Green Cheek Nursery Time 2007

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Many of you have asked what a brooder looks like, how we keep track of all the babies and when do they graduate from a cage to a brooder. Here are some short video clips to show you what is going on here in our home. The first 2 videos are not as fun as the last one of the cage babies.

These first babies are in our Brinsea Brooder where everything is very controlled. This is where I put our youngest babies that are on 4-5 feedings per day. Click here to watch them. This video was taken on March 3, 2007. These babies still see my hand as a predator coming into their nesting cavity, but green cheeks are one of the bravest babies and get over this developmental stage quickly.

As the babies mature, they go to 3-4 feedings per day and are put in my aquarium brooder. I have several aquariums so I can bleach out one while another is getting dirty. This happens very quickly!! Click here to see these brooder babies. Again this is on March 3, 2007.

Finally, the babies graduate to cages. Cages means toys, and veggies and fruits, millet, pellet and seed. You even get your own water dish to learn about baths in. 
We believe in rotating which cage the babies are in so they are exposed to a variety of environments. They become very playful and active. Snuggling away on a person or in a cubby is a favorite pastime. This is a Kleenex box  that these two are looking out of.

One of our favorite sights is watching them learn to perch the first time. They grab on, and it doesn't matter if they end up on their backs under the perch, they won't let go. They get very determined to perch. It always makes us laugh. One was trying it tonight and that is what made me run for the camera.  Here is one baby trying to scale the bars.

To learn what  your baby will be eating when it comes home to you, read on our "baby care" page.

If you click on the our Dolly Parton imitators, a video of our crazy kitchen will pop up that shows the last feeding of the day on March 5, 2007.


This is the first group of babies all in their flight suits! Click on their picture to see them fly if for a feeding.

Nursery Videos for Yellow Sided Green Cheeks hatched in July 2007

These are our last 2 Green Cheek babies for 2007....we think. They were a surprise to us and I think even to the parents. These parents usually give us huge clutches, but I think these 2 eggs slipped out of Rain (the momma) before she realized just how hot it was getting to be here in AZ. Click here to see them being fed. They are banded 159 and 160 and are going to "Jen" and "Mitch." Such special people reserve babies from us and each family comes with a story that motivates us to do an extra special job with their baby. These 2 buyers both lost their previous Green Cheeks recently, and our hearts feel badly for them. We know these 2 babies can't replace "Libby" and "Oscar," but they will end up lodged in the lives of these two individuals.

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