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Myra has a zillion finch articles! She also sells finch and bird care products. I regard her as a very helpful, willing "expert" in the world of finches.

http://www.oldworldaviaries.com One of the better sites for educational articles


Welcome to Cage'N Bird This is one of our favorite sites. It has a million great, great articles on it. Wanda sells bird care products, breeder products and has good advice on handfeeding.


Our website was made by my oldest homeschooled daughter and we have found a kindred spirit in Kellie at Willow's Flock. Kellie, also a homeschooled, bird-crazed girl has a passion for her birds and it shines out all over her website. Great web design, Kellie!! They raise Cockatiels, Budgies, Amazons and are adding Timneh Greys to their flock.

Meet our friend Don at these two sites. And see some of the best looking cockatiels around!
Darlene is a Canadian breeder who raises many of the same species that we raise. She has a great site with many fun pictures and graphics.


Your Parrot Place at www.yourparrotplace.com This is a Phoenix based online store. Support your local animal lover!
Go to Cheep Finch to meet a man who loves building aviaries in the Phoenix area!


This is the number one place I recommend in the Phx area for buying your cage. Shipping is not bad either if you are out of state
http://www.toolady.com Echo's Haven is a self-supporting sanctuary for Macaws, whose goal it is to provide a free-flight atmosphere for large Macaws to live out their lives in a natural environment where they can fly and live like birds. Shop at Echo's Haven Bird Supplies for the lowest prices on everything for your pet bird. Proceeds from the shop go towards the support of the rescue birds of Echo's Haven.


Great place to buy food, toys, coconut oil, palm oil...just about everything and anything!

http://woodlandbird.com/   Home of the water buddy!


http://www.birds2grow.com I buy our finch supplies here.






http://www.duke.edu/~djb4/Magazine%20Articles.htm This site explains gives us some insight about parrots in the wild.

http://www.parrotsinternational.org/ This is another site that describes parrot behavior in the wild.

http://www.exoticbird.com/gillian/ This site tells about hazards and poisons.


http://www.petdnaservicesaz.com Meet Michal who we use to DNA sex our birds.

Arizonabirdtalk@yahoogroups.com is another subscription that is free and informative. Mom spends hours emailing with other “bird brains” about what is going on in Arizona, birds that are for sale, bird behavior, sharing bird recipes, toy ideas etc. They are a friendly group!


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