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Breeding Green Cheeks is very rewarding. It is easy to predict the outcome of your clutches by knowing how the colors/traits are genetically transmitted. There is some speculation that some of the traits may not be transmitted as straightforwardly as originally believed, but here are some guidelines to help you understand:

Sex-Linked Traits (include Yellow Sided, Cinnamon, Pineapple):

  • Only the male carries a split.
  • Sex-linked traits are always visual when present in a female.
  • A female cannot be split to a sex linked trait.
  • If you have a baby and it is visually one of the sex linked traits, and the mother is NOT that trait, then the baby is a female and acquired that trait from her father

Autosomal Recessive (includes Turquoise Green Cheeks):

  • Both parents must be visual for a Recessive trait or be split to that trait to produce a baby visually showing that trait.
  • You can not predict gender by following these traits.



Thank you to Marcy Covault, Ron Landis and Richard Cusick  for producing this helpful chart. If you click on their names, you can visit their websites!

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