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Here are some good places/books to begin educating yourself on alternative medicines and treatments for you bird....

A Guide to a Naturally Healthy Bird by Alicia McWatters, Ph.D.

(NOTE:  Alicia passed away about a year ago, but do a web search as her articles are scattered all over the Internet. 

Holistic Care For Birds, A Manual of Wellness and Healing by David McCluggage, DVM and Pamela Leis Higdon

 http://www.landofvos.com Carolyn Swicegood's incredible website. When I began loving Eclectus and found her site, it blessed all of my birds!

http://wellvet.com/   This is Dr. McCluggage's web site:

http://altvetmed.org/articles/birds.html = Web site with abstract by Dr. McCluggage

http://www.holisticbirds.com/  Holistic Web Site with newsletters with great articles


There is also has a Holistic List at Yahoo that you can participate in.  I think this is it:


In searching I also found this list:


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