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I have a Yellow Sided Green Cheek named Libby that was hatched on May 22, 06, and  raised by Beth and her girls.  She was raised wearing flight suits.  Beth says on her site pretty much anything you can introduce early in life (like wearing a hat in the hot AZ sun) becomes just a normal thing, and part of their routine.

Yes, I bought and tried the Aviator harness.  It's well made, but ill fitting on Libby so she only wore it once.  The upper part of the harness is 1/4 inch wide, 1/32 inch, and almost ribbon like. Unfortunately part of it was sticking far enough out in front of her face for her to be totally distracted by it.  The leash or lanyard material (that comes with the flight suit) is the best!  It is a very thin round elastic shock cord, virtually weightless.  Didn't really like the clasp though.   Final grade D for the Aviator Harness.

Bought a Feather Tether before the bird.  Big and chunky on a tiny two ounce bird.  Harness material is 3/8 inch wide, 1/16 inch thick. Adjusted it very small, almost squished her putting it on.  She wriggled out of it right away.  Never got it on her successfully.  The clasps on the harness are black plastic male/female sliding deals that are used on camping equipment (can't tell I'm from Minnesota). Too hard for me to join, let alone release.  The leash is way too heavy, but I liked the clasp.   Final grade F.

Ordered a Junior Small Flight Suit from Beth.  It is very, very well made.  The first time I tried to put the suit on her it was a battle royal.  Libby could have a great career on Broadway.  The arm/leg holes seemed too small.  Had a very hard time getting her wings through the holes (she was clamping her wings close to her body).  I removed some of the stitching in the shoulder elastic straps to let them stretch a little more, and was able to suit her up almost as fast as Lisa.  In fact I don't worry too much about the wings or feet.  I just roll her up in the suit, and fasten the Velcro.  The first time she flaps her wings they pop out the holes.  Her feet usually pop through by themselves, and have never gotten back inside while the suit is in use.  Libby's next Junior Small Flight Suit will be tried unmodified since by then the daily suiting up will "old hat."  The lanyard is light and well designed, but part of my grand plan was to be able to take Libby with me in the car, and clip her to a headrest perch I made.  So I needed leashes in two lengths.  My solution was to sew a small loop of Aviator lanyard elastic to the poop pouch, and use metal clasps on the leashes to go through the loop.  I could have ordered a second Flight Suit lanyard and shortened it, but since I had all those harness parts at my disposal...I found the suit secure to use, easy to remove.   I don't even use poop pouch liners at all.   Final grade B+!

It's loads of fun to be able to take Libby places.  Nothing turns heads in the parking lot like wearing a pretty little bird!  We get stares and the occasional double take.  My name is Mitch and my email is  Feel free to contact me directly.  Here is a copy and paste of an email to Beth about our adventures yesterday..........

Libby came out today in a big way.  She met 2 more neighbors, met Marv (my 89 year old buddy), stopped at 3 garage sales, and paid a visit to the local small pet food store.   It was incredible!  The car headrest/perch worked great.  She was so comfortable that she ate on one foot while we were driving.  The manager of the pet food store had never had a "bird experience."   Libby flew to her shoulder and turned on the charm.  Before long Libby had plucked out one of her diamond stud earrings.   So young to be started on a life of crime.  No harm done though Libby reluctantly gave it to me (along with that little annoyed sound she can make).    One customer was surprised at how tame she was considering her young age.  I gave you guys full credit of course, but did mention that I'm teaching her to poop on command. That always wows them.  After three hours in the flight suit we got home and de-suited, I checked her vent, and it was clean as a whistle. Most impressive.  Couldn't wait to share the news.

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