Yellow Sided  Green Cheek Nursery 2008!!!

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Parents are Beau and Rain, Cookie and Apple and Tango and Kaida

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July 14, 2008 No babies available.

June 20, 2008


Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click To Play a video that shows these last 3 babies going to bed. They are very friendly and want to be with people!



June 17, 2008

We love when we start getting the emails back from families as to how their new baby is doing! I added some of the Green cheek emails to our reference page.


Happy Father's Day to all you Dads!


Video thumbnail. Click to play
Click To Play We are busily feeding the Green Cheek babies and they prefer their "Eclectus" playgym to their fancy bottlebrush gym!



June 7th 2008

On the subject of poop....It is not unusual for a parrot to hold their poop all night long. This makes for a great opportunity for potty training. When they awaken in the morning, they have saved up a "bomb." We run them to a good spot and say, "go potty." and they are usually anxious to let their bomb drop. I am going to have to video tape Jessie and Du Bonker (her Blue Crown) is so funny to see, for the "bomb" drops in the toilet!

May 28, 2008:

Most of the babies from previous clutches have gone home with a few still weaning. Everyone is delighted, but I do hear frustration at the flight suits. Flight suits are hard to get a bird used to. We start them while they are here, putting them in them about 4 times per week. If you are getting a baby from us, review carefully how to hold your baby while putting a suit on. The better you are at that, the easier it is for your bird.  It takes a bird about 6-9 months to get used to wearing one from my experiences. Even my Grey who is one year old still protests. I took her out on a miniature horse ride just tonight. She loves being behind the cart with the horse pulling us, and I am glad she is wearing a suit, but she protests while it is going on. Click here to see her on the cart!


March 31, 2008

Click here to watch a video of the babies flying around the kitchen!


Look at this incredible picture of Kaida and Tango's babies! It is almost like they have 2 different clutches, for one hatched 2 days ago while the oldest is 14 days old.

March 26, 2008

Lisa plays piano about 2 hours per day and keeps switching which baby gets to be her audience. The picture on the right was taken right after our noon feeding and they are all contentedly sleeping in their flight suits.

March 18th!!

Click here to see a crowd feeding the babies on March 16th

Click here to see the babies learning to perch 

Most green cheeks also like happy huts or sleep cavities. Please read up on the safety articles on our site though about the problems with these huts. We have one toy that is easy to come by....a PVC elbow...and they like sleeping in that. They also like sleeping in empty kleenex boxes which is what I use while they are weaning. I like them, for they are disposable. There is also a link on my articles site to a lady who makes birdie bunks. If your bird ever gets territorial about their cage, you will want to eliminate any dark sleeping areas. Overall, Green Cheeks love snuggly places to be!!


Kaida hatched 2 babies. And, if you look closely at the egg on the right, you can see that the baby is pipping out. See the little crack in it. That is where the baby will exit. They always come out up through the empty space in the top of the egg. Kaida is the goofy mom in the first videos on this page. Another interesting note on this picture....we breeders can often tell by looking at a clutch of eggs what is fertile and what is not by the outward appearance of the egg. The egg on the left is dull and non fertile. The egg on the right is alive. There are Gouldian pictures that show this better if you click here.


March 14, 2008

Can you believe that the oldest 3 babies moved into a real bird cage last night? There are 7 in with us and our home is very fun late in the evenings when we are all feeding. During the day, it is fun too, but there is not the slap happy giggling going on. Click here to see the babies being fed.

Now is a very good time to being preparing yourself for when your baby comes home. Please read the "asterisked" articles under the "Diet" section on our articles page. Click here and it will take you to that section. As you read the information, please ask away if questions arise. Ideally, I would like you to review all the articles with asterisks (or stars on our articles page, but we can do it a portion at a time.


February 20, 2008:

We have 3 pairs of Yellow Sided Green Cheeks that are actively nesting.

"Cookie" (he is the one in the green cheek talking video) and "Apple" are on 7 babies.

"Beau" and "Rain" are on eggs.

"Tango" and "Kaida" are preparing to lay:

                Watch Kaida's cheeky attitude

                Watch Tango/Kaida playing with popcorn and children

                Watch Tango/Kaida breeding and more attitude!!!



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