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I get many, many emails from folks asking many questions. One common question I receive is whether I think the sender has enough time in their day for this certain species of bird. Birds do require our time for we are their flock. They are very social and their needs include our time  and attention.  This need is one of the major reasons we love birds so much. They love us and need us. It was a revelation for me when I discovered this...kind of like finding a dog with feathers on. I gave up the ferrets, the rabbits, the reptiles...all of who didn't care if I was dead or alive. Birds really care when they are bonded to you.
First off, I can't answer people very well for I don't know them well enough. They often give me their schedule, but even that does not truly help. It is going to depend on how good you are at making sure you include your bird in your activities. Our home is very bird friendly.  This is a play gym in the living room.
This means that in every room, there is a place to set a bird. To the left is my bathroom where a suction cup perch is on the mirror. To the right, is a blue crown conure on a stand that sits where my daughters play music for hours.
I have a play stand by my computer, by the piano, in my shower, in my daughter's shower, there is a perch next to where I put on make-up, a stand by my daughter's desks. 

There is a  stand in the living room by the fireplace and one that rolls around in the kitchen. I know the more options I have for having a bird with me, the more likely it is that  I will take one with me to these places. None of these stands have food on them for I don't want the mess all over the house.

Have fun decorating with play gyms hanging from your roof! I attach chains for them to climb up and down and the poop lands in the cage. This gives the birds opportunities to climb and exercise.

Strategically placing an indoor pot of Geraniums as a poop catcher is helpful below this maze of a bird play area.

Look at DuBonker swing to her cage!


It does take an effort to keep making your feathered friend part of your life. When you commit to one, you are committing to being "their flock." They need time with you. Shower perches are so great for our parrots. There is no one else to talk to in the shower, but my Grey and she loves the attention. I have a PVC suction perch there and then one on my bathroom mirror. After the shower, she hangs out in the humidity for a while and then I move her to my bathroom mirror perch. While I am painting my face or blow drying hair, she is my entertainment. I recommend purposing ways to keep your bird involved in your life. The novelty does wear off.
Finally, there are the sleep cages. These also give an alternate spot for a parrot to roost. Read more about them by clicking on Liberty in Lisa's room.

The Bottle Brush has a spongy, chewy outer layer that entices the birds to chew. The core is a hard, dense wood. You can see this change in the wood on the picture to the left. Our birds love this play stand.


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