I want my birds to get along....should I buy 2 boys or 2 girls or one of each gender?


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It is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to predict whether 2 birds will get along. Each bird has its own personality and whether you have male and male together or hen and hen together will not determine whether they will get along.


These 2 girls shared a cage and were pets.

One of these birds, I later bought from her and she became our Millie. When they were together in the same cage, the owner thought that Millie was a boy. Millie is the mother of many of our Crimson babies. This is the case of 2 girls getting along wonderfully.



These are also 2 girls who shared a cage for a few years at our home. Both were pets when my daughters were little. This is another case of 2 girls getting along wonderfully.


The Blue Head used to live in the same cage with a Maximillian Pionus (girl).

Recently on Arizonabirdtalk, Jan made this comment:


Hi Sally,
We have two greys, two months apart in age.  They are both  girls and they love each other.  Maybe we are just lucky, but they play, and go from each others cage, back and forth, and share everything.  They do have their own cage, and when I am not around, they are separated, and at night they sleep in their own cage.  They enjoy each other soooooooooo much, but have not lost the bond with me.  They are both mama's girls :)  I would recommend the same sex, and it takes time for them to reach this point.  Just my opinion.  I think that it takes allot of time, paying attention to both, and not showing favoritism. 
I have also made mistakes with my breeding pairs that have convinced that same gender of birds can get along as well as pair. Here are examples:


I also had 2 male Yellow Sided Green cheeks who lived together for a year. It was a mistake on my part. This time it was me who thought I had a girl and a boy. With this pair, I had just felt the pelvic bones thinking I could sex them that way. When there were no babies, I dna'd  sexed them and had 2 boys together. These 2 boys got along wonderfully.
I made this mistake again. I had 2 Blue Headed Pionus together (Rico and Jaycie) for years and thought I had a male and a female. I even had them sexed. (sometimes sexing results are not accurate as was the case with Rico). I sold them to a lady back in Cedar Rapids. She had cameras in her nest box and said they both were acting like hens in posture. They were friendly to each other, but they were not a pair. She sexed them and you can imagine my surprise and embarrassment when I found out I had sold her 2 girls. I thought they were boy and girl. I now knew why I had never had babies.
In other words, I know birds that have gotten along so well, that I thought they were a pair. You can not tell or predict if they will get along based on gender. Does this help or confuse the matter more?

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