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Click on this male to see a pair of Gouldians swinging on a February morning!


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Our next unreserved Gouldians will not be ready to ship until Fall 2007. If you want to be next in line, I will need a deposit to hold them for you.

Be sure to read our:

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  *Sprouting is for the birds!!!

    Determining Sex of Gouldian Finches


Yellow Head Purple Breasted male:

The Gouldian Finch is one of the most colorful finches. Their beautiful voice makes you think of birds in a far off forest....it almost twinkles! They come in many different variations of color. There are three head colors: red, black, and yellow. The yellow color is often called orange. Their breasts can be either purple or white and even their backs can be three different colors! Their are blue backs, yellow backs, and the regular green back. The other mutation is the dilute, which is really a green back split to a yellow back and the color comes out muted.


We do ship these beautiful birds and have been successful at sending out 10 to KY, 10 to Cincinnati, 20 to Reno and 20 up to Washington State. KY bought 16 more this year (http://www.ridgetopaviary.com/id40.html) as did a man in Ohio. Every bird has made it just fine. Our birds are raised outdoors in a big flight with daily fresh foods so I believe them to be hearty, but I cannot guarantee them as I do the parrots for shipping. The $125 shipping charge though does insure the birds during the actual shipping time and also covers airfare and the crate. This charge only applies if Delta flies into your area. Continental runs $145.Click here to read more about shipping. 

Dilute Red Headed Purple Breasted male:


When the babies first hatch, they look like this. 

Those glowing dots stay on their mouths the whole time they are being fed. Can you see the bright spots on their lips...do finches have lips?

The parent pairs are each capable of having quite a few babies in each clutch. In the clutch to the above right, there are 6 babies, but we have had up to 8-9 in one box! You will probably hear that Gouldians are fragile and hard to breed, but we have found them extremely hardy and very prolific. One of our pairs last year gave us consistently 4 babies per clutch and gave us 5-6 clutches!

Even when the babies are two to three days old, you can tell if they are going to be a normal or a yellow back. You can see that in this clutch, there are going to be 3 normals and 2 yellow backs. The two yellow backs are on the right center, and right bottom. You can tell because of their yellowish tint. See how the palate of the mouth is whiter than the normals? And their backs are lighter. Below is a closeup on a yellow back.
Isn't God amazing how he puts the florescent dots on their mouths so mom and dad know where to put the food....even in the dark nestbox? It is so cool to look in and see a nest full of glittering babies!
These babies are the same ones from the earlier picture,  but just a little bit older. Now, it is obvious who is a yellow back vs. who is a normal!
Then as they mature, the spots move outward and by the time they fledge, they are on the sides of their faces; on their cheeks...do finches have cheeks?
The baby on the right is a little big younger. You can still see the faint spots on his cheeks. The baby on the left is getting some color in. He is going to be a red head purple chest. See the red color above the eye?

They start out all greenish grey and as the colors come in, it comes in as spots that get bigger. Here are pictures of adults with their babies all around them. On some of the babies, you still see the glowing spots on the cheeks. See the black spots of color beginning on some of the youngsters?? The parents have yellow heads (almost an orange), red heads and black heads. I also have purple chests and white chests. The male's beaks look tipped or dipped in color as this black faced.


The females' beaks are solid grey and their colors are muted. It is very hard to sex them while young so guaranteeing pairs on young birds is not possible. In this picture, the male is on the left and the female is on the right. You can see how the male's beak is white with a red tip, and the females is gray with a little tiny red on the bottom beak.

 To read more about how to sex Gouldian Finches, click here.

This is a Red Headed White Breasted male. The white breasts are really gorgeous, because they stand out if you have a whole aviary of purple breasts! The white just catches your eye :)
This Yellow Head male is completely colored out and has had lots of babies! I know that they look like Orange faced but the generic term is Yellow Head.
OK, I am out to confuse you :) This bird is a Dilute. A Dilute Gouldian's back is lighter green...my sister's and I call this finch "Mr. Pastel!" Most of our parent birds came from a sweet older lady in Sun City who used to handfeed Gouldians and Cordon Blues. Here is a link to her page about handfed finches.

We ask $50 per baby, but they are not sexed or colored out yet. They color out in about 6-10 months and are sexually mature at about 9-12 months.

We raise our birds in a big outside aviary where they get lots of fresh foods. They tend to be stronger birds due to their muscles being developed from being able to fly distances and due to vigor developed by acclimating to the outside weather extremes.  I do supplement heat in the winter. I add a 270 watt red bulb and enclose the bottom half of the aviary with painters plastic drop cloth. Not all breeders in AZ add heat, but I like doing so for there are always those youngsters who want to hop out of the nest box before they are ready and can't keep warm by themselves.

Because of the efforts we put into shipping and the drive to the airport, I will only ship when a minimum of 8 birds is bought at one time.

Some other finch sites are:
www.finchniche.com is an especially good one!!!! This lady knows everything you could ever want to know about finches!
www.ladygouldianfinch.com is another great one!!!

All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.

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