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July 12, 2009 All is well in the nursery. If you look at the dates on the nest box pictures below, you can see just how quickly the babies grow. Amazing still to us and we have been doing this many years.

Band 250 (Lynette's baby)

June 21

July 4

July 7

July 12


Band 251 (Mary's baby)

June 21

July 4



July 7

July 9


 July 12


Band 252 (going to TX to live with John!)   
June 25

July 4

July 7

July 12

Update as of January 2010 from John

Hello Beth and Family,
My little buddy Scooter continues to learn and grow.  He has turned out to be a talker.  I think it is great when his young energy has played out for the day and he becomes calm and lovie duvie late at night.  He loves to get into the shower with me where he has his own perch.  He loves crawling into my shirt and playing peek-a-boo.

Band 253 (Heading to Philadelphia with Laura)

June 25

July 4

July 7

July 12


Band 254 (Reserved by Joey)

July 4

July 7

July 12

Update in Jan 2010

Stitch is a little joy!  He is a beautiful healthy pet.  We just love his little chattering noises, he talks a bit and immitates some sounds.  Also quite the little acrobat. Warm Regards,



Band 255 (going to MI to live with Sue)

June 25

July 7

July 12


Band 256 (going home in our own neighborhood to Kailey!) Happy Birthday from pamperedpeeps


Band 257 (going to Brett L.) Here is an update after Mia went home!

On September 15, a Court of Honors was held for scout troup 214. Chaplain Ian escorted Miss Mia to festivities. Miss Mia attended in a beautiful, strappy evening gown of gold, trimmed in black. She wore her lovely, long feathers down. Her gown accentuated the gold trim of Ian's scarf and the lovely green of her shoulders, the green of the scarf itself. She was wisked away to dance and flirt in turn with each of those in attendance no matter the the age or size. She had barely a moment to rest her tired feet. Future Eagle Scout Ian (he hopes) and Mia left with no fewer than 18 awards. Miss Mia truly showed herself to be the 'Belle of the Court of Honors'!

Flight suit went on in under 10 seconds with only 1 minor nip when I didn't have her head held tightly enough. Little more practice with Mia and Pancho will have a turn. Sure helped a lot to have Lisa show us how she put it on (and watching the video). No one really shows how to put the suit on a smaller bird on you tube-they only show setting the bird on the suit. Wish I'd seen the video six months ago! We'll be sure to have Ian practice, but he was a little busy last night getting ready to go. I think Mia is fitting in to our little flock really well. She is a very sweet girl.  Becky (Brett's mom)



Band 258 (going to John E.)

July 7


June 1 This baby 241 is just ready now for his new home. Here he is with Jess (see them prepare for a piano recital in the video to the right) and then on a trip outside.



Click on the pictures to make them big!

May 14

Green Cheeks and Crimsons are a great size for hiding if you need to go into a store and you are running errands with them. I am a soda addict and in our 100 degree weather, the urge overcame me and into Frys Food store we went....with 3 Green Cheek babies in tow. The trick is that grocery stores do not take kindly to live animals inside.I did get my soda and I did find the big umbrellas I was looking for at a Big Lots. These babies are well socialized and are available for adoption.



May 6  All of Zumo's babies are on their way to their new homes and we are now busily feeding and loving on Beau's and Fuji's clutch. Video thumbnail. Click to play
      Click To Play




Band 237 Going home to Gary in MT


Band 238  (Gala/Fuji Cinnamon baby) Home in Georgia with Meaghan




 Band 239 (YSGC baby by Gala/Fuji) Darcy lives with Becky 


Band 240 (Normal baby by Gala/Fuji) At home with Jeff and Drea



Band 241 flies to NY to Billy


Band 242 Reserved by Donna

Normal green cheek looking like a puffer fish!

Update email from 2010!

Hello Beth and family, Oso bird is doing wonderful these days and is getting more loving all the time and only bites sometimes. We are getting a bond started and I am truly n love with my little green cheek and very grateful to have him as part of our family! Tx donna

Band 243 Reserved by Laurel



Band 244 Delivered to Phyllis! Having a wild feather, day!




Band 245 Arden's bird and her mom, Di


Update from Chica, band 245 here if Flagstaff. Chica is doing fantastic, the kids adore her and are good with her. Chica loves my husband and I, she is a great snuggler and is starting to get a lot of personality. She took a shower with me this morning and flew right to my shoulder to get all wet, she was so happy, I think she liked that warm water. She doesn't like her cooked beans at all, I sprouted garbonzos and she like those. She is eating everything else great. We take her out everyday. She has had her flight suit on everyday since we brought her home. My eight year old puts her flight suit on now and does a wonderful job. Chica doesn't bit anymore when we put it on. The kids have her on their bikes and in trees in the yard, to the library and even Sam's club. Chica is making quit a impression with family and friends all around. "Arrr, I'm a pirates" said one little boy whose shoulder we put him on. Thanks a million
Di in Flag

chica is doing fabulous althought she is messy, that is my only complaint, arden still can't get enought of her, when i don't bring her to meet the kids after school is out each day, my kids complain. she is better that a dog!

Band 246 Tamara's baby

Band 247 Flew to Georgia


April 30   The babies all got their flight suits put on again this morning! Here are some pictures:  

 Band 218 and Band 234

Tinker bell and Peter Pan are ready for Robin in NM!


Band 233

This beauty is home with April in Minn.

Band 235 (Zumo baby)

Home with  Steph


Band 236 Reserved by Monique, "Ryuk" ( Zumo's baby)

This baby can twist and shout!


4/21/09 4/24/09

2010 update from Monique!

Hey Beth and girls!! =)
its been a while how have you guys been?! I hope all is going well! =) Ryuk and i are doing great hes been such a joy to have hes my favorite pet for sure!! =) he talks alot now he says; goodmorning, come here dance, goodboy, be nice, no, go potty, bubba(thats his nickname for now haha) and i think thats it for now but hes doing great im still trying to get him to be nice to new people and not bite hes doing much better he prefers boy over girls tho i dont know why lolz but its better than nothing and he does better in big crows about being nice to new people. =) but he is soo smart and funny as soon as we sit down to eat dinner he starts dancing so we can let him out and eat with us haha hes so much fun tho!!! =) and he takes a bath in his water about 2x a day he loves water and showers! Well i hope all is well!! =)
have a fabulous day! =) ,
monique and ryuk! =)


Band 237 "Abby!"

Reserved by Debbie A!  (Zumo baby)







April 24

April 3  


April 5               April 11




April 21


April 28



Band 232 "Aleta" has gone home with Donna


April 3

April 5 

April 12 

April 21     April 25

                       Band 233 (Zumo baby), Reserved by April, girl

April  3 

April 5  

April 12

 April 21        April 24  


   Band 234 (Zumo baby) boy, Reserved by Robin

April 23      April 24

When the babies are this small, they are still in our brooder. 

Band 243 (YSGC baby by Rain/Beau)

April 23      April 24

Band 244 (YSGC baby by Rain/Beau) reserved

 April 23   April 24

I have had many folks say that baby green cheeks always look like they are smiling. This face shows that well.

Band 245 (YSGC baby by Rain/Beau) Reserved by Diane L)

April 7  Watch this movie of the babies in the playhouse. The highlight is at the end of the movie when the home-builder tells me how she came up with the idea.  

April 3 The days have passed and Band 211, 212, 213, 214, 216, 217 have all gone home to their new families. Below is Jess trying to put the babies to bed after night time play time. We can't seem to get a good picture of this!

A new clutch of Zumo and Kaidas is inside with us along with Fuzzy and Wuzzy's 2 babies. Remember how I mentioned that Fuzzy and Wuzzy are a pair that I have to be very cautious with? Well, they did chew on their babies. The youngest is going to go home with a neighbor who likes to take in the underdogs and Band 232 is going to live with Donna. Zumo/Kaida have blessed us with 5 babies of which all are reserved. We have brought in the oldest 2 babies to band and hand feed. They are banded 233-237

March 20 I have gotten a few emails back from the new owner of Band 211. Here is one...

Just thought I would let you know that we just got back from the vet... Jasper got a clean bill of health!  No gram negative bacteria, no parasites, and he behaved VERY well for the vet, even to the point of pooping right as she said she wanted to see a poop sample! 
Coincidence, I'm sure, but impressive nonetheless.
Band 211 Jasper lives with Amy

Band 212 Fiji gets Derek for a dad

Band 213 Pippi lives with Molly


Happy New Year Everyone!  
Hi!! This is Molly and Pippi!  I am writing you guys to give you an update on Pippi and I.
Can you believe it has already been 1 YEAR!!
This past year has been quite the learning experience for both of us.
Pippi has been great!  She is as NOSY as EVER and HAS to investigate EVERYTHING!  And NO more accidents thankfully. I think the dogs are kind of scared of her now. She seems to rule the roost around here!
She is doing wonderfully!She is as   She absolutely LOVES doing her therapy work!  For some reason, I think she knows when she is working. She has been so gentle and has NEVER bitten or screeched at anyone! She has visited with elderly, children and traumatic brain injury patients. She loved one woman (she had a traumatic brain injury) so much that the Pippi got mad at me when it was time to go.She was being very fresh when I tried to get her. She was screeching and trying to bite me! 
She is always on her BEST behavior when we are out shopping too. People are just so fascinated by her. I am rather tired of most people asking me if she is real. Why would I have a fake bird on my shoulder?
Anyway, she is extremely spoiled and seems very content. I have figured out what she LOVES and hates as for toys and JUST the Other day, we caught her on her back in a little hut, talking to herself quietly. We were laughing so HARD. It was the CUTEST thing EVER!  I was always wondering WHY she would NEVER go in her back? Well, hopefully now it will become a habit. She is obsessed with mirrors and anything with raffia on it. And APPLES!
She LOVES the shower, but hates getting wet! Go figure, I probably have the only bird in the world that hates getting wet and taking baths! 
We love her so much!  My husband, who was not very fond of the idea of getting a bird is quite smitten. He thinks she is really cute. Sometimes, on the weekend, he takes her out of her sleep cage in the AM and plays with her. I still have to be careful because she naturally likes him better than me. We have bonded wonderfully though. She seems to get excited when I get home or play with her. She so cute and gives the most gentle kisses. She LOVES to have her beak rubbed!
I just want to thank all of you for the dedication you put into these precious little angels! Getting Pippi was one of the best things I have ever done!  She is quite relaxing for me especially when the dogs are driving me NUTS! We love her so much and I feel like I will never be able to thank you guys enough!
We LOVE you all at Pampered Peeps! Keep doing what you are doing, it is beyond amazing!
Love, Molly & Pippi I added some pics for you guys. One of the pics is out of focus, but it is SO perfectly Pippi's personality that I had to send it!!!
Band 216 Bethany is a good bird mom to Dakota

Band 217 Sharon named her baby "Gidget"

Band 218 Robin owns Tinker Bell

Band 219  Rico flew a long way to live with Debra

Band 221  Jack lives with Dawn

March 19  It is important to remember that your birds fly using their tails as well as their wings. Don't ever trust a clipped wing to keep your bird with you. Also, do not trust that your bird "has never wanted to fly off your shoulder" and will always stay put. If they get startled or a big wind comes up, instinct takes over and they are gone. We use flight suits, but there are also harnesses you can buy to take your bird outside. This baby is band 220 (available, and to see more, click here) with his tail out in flight, and this baby is available.



March 18 I just got an email from "Molly" whose new baby arrives this week, asking :

Do I need to leave her in her cage for 1 day before I play with her?  I read that they will be scared and because she wont know us, jsut let her chill in her cage?  I was just wondering. Thanks so much.
Love, Molly  

Here is my reply: Our babies should not really be that scared. They meet all of Lisa's piano students, they have been in at least 7 different cages already in their short time here. I rotate the babies through all of our cages so that they get accustomed to seeing new toys and new views. That way, they should be more accepting of change. They meet all of Lisa's piano students and families who visit us, we have a mom-daughter bible study here and they meet all of those girls. They do our home schooling with us, so they should not be very timid over meeting their new family. Please email me and tell me if I am wrong, but I suspect she will want to be with you on Saturday, and not left in her cage. Babies do eat frequently so make sure she is put in her cage long enough to keep up her nutrition.

Remember to have a food down low in the cage for her and a millet on the floor of her cage. Once you see that she has found the higher food dishes, then you can stop putting them on the bottom of the cage. I put down a piece of paper and put the dishes on top of that.

March 17 Green Cheeks love "back naps!" Watch today's movie on the Crimson Bellied Conure Journal page!


March 16 The sexing results are in and babies are just starting to make arrangements to go home. This is band 218, 217 and 213 up by my kitchen roof on a ledge.

March 14 We are still waiting for the sexing results so we can tell everybody who gets which baby! The results should be in soon, though.

March 9, 2009 I am a strong advocate of giving babies lots of fly time before clipping. But, this is not an easy position to take. Often there is poop bombs around my kitchen, and I am always fearful of losing a a baby. I had to laugh when we couldn’t find babies and they were finally spotted in an open cupboard. I think they want to be homeschooled too!

March 6, 2009 The oldest 3 babies flew for the first time today!


March 4  Another day passes and the babies are growing quickly. If your baby likes classical music, you will see why....  
March 2 Bethany's baby (band 216) was an easy one to match up, for she claimed Gala and Fuji's Pineapple baby. The oldest 6 babies are wearing flightsuits for a bit of time each day. I don't like putting them on when the babies' crops are too full or if they don't have all of their pin feathers in yet. Lisa gave another piano lesson today and all the babies were played with a bunch by other children. I believe this socialization is good for them. Tonight is a Bible study here at our home so they will get a bunch of attention again from strangers. The babies that can perch are already helping my girls do school work each day.
February 27, 2009 Our days are very busy, and in the midst of it all, we get the stomach flu! I am back up and running. The kitchen is slowly filling with cages as the green cheeks graduate out of brooders. Last night. we started the process of sexing them and this will help us know who goes to who. The oldest 4 have experienced flight suits already.

During every meal, the babies populate the table. Shaking their heads after trying baked potatoes, the new taste confuses them at first. After dinner, a good snuggle is in order. "Hey, do you mind?? We are snuggling!" Back in the cage, they love playing peek a boo from the pvc elbow.
February 23, 2009 All of the babies are doing well. My oldest, Lisa, gives piano lessons to a few young girls. The babies are going to be spoiled by the families that accompany their piano players on lesson day, for they get lots of hugging and loving while they are here. Today was a visit from Maddie. Band 214 is going home to live with Maddie.

Our very young pair of Crimson Bellied Conures hatched out their first baby today. The daddy, named Zane, is only a year old


Video thumbnail. Click to play
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February 18, 2009

February 16, 2009 We had a horse show on Saturday which meant all day gone from our home. For breeders, this is a real trick! I have learned that if we have to be gone all day, I cam make the babies' nighttime my daytime and my nighttime becomes their daytime. What that means is we feed all night long and let them sleep during the day. My daughters used to not be old enough to do this, but now they miss sleep, set an alarm and feed in the middle of the night too! My girls did well at the horse show despite running on low sleep. My oldest and youngest took home the Reserve Ribbon for the day. We have pulled in more babies.

February 13 Jessie took my camera to the aviary tonight!



Video thumbnail. Click to play
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Gala and Fuji's two remaining babies. The youngest might have red eyes!  We are feeding the 2 oldest in this clutch.

Silly Beau (yellow sided green cheek dad) sticks his face in the candling light while Jess photographs his 3 remaining babies. We are feeding 2 of his babies.

Rhett (Crimson Bellied dad) guards his babies from Jessie's intrusion!

This is Jessie writing now on the journal, the "nestbox checker"! Lisa just pulled in Gala's oldest two and Beau's oldest two. They are all banded. We think that Gala's oldest is a YSGC (Yellow Sided Green Cheek,) because it has pink feet and does not have red eyes like Cinnamons and Pineapples. The dark feet of the second one tell us that it is a normal. Lisa told Mom that one of the babies in Gala and Fuji's nestbox have red eyes, meaning it is either a Pineapple or a Cinnamon!!! All Beau and Rain's babies are Yellow Sided.

February 11    Jessie took a risk and looked in on Fuzzy and Wuzzy's in their nest box. This pair destroyed their first set of eggs last year, so we are very cautious with them. It seems to be the same this year. Their first set of eggs are gone, but they are now on 4 new ones. Last year, their second clutch produced some very, very red Pineapple Green Cheeks. Here are some pictures of last year's babies.

Feb. 6, 2009: Tonight was the night! We pulled in our first 2 babies of 2009. In this nursery journal, I am going to post thumbnail pictures. If you click on them, they will blow up bigger for you to see more detail.



These 2 babies are from Zumo and Kaida. They are just 2 days apart in age. Our first challenge was to figure out who was older in age. This is easy for us by comparing the feather length. The tail feathers are the give away. The baby on the right is the older and now banded with 211. Click here to read more about why breeders band.  




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