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 Yellow Sided Green Cheek Nursery 2012!!!!!

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5/3/12 We have sent home our 5 Yellow Sided Green cheek babies and are having so much fun getting pictures and updates from their new owners. We do have more eggs in the nest box, but we have had a bad start to our breeding year, and I am going to wait to take deposits until I have the babies safely inside with me.

Band 321 stayed with a local lady who was a joy to get to know! She came to pick up her bird and stayed here a few hours! Kimlee has another bird named Honey and they did not get along at first. I have not heard how they are doing now, but here is her first email to me. I often get pictures from her cellphone with funny captions like, "Help, my parents are loving me to death!"

She wants so badly to play with Honey…but she goes at her like she wants to KILLLLLLLLL her …L I am trying to just work with her but she hears the canary and Honey and gets distracted.. I love her she is sweet …stubborn….and very gentle… Thank you and the girls for an incredible day I loved meeting ALL of you and next time I will wear my TALL shoes!!! Xoxo Thank you again and sun on your face and wind always at your back….loved meeting you… kimlee and doug
Band 322 went to a local lady also who bought  a Green cheek from me a few years ago. Return customers are our highest compliment.

Band 323 went to a lady in Prescott and will be the companion for her 6 year old son. We all fell in love with him and have gotten great pictures of him loving on his "Reddysheshe!" Her emails come in with titles like, "Silly boy and his bird!"

Band 324 went to a Phoenician and is very loved too.

Hi Beth I attached a couple of pics. Ethan did not want to leave this morning for school. He calls the baby his baby girl. She really likes him. I am amazed at how quickly she attached to the entire family last night just hours after we had gotten home. The kids made her a little house from a big garbage bag box like you would get from costco. Last night they put it in her cage and she went right in and stayed in it all night. Unbelievable to me this morning when she heard us all up and around she started swinging on a toy with a bell on it Ethan comes in to see her she jumps on the door of the cage he opens it and she jumps on his shirt. We all absolutely could not believe it. When we got home we put her in the cage to get aquainted while we did homework and dinner and things and she ate out of all 3 food bowls. I never used the formula as she did not give any sign of wanting it. I must have done OK with the mash as this morning I only put a big tablespoon full in as not to waste and when I went in to remove awhile ago it was gone. The pic of just her is just a few minutes ago. She is napping. Its as if she has been a member of our family forever. I thank you so much for allowing us to bring one of your wonderful babies home with us we are all truly in love.

Band 325 flew to New Hampshire and also hit the jackpot with a wonderful family. I need to call or email her and tell her not to let Tiko control where they touch. I may even need to send her a video showing her how to gently correct his nipping. If one of our birds trys to tell me "no" about touching, I do it all the more.

Hi Beth
So far today Tiko has shown me that he can "go poops" when I ask him to AND he is flying to me when I call his name! I never expected him to learn this fast! He did it consistently a few times so I know it wasn't a fluke. Such a smart boy!
I'll send some video and pictures along once Devon gets home from school!


Hi Beth
Tiko had a great check up today with the vet. They absolutely loved him there and couldn't believe how layed back he was:) He wasn't stressed by the carrier and who is handling him which is no surprise seeing how much time you and your kids give to the birds! He weighed in at 65 grams and the doctor thought he looked great. The vet is a huge fan of green cheek's.
The only thing I disagreed with that the vet recommended was that we take him off of seeds completely and just give him pellets (he recommended the organic Harrison's just because they had more research behind their products but basically said what you said...all premium brand pellets are essentially the same), small amount of fruit and vegetables. The pellets apparently were where the vet was seeing Tiko get his protein which I don't agree with. Protein coming from unprocessed food not in pellet form seems to make a lot more sense to me. I bet he takes this approach because so many people wouldn't be bothered with making a mash so pellets is an easy solution. We will continue with offering all 3 as you suggested.
So speaking of mash, today he ate the mash very enthusiastically but ONLY when I had him out on the kitchen table with it! If he's in his cage and I give it to him he'll go to his seed/pellets every time and ignore the mash. But if I take the mash out of the cage and he's on the table, he'll eat everything in it for quite a while. He always starts with the fruit:) Soooo, I'm really not sure what's going on with him not eating it in the cage. I'll keep putting it at the bottom of the cage as I don't want to teach him that he can only eat it on the table!
He is already gaining some height with his flying. He doesn't like me to move far away from him when he's eating his mash...when I move a few feet into the kitchen that's open to where he is in the dining area, he realizes I'm not right there and flies to me. So cute.
I did notice that he is great about being on our shoulders (and heads if he gets the chance) and always steps up and down for us, gets on our hands, snuggles near our neck and faces, etc but he doesn't want us rubbing his head or cheeks or even back like I've seen you do with them on the videos. I'm assuming it's a trust thing and that he'll allow us to start touching him more. I wanted to start doing the daily touching like you recommended of his wings, head, feet etc but he gets very nippy when we do this. Is this pretty common? We'll attempt the flight suit this weekend so I'll let you know how that goes!
Thanks Beth.


4/13/12 Hi all, this is Jessie, and I am the youngest daughter of PamperedPeeps at 15 years :) I'm sure people sometimes wonder how we manage time with our babies with all we do...and I don't blame them! We have a men's prayer meeting at our house right now, so all us girls are kicked into the back room, and we dragged along a baby per person with us. We play with each baby for about 10 minutes and make sure that it's comfortable and doing good, and then we flight suit it and give it another 20-30 minutes to get it OK and agreeable in the flight suit. I have band 322 sitting on my shoulder right now squeaking in my ear...it is a very sweet baby!! Along with the baby birds, baby horses are coming!! We've had another one two days ago; a little red and white filly...she is so cute!!
4/2/12 I sent off sexings on 2 of the Yellow Sideds today. I need to find a girl for Kimlee. Judy and Amy want to know the gender of their baby, but they are indifferent to whether it is a boy or a girl. Because of timing, we know that band 325 is going to Heather. I did make a short video of the babies during their lunch time feeding.  
3/29/2012 Now 3 babies are inside. My bands came in and everyone is banded. I am proud of my girls...they did it without me. The 2 older babies have graduated to a cage. There are still 2 babies in the nest box, so 5 total in the clutch. We have been busy. We spent the weekend at Westworld in Scottsdale showing our miniature horses. My stallion is a hoot and loves to play. In the Liberty class, I trained him to trot to me and he did it. So proud of him. He definitely became a crowd favorite. Click here to see the class.

Band 321

  Band 322

Band 323

3/20/2012  We are feeding 2 babies so far. They are in our incubator. Last night, as I was looking at the pictures, I blew up the feathers really large on my computer. I am still and always will be amazed at how awesome our Creator is! There are 3 more babies in the nest box. I know that Kimlee wants a baby girl, and I believe that Heather is indifferent as far as gender.

Band 321

      Band 322


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