Linnies, aka Lineolated Parakeets!

We sold our start at breeding Linnies and will not be breeding them. We discovered that they would be producing at the same time as the Green Cheeks and I didn't want to add more babies at our busy time.


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I have a new love! The Linnie! Better known as the Lineolated Parakeet.


One night we sat down to dinner and Dad said, "Let's have a calm meal with no birds present tonight." The girls and I kept quiet for a few moments and then the snickering began.  Little did Dad know, but Leo was hiding in Mom's hair all along. They are so little and quiet that no one  will know you are cuddling a feathered friend when you wear a Linnie!


Linnie 'tidbits' kept popping into emails though and I learned more and more. First off, you must understand that I like to raise only those birds that "I" think make greeeeaat pets. This doesn't mean my flock list is exclusive, we are also limited by time and energy, but I do definitely have a list of birds that I won't consider.



The above cutie is Lea (who is a dark green split to blue). She is the mate for Leo, who is featured talking down below. Lea makes the cute giggling sound that endears so many to Linnies as she scrambles in and out of our hair. Almost every meal at our house, we have babies flying about and dipping into our dinner plates.


And then there was the Avian Flight Suit headquarters! Lorraine and Wanda were after me to figure out what size was correct for this little bird that they knew nothing about and had no easy access to. I had custom fit a Junior Small to fit Vicki's Giggls, but it looked like a kid wearing his dad's huge T-shirt. Not a good fit. Thus, Vicki visited with Zazzoo. We put the Extra Small on Zazzoo and it was a good fit overall, but I told the Headquarters that the shoulder straps could be just a tad bit longer. Lorraine, who designed the flight suits, is so customer friendly, that she took on the project of a special Linnie size despite the Extra Small being a very good fit on Zazzoo. We also sell flight suits and train our babies in them while they are here at our home.
So, now I am hooked! Linnies are very unique! Their small size makes them another "velcro bird" just like our Green Cheek Conures. But, they tend to be more gentle. Their little beaks and face shape make me think of a Bourke. As I read more about them and heard Vicki raving about her little Zazzoo and Giggls, Linnie intrigue set in.

To read about Linnies in their native habitat, click here.

Zazzoo is so pretty due to our Lord making Linnies that way, but also due to a great diet. Read more about Pamperedpeeps parrot mash here and more about Sprouting by clicking here.

Leo, the Linnie, came to live here in Spring of 2007. His noises brighten up our kitchen. His noises also made us all jump and look around for a cat (he makes a perfect "Meow").  He talks up a storm and the you tube videos here will endear him to you.


I winzipped these video files for folks who couldn't get them to download on youtube. Click here for the first video and click here for the second one. Or, hear him by going directly to these links on you tube and

If you are a breeder wanting a color calculator for you Linnie, there are many on the Internet. Click here for one that is very user friendly.

Here are more pictures of our Leo!

Leo sits on my shoulder waiting to meet his 'Lea!'
This Linnie is learning to wear a flight suit!
Linnies love baths and misting. Look at these two enjoying their misting. BAT TIME!!!!



Leo meets Zazzoo. They shared Flight Suit time, a meal, and a nap together. Click here to see Leo telling Zazzoo just how pretty she is.



Yes, we sell flight suits for Linnies, click here for more information

I don't have that much experience with Linnies yet, but we have LONG TIME experience with the flight suits. We have had them on Congo Greys, Timneh Greys, Eclectus, Pionus, Blue Crowns, Green Cheeks, and Linnies. NO bird is happy in them when they first go on. Expect your Linnie to throw a fit! Likewise, I know they can accept them if you are consistent. We have tried flight suits on 2 different weighing Linnies: one was 46.5 g and one was 49 g. I will try them on an even smaller Linnie. But, on these 2 matures Linnies, the extra small fit fine and fit just like the flight suits fit the zillion of other birds we have had them on.

This is the XS on the bigger Zazzoo. Fits great. See the tail below and how the fit is perfect?

Flight suits?? On a Linnie!?!? Don't they wriggle out? Not a chance. We put them on and off. Leo was basically a wild Linnie and he has done amazingly well with the flight suit. He weighs 46.5 g and Zazoo weighed 49 g. Zazzoo is bigger. We tried varying sizes of flight suits on these two. The size that worked the very best was the Extra Small. We also tried on a Linnie custom size with shoulder straps that were a bit longer and this suit was too big.
This is the first attempt at a Custom Linnie size. See the gape in the material at the base of the wing? When the suits are too big, birds get their feet inside the suit and can't perch or walk. This suit was too big.

To see a video of how to put the flight suits on, click here. These 2 birds were not raised in flight suits and are just learning to wear them, so you will see agitation that will go away if we put them on consistently. Read more about flight suits by clicking here.


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