Do Green Cheeks Talk??

Click here to see and hear  Cookie talking.


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Some Green Cheek Conures are quite skilled in their talking ability and some never say a word. I ALWAYS tell people never to buy a bird if they are looking for a talking friend. African Greys are rated as the top talker in the world of parrots, but you will find many owners of African Greys who say their bird has never said a word. Thus, make sure you really want a bird for reasons other than talking when considering one as a pet.
Many Green Cheeks do talk, but they do not articulate as clearly as a Grey or other parrots. I equate it to a mom who can understand her own 2-year old perfectly, but not everyone else can. They vary quite a bit.

Cookie has a fairly large vocabulary for a Green Cheek. Here is what Cookie can say:

Her favorites are obviously: " Cookie, wanna cookie?" (which it sounds like is what she says after she says whatcha doin in the movie, the wanna is really low and mumbled), whatcha doin, stepup, what?, and "shhhhhh" which just sounds like white noise, she would always do it when the other birds were doing their morning shrieks. She will wolf whistle all day too. She also says "sqwonk" or "sqwank" pretty often thanks to my old roommate but it just sounds like bird noise.

Her lesser repertoire, which needs a lot of goading, is:
Kitty kitty
Get out! (Of the bird room, you bad kitty kitty. They always chase me in.)
Hey! (Or "Oy!", in my roommates voice from two years ago. She will usually say it if you say "OY!" in a strong masculine scottish accent, its hard to explain.. kind of sounds like "why?")
Good bird
Cricket (the name of a  parrotlet)
Pretty bird
Pick it up
You gotta quit (what I say to her when she screams at my sewing machine, she really hated that thing)
Oh no
Got Foodface
And several sound effects from South Park
She can also curse but we ignore it so she hasn't done it in a long while. Also thanks to my roommate. LOL
What's that?
Bad Kitty
I'm not
Good girl
Crookeet (I guess a mix between cookie and cricket? it was adorable)

And here to see and hear  Cookie talking to my neighbor.


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