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Green Cheek Conure Nursery Journal 2011

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June 12, 2011  All of our 2011 babies are in their new homes!


Will get you pictures soon she is turning very dark red.   She's awesome

Darla and Teak


May 27, 2011 We have all 4 Yellow Sided Green Cheek babies inside with us now and they are growing up quickly. They hatched 4/17, 4/18, 4/20 and 4/27. They will wean in about 8 weeks so they should be ready to go home the latter part of June.
Band 311 (for Darla)


Band 312 (for Kristy in San Francisco)


Band 313

(for Connie in Virginia)


Band 314 (for Becky) Hi there Beth
It was great meeting you and your family (people and animals) this summer and picking up our little green cheek conure Penelope. Thank you for the beautiful hatch certificate-we printed it out, framed it, and hung it by her day cage. She is quite the little character and has molded nicely into our family. She loves hanging out with me on my shoulders while I do chores around the house and then when I sit on the couch she hops of onto it and knows it is time to play soccer with her little foot toy ball that we toss back and forth to each other. She likes to sit on my daughter Madeline's head for some reason, so Madeline wears a hat now and she just hops right up there and they play together. She does come down when Madeline is playing and tries to eat various toys Madeline is playing with. Penelope is also very patient with my 6 year old son Ethan and lets him hold her on his arm (he is most comfortable holding her where he can see her) and hops on and off his legs when they sit on the floor together.
We have been able to put the flight suit on her-much to her disgust- without much difficulty. Okay a little difficulty but we both got through it. I was putting it on her everyday so she would get used to it, but then noticed she was not always as happy to see me in the morning so I am changing it up a little as to when it goes on. It is getting easier to put on, but she still hates it. We have taken her outside and to our school library in the suit with the lanyard and the kids enjoyed getting to show their bird off to friends.
She really is quite the character and has a bit of an attitude-I am sure she would be in a lot of trouble if I knew what her little peeps were saying. When she doesn't want to do something she gives me a little squawk- but she still does it, she just needs to let me know that I am apparently bothering her and how dare I expect her to "up up" right now.
She loves to hang upside down in her cages so I am trying to get her to do it off my finger-we will see, she doesn't mind it when I turn her upside down and loves it when I rub her neck.
Thanks again for everything,
Becky Johnston
May 14, 2011 The first of Zumo and Kaida's babies are now inside with us. The first 2 look beautifully colored. There are 2 more in the nest box. One of these babies will go to a young girl in CA. She has a good friend with one of our Crimson Bellied babies from last year and now wants one of her own. They are in the brooder right now and just eat and sleep and cuddle. This is good for us because we are busy with Crimson babies right now. Band 311

Band 312

May 7, 2011

The last Green Cheek from Beau and Rain's clutch went home today! We won't be feeding any Green Cheeks for a little while now until we pull in the first of Zumo and Kaida's in a few days. Right now, the Crimson Bellies reign supreme in our kitchen :)

Here are some emails from the people who have just brought their babies home

Sue is the new owner of band 293

Hi there.  Sorry it took so long to follow up.  She is so awesome!  Her name is Ruby and we love her so much.  She is playful, affectionate, feisty and fearless, all the qualities I wanted.  We got a cage small enough to move from room 2 room.  She spends part of her day in my husband's office while he works and part of the time in our living room.  We put her in the office at night to sleep and cover the cage with a sheet.  She yells at us for about five minutes which cracks us up.

We are making sure she has alone time so it won't be a shock when I go back to work.  She definitely craves our attention but she is very good about staying in her cage.  She loves the "happy hut" I got her and she takes a bath in her water several times a day, big mess!  She already knows she has to poop before I will let her sit on my shoulder.  You are right about little birds hanging on good, I walk around, do chores etc. and she just goes with me.  I can't say enough about the job you guys did socializing this little girl.
The picture of the bird stand  is one I purchased for my  larger parrot.  It was barely used and has been stored for years.  It comes with two large stainless steel bowls and is suitable for medium to large parrots.  It is too big for Ruby and my house.  I'm going to try and sell it on craig's list but since you have larger parrots I thought I'd see if you would be interested.  I would sell it to you for a small amount or even trade for birdfood.
Thanks again for this beautiful little bird who is right now preening herself on my shoulder.


Ellie (band 295) flew to Texas to live with Kathy and Sarah

Hi Beth!

Sarah's precious baby, Ellie, is home safe and sound!  She is happily exploring her new condo and checking out all of her perches and toys.  She nibbled on her mash and veggies and off she went to explore some more. 
Just to show us how cute she is, she demonstrated a somersault around her manzanita perch!
She is now snuggling in the crook of Sarah's arm.................she is SO sweet!  You girls are amazing! 
Thank you for your dedication to your sweet babies and for sharing your precious blessing with us.
Hugs and Blessings, 
Kathy, Sarah and Ellie

Hi Beth,
Just making sure that you know that Sarah's precious Ellie, arrived in beautiful condition. 
She is amazing, and Sarah is SO in  L O V E with her!   My husband is fascinated with her, as well, as he can't believe how docile she is.
Ellie has willingly tried all of her food offerings, and right now is enjoying a fresh hibiscus flower treat.   
Have a Blessed Day! 
Yes, Ellie is loving her mash and fruits.  And Sarah is loving preparing her "plate" with a variety of fresh fruit and veggies.  Ellie is eating very well today after a good night's rest.  Sarah would like to know what Ellie's schedule was at your house.  What time do you feed in the morning?  When do you feed the second serving of mash w/goodies, what time was Ellie's bedtime at your house?  She is wanting to keep her on her regular schedule.
Also, regarding the use of nonstick cookware:    When we had the tiels, I did use it, but was very careful to NOT overheat it.  Do you use it at ALL?  I am willing to get some stainless steel to cook in, was just wondering if you ever use nonstick......
Thanks for your patience with all of our questions!
Rachel drove all the way from Albuquerque, NM to pick up band 296

Hi Beth! (and family :) )

The baby and I made it home all safe and sound (finally). She slept, or tried to, most of the time. I didn't have any problems and she was out of the crate most of the time. Shes definitely a snuggler. Now she's chowing down and I'm gonna make some dinner. I can't wait til lucas comes home and meets her.

Thank you for everything Beth. Today was awesome, even if I was driving during most of it, it was definitely well worth it. :)

Hope you have a great night, and ill send you updates :)

Hi Beth,

Sorry to just get back to you, our internet at home has been down and i wanted to check out the certificate on something bigger than my phone. The hatch certificate looks good :) thank you very much.

The baby is doing great :) i think were naming her Scarlett but im still trying to make up my mind and the hubby isnt helping ;) anyways, we took her to the vet on Wednesday (i think?) and everything came back normal. I cant tell you how many times that vet told me how adorable she was lol. And is is so nice having a baby that eats her fruits and vegis! lol. Other than that she seems to be adjusting well. She throws a fit when a put her back in her cage, which is very amusing haha.

Hope all is well,

Band 297

Beth (& lovely family)...

Thank you for the certificate but most of all, thank you so much for our newest addition to our family - we're already head over hills for her!  
We were out and about all day yesterday once since we left your home and Turtle Rosalina (her name) was just wonderful the entire time; she did really well in her flight suit, too! We went to visit family at their house... she enjoyed all the attention of our children, their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents, too!  While we were there we had dinner; Turtle munched down on some bread & romaine lettuce while we ate which she seemed to enjoy quite a bit!
Once we got home we fixed her bed up (she'll have two different cages as suggested on your site; one for sleep and one for day); Turtle Rosalina got in... ruffled up her feathers, shook her tail feathers and began to make little baby noises and she settled in... it didn't take long before she went right to sleep.
This morning she was really excited to see us and began to make little noises. We fixed her some mash while we had pancakes and she enjoyed herself quite a bit!
You all have done such a wonderful job with her, she's beautiful and well adjusted; while out and about she did not get frightened once! I am just amazed at her sweet hearted nature. 
Thank you once again for allowing us to come over; spend time with you, your family & wonderful pets!  Our children loved every moment of it. 

Thank you, 
Tony & Shelly C


April 29, 2011 Band 294 (Jack) made it safely to Kansas and the updates have been fun! Here are some of Ivy's emails about his adjustments. Ivy's family owns one other green cheek named Betty Lou. the first email is from the car ride home from the airport. Love how we can communicate these days! Ivy says Betty Lou is dominant and I would expect that due to this home being her territory and due to her being older. Besides, submission is not a normal thing for we women. Ivy waited a LONG time for Jack to arrive. I think she sent me a deposit at the end of our 09 breeding season.

4/26 He is kissing me already!!! What a sweetie. He loves Dustins facial hair too. We brought a toy with us and are using it to distract him from our ears..he seems to be really fascinated with them. Its raining on the windshield...he is very curious about the noise of it and is watching the wipers...what a doll!

4/26 Made it home safe about an hour ago. Got Jack set up in his (I hope) temporary cage with food, pellets, millet, and water. He started playing with the toys right away and checked out everything in his new space. I got Betty out and just showed him to her. She is curious, but also insecure. She was snuggling alot more than normal and saying what's up and love you (her two main statements) much more than Norma. She is also biting during scritches more than normal, and not love bites either. Ouch! I think I will let her play on her table perch tomorrow and set it on the coffee table in front of him. I also think I shouldn't let him out where she can see unless she is out also. And I think I will put her flight suit on her so she's distracted. Maybe with a good nights sleep sage will have a happier disposition! It is awful late, but she was so curious, I had to try a little. Will keep you posted...

4/27 She is still not sure about him, but I put the flight suits on them and now they are both trying to remove Betty's! She let's him close, but gallops away every so often. She still doesn't want him to be alone with me, but seems to be fine with Dustin having him out. She doesn't like Katie paying attention to him either! I recommend flight suits to everyone, but who would have thought they would make introductions so much easier! More later!

Jack and Devin are playing with a lilac branch. He has also been playing ball and giving kisses all day. His appetite is wonderful. It doesn't seem to bother him that mash here is different. He seems to like the lentils and peas best and tore an apple and several grapes apart this afternoon! He appears to be adjusting very well and wants to be in the middle of everything. Best of all, Betty is watching everything he does and is trying new things, something we have always tried to get her to do, but never could. I don't think she had a very enriching childhood...she is always scared of new things. She is posturing and trying to bully Jack. If he gets too close and she isn't in the mood, she will bite his toes or try to bite his beak. I just separate them when it happens. We will keep you posted, maybe more than you want...hahaha

4/28 Her (Betty Lou) dominance and nippiness completely disappears when I put them in flight suits! She seems to be adjusting and Jack...he is so sweet. The extra care and handling you give is very apparent to us. My sister is terrified of Betty, but has come over twice now just to hold Jack. He is still eating very well, samples everything we put in front of him. He seems to like grapes and apples best, but we have seen him eating sprouts and peas as well as his pellets and dry seed mix. He also really likes our lilac flowers and the dandelions out in the yard! :-) He started really vocalizing today and has taken quite a shine to my husband, which makes Dustin VERY happy since Betty dislikes him and will go out of her way to try to bite him. I have high hopes for them being in the same cage by midsummer. She is watching everything he does and is trying to imitate many of the things he does. It is great to watch as I think she did not have a very enriched young life and trying to encourage her since we inherited her has been a struggle.

Well that's my update tonight. Its 1 am here and I need to end my day..tomorrow will come far too soon...Thank you thank you for our sweet addition. He is already bringing much joy into our home.

April 27, 2011 Band 297 met her new owners today.Bands 295 and 296 are just about weaned. They are not wanting to be handfed any longer and love flying the kitchen instead of begging for food! The family today loved meeting the babies, the new horse and our Jelly Beam Aracari. They posted a video of him on youtube. I had no idea they were doing this or I would've been quiet in the background :)  http://youtu.be/e_xE_JbN5gQ

April 18, 2011 I have been glued to my home for over a week. We are waiting on our one miniature horse baby of the year, and I don't leave the house till it hatches. These miniature horses have my heart just like the birds do. We have many dear friends that love to see our babies born, so our home is busy. Fortunately, these friends like our bird babies too. They play games with us or watch movies with us while we wait for the horse baby to arrive. Miniature births are different from big horse births in that you really need the birth attended or you may lose baby or momma.

Once again, I am starting up my email list for our baby bird buyers....

Band 293 (went home with Tom!)

Band 294 (flew to KS to be with Ivy)

Band 295 (for Sarah!)

Band 296 (for Rachel!)

Band 297 (for Tony's girls)

April 14 This morning, Jessie made pancakes with the babies! They loved flying around the kitchen and I think they thought they were helping :)
Do you see Band 293 on her shoulder?

Band 294 thought that eating was more fun than cooking

After breakfast, we took some pictures of all the babies!

Band 293 loves flying!


Band 294


Band 295


Band 296


Band 297


April 10, 2011

Here are the newest pictures of the babies!!! This afternoon, we put the two oldest ones (293 & 294) in flight suits and walked them over to a neighbor's house. They loved being outside, and did really well!

Band 293 Reserved by Tom


Band 294 Reserved by Ivy


Band 295 If this is a boy, this is for Kathy C


Band 296 Available?


Band 297  Available?


April 4, 2011


March 29, 2011

Band 292 reserved by Kathy


Band 291 is flying to TX very soon to live Mayra


Band 293 is very playful! Will wean about 4/13 Reserved by Tom!


Band 294

(Reserved  by Ivy)

March 20 Our days fly by as the babies grow. Fortunately, we have many young visitors in and they love the babies.



March 18 I realized that we have not yet posted a picture of the baby of the family. This is band 293

March 15 and 16 All 3 babies are now inside with us. They are all changing so quickly. Normally green cheeks take about 8 weeks to wean and I anticipate about that amount of time when projecting their going home times. These should be ready early April. We have sent in the dna samples to Avianbiotech for sexing them. We need a boy for Ivy, a girl for Joe, and either for Kathy. Today while we reviewed our essays for the week, I video'd some after-feeding cuddling. I find that cuddling them after feeding goes a very long way towards making them sweet. They learn to associate hands with food and scratches.


March 9 Tomorrow, the oldest baby will begin to live out of the brooder and in a cage for the first time. We were able to band both babies even though they were older. They are out of chronology, but they are banded and I was afraid we wouldn't be able to get that done..
Band 292

Band 291

March 6 There are now 2 babies inside. Beau also has babies underneath him. The bigger baby is a cuddler already. He does look to have more yellow coloring than red on him. Typically, babies hatch every other day in the nest boxes. Zumo's babies are much more spread out than that.
Band 292


Band 291

February 28  Welcome back to our nursery pages. This is the first entry of this baby season. We brought in our first yellow sided green cheek on Saturday night. We usually pick up our babies late in the evening and their first feeding from humans is the next morning. I did not band this baby and am hoping that L & M bands ships quickly and that I can still get a band on the foot. The parents are Zumo and Kaida who are beautiful conures. They were both excellent pets before we paired them up.

Band 292
















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