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August 31, 2010 With mixed emotions, we sent our last 2 babies home yesterday. Jonathon called to update me about band 290 who went all the way to MI and Linda just emailed me an update on band 289. Band 288 went home last week after flying all the way to New Hampshire. I ship a lot and am grateful to the good care that Delta and Continental give our babies. I am also grateful to God for His tender care. Below are our final 3 babies! The parents were Beau and Rain.

Band 288 (reserved by Diane and flew to the east coast on 8/24/10.)

Dear Beth,

I've thought about you and you family very gratefully many times over the last month that I received my green cheek baby (band #288). I was and still am very impressed with your breeding expertise and I can now honor the decision that you made in making me wait for my baby even though I wanted it early and was willing to spoon feed myself, and the fact that you honored your reputation for delivering healthy birds and preferred not to do so, even though I'm a very experienced birder, You mentioned that it would be against your better judgement because you had relinquished an older bird from the same clutch to another woman you entrusted and were having reservations about it as it is not your policy to do such a thing (i'm only mentioning this to familiarize you with which clutch my baby is from) How is that bird, by the way, I hope all went well. Anyway, I was very impressed at how often you answered all my questions at length when I called and the photos you sent on a regular basis to familiarize me with my baby. I know that someone was always holding him and socializing with him, which is was very obvious to me the moment I received the bird and the trusting nature and kissing and gentle "beaking" I received the first night....Soooo sweet....The bird arrived in a specially designed crate with all kinds of healthy food, instructions, and was sealed like fort knox; I'm sure to protect from ANY possible mishap thru the airlines... I called the minute I received him, as you had asked my to do and stressed the importance of letting you know he was safe.. I appreciated your genuine concern for the bird, even after you already had been paid. The bird is very healthy and I appreciate the fact that you are knowledgable and very careful from the beginning that there is no cross contamination and the design of your breeding area to eliminate any disease from other birds and the ventilation system etc. Other breeders could certainly learn a valuable lesson from you on that front. (I researched birds in my own are in New Hampshire and was less that impressed with the careless way they would put the baby birds in a room where they were cleaning other bird cage parts from different varieties. You have a wonderful, caring family environment and a very real and rare respect for birds..It was well worth the extra cost and flight expense to have a healthy baby I know I'll have for a very long time.....Thank you so much for such a friendly companion, he's not afraid of animals or any people..Keep up the good work. I've referred two of my friends, who like myself have owned many birds over the years and take their birds very seriously and have seen your website and are impressed as I am.  I know I'm sounding winded, but I'm just very blessed and full of gratitude and I sit with my new friend. Thank your daughters for me too! It was fun when I talked to them about the birds, they gave me a lot of valuable information too....bye for now
Band 289

My e-mail is temporarily out just so using my work e-mail, The baby is wonderful, when we got home I finished setting up her cage, just like the one she was in but white, Kiwi ate some food, we had a snack of grapes, peaches and bananas she has a great appetite, Kiwi snuggled up under my shirt, Kiwi the chihuahua ( Bently) and myself took a long nap, she acts like she has always been here, she likes Bently and he has finally found someone closer to his size to befriend, she will do great in this household, thanks for the work you do that brings so much joy for so many of us, today Kiwi will supervise the making of her mash.and take a shower.....Linda

Thank You

I asked Linda for a reference letter, and her email humbled us! We are trying to make our reference page more current.  9/16/10

I purchased a green cheek conure band 289 from Pampered Peeps Aviary in June 2010 after she hatched, following a long telephone conversation with Beth. Since I live in Phoenix, AZ  I picked my bird up at the aviary in Beth’s home which was immaculate. I met Beth and her daughters’ pet birds and dogs which were all very content, well behaved and looked very healthy and their living conditions were immaculate and well thought out, each of her birds had their own cage and play area. My bird is very well socialized, loving and a wonderful pet. I took band 289 to a local certified avian veterinarian who gave her a well baby exam and she was found to be healthy and well adjusted, she was the hit of the vet’s office the time we were there. She could already step up, had a very healthy appetite when I brought her home. Beth was very informative, gave me lots of sound information and has always been very supportive with information, as is her website. I am not a novice bird person I have fostered many types of birds and owned a large Scarlet Macaw. I was very impressed with this aviary’s birds, their concern for the birds and their integrity dealing with future and current bird owners. I will be purchasing another bird from them in 2011. I highly recommend Pampered Peeps Aviary to anyone looking to purchase a green cheek conure or any other species they raise. You will not be sorry.


Band 290 (flew to Jonathon in MI)

  Hey Beth, I thought now would be the best time to write a review on ow my green cheek is doing. First i'll start with what I named him. His name is Kiwi! I love him so much! When I picked him up at the airport and when we drove off I got him out and I was AMAZED at how tame he was!
He would step up, let me pet him, he didn't mind being on my finger and wouldn't always try to jump on my shoulder. When we got home I fixed him a whole dish of some mash. On the first day I gave him nectorine, broccoli, apple, corn, peas, grapes, and a bunch of other stuff that i can't think of at the moment. He doesn't really like his cage mainly because he's always so excited to come out. Which isn't really a problem for me because I usually am just as eager! Everyone in the family really
likes him, mainly because they can actually hold him(something my parrotlet would NEVER let anyone else but me do, except if he go's on their shoulder)I'm very happy that when inside his cage he does use a lot of his toys. He LOVES to snuggle! When I put him inside my shirt he'll snuggle up and fall asleep, i love it! He also loves to sit on my shoulder when I read. One thing I learned that he absolutely hates is when you make the chirping sound. Well i'm not really sure if he "hates" it, but he definetaly get's really attentive. I've used that chirping to teach him to fly to me(i think he's just trying to find out who did it) He also loves to take baths! Not in the shower but if I just put a plate
out with water in it he'll play in there and it's so fun to watch! Thank you so much all of you who took the time, care, and love to make this Green Cheeked Conure a VERY special addition to our home. Oh btw, I love photography and i've snapped many pictures of him the picture i've attached is, I think, the best one of him. :)


August 21. 2010 When your baby comes home to you, it is important that you feed in the same way that we feed for at least the first month. Some families stop feeding the mash after a while and feed just seed and pellets. This is not good for your bird. They need fresh foods and veggies. All of our babies leave here eating like these 3. They enjoy their mash. If you feed them junk food, it will "pervert" their taste buds and your bird will stop enjoying the mash. Click here to see a video of these 3 babies who are just about weaned and ready to go home to their new families. Read how to make the mash here.


August 16. 2010 On these hot days, it is a refreshing activity to take our birds into a nursing home and share them with the residents. I encourage you all to do this too. They are good conversation makers and remind the people inside of God's beautiful creation.  
August 15. 2010 We make our movies to help the buyers witness their baby's development. This movie is lengthy and covers a couple of days, but it shows how quickly they are growing. As of last night, band 288 and 289 are flying!!! All 3 are very social and friendly.


August 5 Three of these babies are here with us. The oldest went to be handfed elsewhere and met with tragedy. The youngest 3 are here with us and maturing wonderfully. As you can see, the oldest is found laying on its back often They are such characters. At this stage, they are in a cage and after being handfed, we all cuddle them for long periods of time. Tonight we are watching a movie and cuddling babies. These will be our last Pyrrhura Conures of the season. We will probably not have eggs again until late December.

Band 288

Band 289

Band 290

July 20, 2010 All birds have flown our nest!  We sent band 282 (Crimson Bellied Conure) home to Seattle this morning. The green cheeks are all home with their new families. We do have 4 new youngsters in the nest box to bring in and start handfeeding. Here they are pictured in the nest box and we plan on bringing in the oldest one tonight.

July 9, 2010 Hey everyone! This is Lisa...Thank you so much Jean, Cindy, and others who asked about my health and were praying for me. It was pretty bad for a while, but I am doing better now, and almost back to normal. I took some more pictures of all the babies today, so here they are.

Band 283(flew to Lisa in San Fran!)

  HI Beth, Lisa, and the rest of the gang,

I picked up Band 283 at San Francisco airport yesterday without a hitch; everything went smoothly.  I was very impressed with the quality and care taken to "package" her up.  From the shade cloth over the vents to the zip-ties and screws securing everything in place.  When I picked her up she was happily sitting on her dish eating as if nothing phased her.  I kept her
secure until reaching my Dad's house as a mid-way destination.  I took her out there and rubbed her cheeks while she closed her eyes in utter happiness.  I was - again- very impressed with the quality of care she obviously received; she is very tame and loving, not to mention strikingly beautiful. 

She finally arrived to her new home about 10:30 pm last night and slept overnight in her travel carrier right next to my bed.  This morning she came out to play and has, so far, enjoyed hanging out inside my shirt with her little head poking out, cruising around next to my laptop, meeting her new BIG cage, and being a cutie pie. I've officially named her Hanalei because that's the name that suits her best after meeting her.  Hanalei is one of my most favorite places!  Hanalei is enjoying exploring her new home and she has many years of happiness and
play time ahead of her.

Thank you so much for all you do so these incredible birds (Green Cheeks are my favorite) can begin their lives in the best, most pampered way!  It really does show and make a difference.  Anytime somebody has questions about your birds and/or about shipping, please forward them my information. I'd be more than happy to provide them with a raving testimonial! Pics coming soon :)

Band 284 This baby is staying in Phoenix.



Band 285 (this little boy flew all the way to Jean in Maine)


We're home!!!!!  He is just sitting quietly on my hand now.... he's not too interested in the food right now, but I noticed he attacked his millet in the crate.  He's beautiful!!  I will write more tomorrow, but for now, THANK YOU ALL!!!! Jean

Hi Beth and Girls!

Update on my baby (still no name)- first of all, if he is out of the cage he is not happy unless he is sitting on my neck or head!.  Last night, I had a plate of mash on the kitchen island, and he was on the island and I was standing... well, he flew right up to the top of my head!!  So I will heed your advice about clipped birds being able to still fly.  Maybe when he gets a little chunkier he won't be as able to fly.  I also put the flight suit on him without too much trouble, but boy, he was not happy!  He waddled around like a little drunken sailor and then went into his shipping crate which was still on the table.  He was mad at me!!!  My husband can't believe how tame he is and my daughter is coming up to meet him today.  What a little treasure he is! Oh, and he is sampling my mash, sprouts, and loves cherries (pitted, of course) and his appetite seems to be good.

I want to mention that I had ordered a trainer flight suit and a red one, and only received one in the envelope.  If you can sent the red flight suit with the lanyard that is on order that would be great.

Well, again, a big thanks for raising such a beautiful and well socialized bird!  I'll be in touch, take care, Jean

Hi Lisa, thanks so much for sending the flight suit/lanyard out.  I have to tell you, I am a sewer and went to the craft store and bought 2 yards of twill tape and a small amount of velcro and made my own lanyard.  Yesterday evening was so beautiful... so I put the little flight suit and lanyard on him and we went outside on the patio.  He loved it!!!  And he was so busy looking at the big beautiful blue sky that he didn't fuss about the flight suit at all!!

Thank you again for doing such a wonderful job raising him and packing him so carefully to come all the way across the country to live with us!  I wish you all the best, Jean

Band 286 (this baby went home with a really sweet Megan)



Things are doing really well. She is super curious about everything and loves climbing to the top of her cage and just looking at us. We named her Nyx, which is the greek goddess of night and the moons because she is really rambunctious at night right as it gets dark out. Im getting a bit better with the flight suit although Nyx isn't to pleased with it. Hopefully she will warm up to it as we practice more. She likes to explore around the room her cage is in and running up and down the back of our sofa-you just have to be carful if you are sitting there cause she loves to climb up in your hair and play there too. I have a question about what kinds of fresh fruit you would recommend feeding her? We have just been feeding the mash and pellet so far.




July 3, 2010 Lots of time has passed without an update. My oldest collapsed one day. After a trip to the ER, we discovered she has Walking Pneumonia, but it had progressed into a painful pleurisy. In some ways, this has been good for the babies. We were forced to slow down as a family. On average, we watch about 10 movies in an entire year and don't even have a working TV, but this month, we have allowed Lisa to rest by watching the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. That meant lots of laying around time and cuddle time for the babies.

Beau and Rain are back on 4 babies!!! The last one just hatched today.

Band 283 (reserved by Lisa H.)

napping in a kleenex box!

Band 284

(Finian is reserved by Sue P.)


Band 285
(reserved by Jean)


Band 286 (reserved by Megan)

June 24 2010

All of Zumo and Kaida's babies are inside. We often find the babies lying on their backs sleeping away. With how warm it is here in AZ, they are already in a cage and out of the brooder. The oldest Green cheek is wearing a flight suit already!

Band 283

Band 284

Band 285

Band 286

June 16, 2010 Tonight is the night to pull in the last two babies of Zumo and Kaida's. These oldest two are doing great, and are already wanting to come out of the brooder to see us! Band 283


Band 284


June 11, 2010 The first of Zumo and Kaida's babies are inside with us. These babies have been reserved by Sue P, Megan, Lisa H., and Jean. Typically, babies are just 2 days apart in age. Look at how much difference 2 days makes in development! Band 283

Band 284


June 10 The oldest babies have gone home, and we only have two Green Cheeks from this clutch left! They are almost weaned, and can't wait to come meet their new families!

We have started to bring in Zumo & Kaida's clutch, and there was a surprise in the box waiting for us! There are actually four babies instead of three! One had been hiding back in the corner, and had been totally overlooked.

Band 274 ( for Laura)


Band 275 (for Ryan)

Dear Beth

These first few 24 hours have definitely been an interesting experience.  He chomped on bits of seeds and pellets on his trip home.  At first he seemed a little nervous in his new cage, but began to warm up and explore it a little, while I showed him around where his food bowls and water were. I offered him some mash, but he seemed terribly disinterested.  So, I pretended to eat some and he became curious and started eating it.  His beak was so messy afterwards we started calling him "Mashbeard the Pirate".  

We put up his sleep cage in a great little dark and quiet spot in our bedroom, and last night he slept on top of his little hut, which he seems to love.  This morning I brought in some mash and fresh fruits/veggies, and he didn't really seem interested in the mash (again) and only picked out bits of corn, but munched on his fruits and veggies.   I am a little discouraged that the mash I made may not have been right and thats why he isn't interested, but I will keep offering it twice daily

We got his flight suit on twice today! I haven't really mastered the hold, I am worried about snapping his neck or vertebrae the way he struggles, so I mostly just plop him in the suit and gently, but quickly pull his wings through and he doesn't even get much a chance to react. He *really* hates it (for now!). The first time he couldn't stop obsessing over it for some time, but the second time he forgot about it when I offered pellets and seeds. 

He went to his first vet appointment and the vet said we were incredibly lucky with how tame and healthy he was. (she said his heart and lungs were the best sounding she had heard in some time!)  She did a very thorough exam and gave us a few pointers.  He even cuddled with me before she came into the room (under my chin) and was very sassy and quite a show off when she was done with the exam. 

When we got home we took a shower with Oliver and I have *never* seen such a strange look on a bird!  He sat on his shower perch and just dripped and spread out his tail and wings and closed his eyes as if he were in heaven. He make cute little beak grinding noises most of the time and seemed to enjoy it very much (at least I think!)  Afterward I got a towel and heating pad and patted him dry and kept him warm until his feathers were back to normal.  I don't feel very comfortable using a hairdryer for many reasons (the loud noise and possibility of Teflon, plus I hardly use one myself).  He still seems disinterested in the mash (and sprouts I made) this evening, so we'll have to see how it all goes.  I hope things will get more into a rhythm as time progresses. 

I do have one big concern though... I am unsure if it is due to the new environment and possible lack of complete and long sleep last night, but he will eat some food and then fall asleep for a little while afterward.  In fact he seems to take a lot of short naps and I don't know if this is normal or not, or possibly just him catching up on sleep.  I have read that birds do sleep in the late afternoon before waking again to forage before night.  Is this part of that cycle? I probably should have mentioned something at the vet's office.  I feel like he should be eating and playing more.

As for a few neat discoveries.. we have learned that Oliver is left footed and his favorite color seems to be red, and also that the red on his breast is actually in the shape of a perfect little heart!

Thank you Beth and family for the wonderful job you have done!

-Brooke and Ryan

Band 273  (disabled leg) 273 was our little disabled bird. She ended up flying from Phoenix, AZ to a wonderful bird home near Columbus, OH. Here is the email we got when she arrived safely.

Morning Beth -
Peanut arrived just fine yesterday.  The guy in cargo was all worried, he said he hadn't heard any sound at all and wanted me to look before I left.  My heart sank.  But what he wasn't listening for was the sound of seed being devoured....  She was calm as could be, sitting on her food dish and chowing down.
Once we got home Sunny helped me get her out and into her new home.  I thought he'd be furious, but he was just super curious.  I got them both a plate of your/my 'special mix' and they both chowed down.  It was so cute, Sunny tasted the plate then Peanut did.  When they were done we sat on the couch.  Sunny groomed then Peanut groomed.  Sunny 'groomed' me and Peanut wanted in on that too, but I did draw the line there (for now), I don't want Sunny getting possessive with her yet.  And I was careful to keep Sunny 'higher' than her, I don't want to bruise Sunny's ego... :)
So we had a great first evening, she shipped well and is such a happy healthy bird, the love and attention you put into your babies just shines.
thank you !

And another email came in that was very funny!

I thought you might enjoy a copy of Peanuts report card for the 1st quarter.
Student Name:  Peanut (aka Zooper)                  ID number:  Band 273
Math                     Excels, counts her seeds and fruit perfectly
History                  Quick to learn from past mistakes and successes
English                  Quick to learn phrases such as 'step up', 'step down', 'come here'
Mimicking              Enjoys mimicking silly noises and really enjoys it when you mimic her. 
                            Already trying to mimic words and the 'sing song' of phrases
Toilet training         a work in progress....
flight training          very boisterous little creature,
                            knows what she wants and how to get there quickly
foot training           just last week learned how to use her foot as a 'hand' and
                            is excelling quickly. 
                           Still having some issues co-ordinating the beak/foot ratio
                            but learning rapidly.
                           Interestingly enough, she uses the broken leg as her 'hand' for food.
                            A good sign.
bathing                 Loves it, just give her a cereal bowl and stand back.
                            very similar to a motorboat.
Outdoor Play        Loves the outdoors, very eager to explore her surroundings.
                           Got to ride on a motorized boat in the pool last week !
Other:                  Peanut plays well with others and is so quick to learn.  She is a darling little student to have in class.  She is a sweetheart with all people and delights in punking out other students (birds).  Not afraid to stand up for herself, yet not afraid to give and receive some serious pin feather grooming.  A bit overjealous at feeding time, will dive for watermelon.

Band 271 (reserved by Teri)


Hi Beth!
I just wanted to give you an update on 271.  We named him/her Sweetpea,
and he's doing great!  I have been putting his flight suit on daily and
have had no problems getting it on him.  He doesn't like it and he
grumbles but he tolerates all of it really well.  He is great with my son
and the rest of us too.

The vet was really impressed with Sweetpea's plumage and health.  He went
on and on about how we "hit the jackpot" to find a breeder who was clearly
so experienced and diligent with diet, hygiene, and socialization.  He was
very impressed that there are no stress bars on the feathers or yeast in
poop.  He said that is hard to do and you don't see it often.
Thank you so much for doing such a great job!  We love him.
May 27 All the Green Cheeks are starting to want to fly! Band 274 (reserved by Laura)


Band 275 (reserved by Brooke)


May 24 You can tell I am running when my daughters are the ones updating the nursery pages! Anna made this movie that combines one of the families that visit us weekly with their enjoyment of the baby birds. Click here to see it

May 18 (This is Lisa) When we first bring the babies inside, they are really timid of people and of hands reaching into the brooder or cage. But, after about a week or so of them being with us, they are waiting at the cage door to be brought out and played with. You can see on Band 271 how happy he is to be held and scratched!

They are also very reluctant to accept our syringe of handfeeding formula because they are used to the hen's food. One day this weekend, we went to a horse show and so the babies missed their lunch time feeding. That night, they were all very hungry and desperate for food! So now, they have become much better eaters, and feeding time is so much easier on us...we don't have to fight them to eat the whole time! Here is a picture of me with my stallion, Warrior, at the show
Band 272 (home with Di in Flagstaff)


Beth and Family, 
We named it Mango (Yellow Sided Green Cheek).  and it is doing so good. We have had baby Mango for four days now. Today Mango flew to Arden for the first time, landed on her shoulder and completely surprised her. Arden and I look at each other and said, "She flew!" even though we don't know the sex yet. We were getting her dinner ready and waiting for the temperature to cool down when Mango flew to her. Then we started playing games with Mango flying to us, and she just kept flying to us. It was really exciting. Mango really loves her mealtime with us, gets really excited and practically jumps in the food dish. She is getting stronger all the time, better with the flight suit each day (wears it at least twice a day) and likes our shoulders. Mango totally loves to snuggle and be with us. It was really amazing to watch a baby bird get its wings going and all excited about flight, it would just start flapping its wings and not got anywhere and just had to flap and then all of a sudden the time was right and it just took off. Its like seeing the first steps of a toddler, it is so cute and so sweet. And then it just wanted to keep flying. Arden said it flew up to the ceiliing and around and then back to her but I didn't see that, but I believe it. Arden is like the bird whisperer, she just glows everytime she holds Mango, I thinkg she alway needs a bird, she must of raised birds in the pre-existence!
Have a nice day you crazy diamonds,
p.s. Let us know the sex asap, see we can start refering to it with more clarity!


Band 271


Band 273 (disabled leg)


Band 274


Band 275



May 15, 2010 All of Beau's babies are inside now and are being fed!
Band 271

Band 272

Band 273

Band 274

Band 275


May 8, 2010 Our kitchen babies are changing. Band 267 is in his new home with Casey. Casey has another Green cheek for her "Mango" to be friends with!

By tomorrow, we will have 3 of Beau and Rain's babies inside with us. They began hatching on April 9, just like Rhett and Scarlett's.



Band 269 (reserved byStefanie M)

Band 270 (reserved by Rutu)


Band 271 (reserved)

Band 272 (reserved)

Band  268 (reserved by Athena)

Hi Beth,  Thanks for sharing the Memorial Day Parade video!  I  loved watching all the horses, dogs and people celebrating while having so much fun!   

Just an update...Ella, sometimes called Stormie-Ella, (yellow-sided green cheek) is doing just fine.  Her appetite is excellent. She is feisty and loves attention.  We are enjoying her very much.  You know, paying such close attention to preparing a healthy diet for her has made me more aware of eating better myself!  I have purposely grown some nasturtiums and offer her the flowers.  I plan to purchase a couple of hibiscus plants for some variety and color and offer her blooms occasionally.  She loves to shred limbs from my bottle brush bush, too.  I put them in her cage and she just enjoys stripping the leaves. Otherwise, she eats sprouts, fruit, 12 grain bread, mash and her seed mix with a good appetite.  I also make the Zupreem pellets available on the side.  I ordered Red Palm oil.  I put a little of that on the seeds but not every time.  And, of course, the apple cider vinegar in her drinking water several times a week.  Thanks again for such an educational web-site and a great little pet! 

Best wishes, Athena B. 


April 29, 2010 We took a picture of the babies in Beau's nest box! I can't tell if there are 4 or 5 in there yet. There may be one wee one buried below their older siblings.

April 28, 2010  Click here to see the current babies flying to Lisa! Next box update!! Zumo and Kaida laid an egg! Most years, our pairs produce 2 clutches, but this year, they started so early in the season that we are going to get a third clutch from them!!

April 27  We love getting updates from previous buyers. Steph frequently updates us on her Orion.  Click here to see him dance. He was a 2009 baby, band 235 and you can see him by going to our Green Cheek nursery journal from 2009

April 26, The older babies are being suited up daily and are on just 2 feedings per day. I STILL do not know their genders. During our homeschooling time, we each take a baby and have it on our shoulders or in our laps, so they get lots of love time. The Crimson Bellies are all in their new homes and I love hearing how well they are doing.


Band 267 (reserved by Casey)


Band  268 (reserved by Athena)

Band 269

(reserved byStefanie M)

Band 270

(reserved by Rutu)


April 19 One of the four who had reserved a baby had to cancel out due to allergies. That leaves me with a unreserved baby in this upcoming clutch. When the sexing comes in, I will know more, but it may be Teri's baby. The babies love being cuddled after each feeding. I believe this period of cuddling goes a long way in making them sweet and trusting of hands.

Band 270


April 18 All 4 babies are inside now. We sent in the dna samples to sex them. It is fun for us to guess before the results come back in as to which sex we think each baby is. After doing this for many years and many babies, I have decided that the differences between male and females are subtle enough that I cannot be accurate even 50% of the time. The odds are against me. It is tough this time because we need 3 boys and 1 girl to fill the requests of those that have reserved babies. Hmmmm....someone may have to wait on a Rain/Beau baby. There are now 4 in that nest box!

The flight suit manufacturer asked us to make a new movie of how to put on a flight suit. She wanted us to put one on very slowly. Lisa and Jess did this with a Crimson baby. Click here to see it.

Band 267

Band  268

Band 269

Band 270


April 10 Look at the change in them!! God is awesome when you think of how he designed the birds. The 2 oldest babies have graduated to a cage. The youngest is still in the nest box. They are still on 3 feedings per day, and loving snuggles. The babies go through developmental stages much like a puppy does. These guys are getting to the stage I like!

Band 267

Band  268

Band 269


April 2  We are now on our second clutch of the season from Zumo and Kaida. There are 2 babies inside and 2 more in the nest box. You can see red feathering starting on the cheeks of these 2 babies. These wee ones are in the brooder still and are on 4 feedings per day.


Band 267


Band 268


March 25 Raising birds is very fulfilling and we love getting the feedback from their new families. Below is an email from Robert who was worried about buying a baby ne he had never met. You can see his baby below as band 263. Here is his recent email to me... We do pray over our babies and that they would bring joy into their family's home and that they would testify to the greatness of our God and his creative powers. 

Hi Beth, and girls~
Well, your prayers for her bringing me joy has certainly worked.
She is a little "chatterbox" if I am not paying attention to her while I am working on the computer...she "insists" on jumping from my shoulder and playing with the keys while I am typing, as well as trying to "compete" with the computer mouse...while I am using it!
She has won my heart and seems to just love me...the neighbors children (they visit me for candy and ice cream after school...regularly)...they are amazed by her. She has been outside with me on the days where it is above 70 degrees and sunny for just a few minutes here and there, on my shoulder.
She loves to nestle in my hands (I make my hand like a bird's nest) and she sleeps there while I am petting her...she loves that...she shows me her wings (underneath) very often, I beleive that is trust and "flirting", is that correct?
Her coloring is becoming more beautiful and vibrant, especially around her eye area (more red and orange).
She eats like a teenager...all kinds of things, sprouts, apples, oranges, beans, corn, 12 grain whole wheat bread, bee pollen and eggs--shell and all-- ground up.
She is quite the acrobat in her cage. She has taken her time learning to "cling" on to my shoulder while I am walking around with her. She is a gem, Beth--what a gift.
She has learned to chirp to me and imitate the sounds that I make every time I handle her...when I whistle to her, she seems to be trying to "understand" what I am doing, or listening to me intently--she cocks her head as if in question!
I cannot thank you enough for this very special bird...she has become attached to me...if I leave her cage door open for just a minute, and leave the room, she has followed my voice and has come down an entire flight of stairs to find me!...that was just a huge surprise!
She just keeps getting better with time. It has just been two weeks, and we are already good friends--she calls to me when I come home...she is more like a dog than a bird!
I hope this email has brought you some happiness, Beth--you have done such an incredible job with taming her.

Feb 28 Oh, we are so sad. Phoenix had a big, big storm and Beau's nest box filled with water. The really strange thing for us is that we have had big storms all February with more rain in Phoenix than other years, and the aviary has stayed completely dry. Beau's box was the only one that was filled. He and Rain are fine, but the eggs obviously did not make it. Zumo looks like he will be the next daddy to have eggs hatching. His current 3 babies are going home this week!

February 25 The babies are close to being weaned. I am always asked how we find time with homeschooling, the horses, dogs and birds. We manage by including animals in the middle of our schooling all day long. Click here to see the babies today enjoying some music with my older 2 and a neighbor friend.

Feb 22 Watch band 261 and 262 fly to me!

February 17 Watch two of the babies take a horsebackriding adventure in their flight suits!

 Zumo and Kaida are laying eggs again and Rain/Beau are on 7 eggs. Watch Kaida's cheeky attitude and here is a clip of Kaida and Zumo together where you can see their gorgeous coloring.

February 15 Between Lisa teaching piano, a homeschooling physics class meeting here and just plain hospitality, we have a very busy home. Lisa's students and our visitors know that we appreciate them playing with the babies. We made a video of handfeeding tonight. Sometimes specific toys will come under attack! In this video, a baby goes after a toy with a bell in it. We have another bird, an Aracari, that does the same thing. No, we don't breed Aracaris. Click here to see a video of the aracari.


February 14 These 3 babies are at a fun stage for us. They fly to us, they can wear flight suits and go outside with us. They have personalities and like to cuddle! Two of the babies even took trips outside to smell the flowers.

Band 261

Band 262

Band 263

Click here to see a video of Band 261 being a love!

February 9 All 3 babies are in a cage now and all 3 are getting to be very fun to play with! They are all cuddlers. Click here to see a video of them after dinner last night

February 1 I plan on sending in the DNA on these babies today to see what sexes they are. The oldest baby moved to a cage and is getting mash for the first time. It is a challenge for them to figure out that their food is below them instead of coming from the great syringe in the sky. Hanging millet usually helps this process. They eat on it and end up following it down to ground level. This little guy looks very lost in his big cage!


January 29  The babies are growing! They are now all inside with us. We feed them 4 times a day and everyone is still in the warm brooder. The oldest is getting close to being put in a cage for the first time! These babies are all reserved, but Beau and Rain are on an egg and I hope they make a clutch. These future babies are not yet reserved.

Our Miniature horses are also keeping us busy. Click here if you want to see the exciting birth of a foal who underwent a red bag delivery (placenta previa) on January 26. My oldest (16 years old) is the midwife!

Band 261

Band 262

You can still see the ear on little 263

January 15- 20 It looks like only three are going to hatch, but Sadie (Crimson Bellied Conure) is now on 2 eggs., too!! Look at how quickly the babies change!




1/20/10 Look at how the eldest keeps the 2 younger ones warm with his wings!

Jan 8 Look back towards the tail of you see a third head? In the second picture, you can see all 3 babies. Yes, there are now 3 babies! The big yellow mass is the crop. Zumo and Kaida are doing a great job. Also, check out the color of the eggs. The yellowish-orange one is not fertile. Jess was wrong, but she is learning too.      
Jan. 5 One more baby has hatched and the first continues to do well. One egg is not looking fertile to me, but we are hoping the other 3 are still going to hatch. This picture if of baby number 2 on his back the day after he hatched. So funny looking! Mary, who owns one of our Crimson Bellied babies from 2009, contacted me and is interested in a female from Zumo. I am excited to hear from her!

Jan 1, 2010 Happy New Year. Our year started off with a hatch. This is the first baby since late summer. Our birds breed seasonally and we expect babies sometime early in each year. How fun to have one hatch on January 1! This baby is reserved by Mary! There are 5 more fertile eggs according to Jessie.





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