The Early Identification of your Green Cheek Mutation Babies


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There are differences that you will see in their down, feet color, eye color and their first pins. 

Even before the eyes open, check the color of them below the thin skin. If you see red eyes, you have either Pineapple or Cinnamon. 

If you see pink feet, you have either Pineapple, Cinnamon or Yellow sided. But beware that the feet will darken in those first 2 weeks. They all start out pink, but the visual normal feet darken. The yellow sided feet do darken with age. 


Then the down that fills in at about 10 days is another clue. Here are a bunch of babies.

The whiter down is the Yellow Sideds, the more peachy down is the Cinnamons, the darker grey down is the visual Normals. The above picture has 4 Normals (splits), 2 Yellow Sideds and 1 Cinnamon. The down colors do vary from baby to baby. For instance, we are raising 9 Yellow Sideds right now and some had very white down and some had more of a greyish/white. On our Green cheek pages are more pictures of them in their down. 

Then when the pins start coming in, I start searching under the wings on my red eyed babies for yellow vs. lime green pins feathers. If there is a true yellow pinning with red eyes, you probably have a Pineapple.

This baby did turn into the most scrumptious Pineapple we have seen yet! Here she is as a toddler...


 There was a faint yellow pinning early on in the above baby that told me this baby would be a Pineapple. On the other hand, the lime green feathering on the baby below, told me this one would be a Cinnamon. Both had red eyes.

Normals are easy to tell apart from Yellow Sideds, Cinnamons or Pineapples because they have dark feet and dark fuzz.

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