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure vs.

Baby Du Bonker, a mature Blue Crown Conure  vs.

Wilma, a young Solomon Island Eclectus.

Who can put on the flight suit first? Click on who you think is the winner! (you will have to wait for the video to download and this takes most computers about 1-2 minutes)

 MEET LILY...a sweet little Yellow Sided vs.

BABY DU BONKER, a Blue Crown Conure vs.

WILMA, a sweet little female Eclectus!

This race is obviously fun but it also an instructional video to show how to put on the flight suits. With the smaller green cheek, Lily, the bird is held in one hand while the foot and shoulder are put on, then switch hands while the other shoulder and foot.

With the bigger Eclectus, the flight suit is on the table and the bird is stepped into it. One foot and then that shoulder strap, then the other foot and the other shoulder strap.

The Blue Crown is tough for she plays tug of war with the flight suit the whole time. She doesn't bite though and loves going outside in it!

If you cannot view this video, or if it takes to long to download, you may want to try the "Win Zip" form, click here, then push "agree" and then double click on the video's name! The Win Zip takes seconds to download and works really great.

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