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It is a tragedy when someone loses their feathered friend. They are not as obvious as a lost dog or cat,  and it is more common for a "finder" to hold onto them and not try and find the owner. Do have hope though, for I have heard many joyful stories of owners finding their lost parrot. Here are some ideas of things for you to do and a list of resources.

*The "One-mile, One-month" rule states that most parrots remain within one mile for approximately one month after taking off. This is your greatest window of time for getting your bird back. Put their cage outside with food (put his favorite or forbidden treats) (I have one pet parrot who recognizes the icecream cartons!) and water and make it very obvious. If the lost birds has bird buddies inside, he will be trying to find their calls. Put his noisiest friends outside to call to him. You may not see your bird, but he may be watching you. Bait him back home!

*Post signs everywhere in your neighborhood. Let the veterinarians in your area know of your loss. Contact rescues and sanctuaries. Make sure you leave them your phone number.  Any bird breeders in your area or even other pet owners should be notified. Your lost bird will be attracted to the sound of other parrots. Let the local pet store know, too. You can contact the Humane Society. Often times, the finders do not know what to do with a new parrot in their home. If you lose an animal do not specify how much the reward is when putting up your signs. I say this for a couple or reasons: First, you give them the option of deciding which is more valuable to them, the animal or the money you're offering.  If the animal has a "street value" of $500 and you're offering a $100 reward, there are many unethical people who will sell your animal instead of return it to you. If you're hanging signs, you should put in all caps and very large letters REWARD at the bottom of your flier with a very short, basic description of your pet and your phone number.  If you give too much information, you're giving thieves information to use against you.  They'll see an ad on Craiglist and use your information to get the animal first!  It should look something like this: 


large bird



*There is an incredible yahoo group called 911Parrot Alert ( ) ( ). It was created to offer help, hope and assistance. A friend (Don) recovered his Amazon due to the folks on that list. As did one of our Grey buyers in TX. Here is a list of other sites to post ads:

Fallen Feathers at

your local city

When posting ads for a lost parrot or a found parrot, be careful about giving out too much information. There are many dishonest people who would pose an owner just to steal a bird.

If you find your bird perched up in a tree, put its cage outside and make the food obvious. Try adding some good smelly foods (like Peanut butter) to bait him down. I have also seen people allow their wandering parrot to stay until the sun goes down and then take advantage of the bird going to sleep in order to catch it. I saw one lady use a strong blast of water to knock it down from high and recapture her lost breeder bird. This bird had perched for the night and was caught off guard.

This link has such good tips that I don't want to reinvent the wheel, but will refer you to it.

Lastly, pray and don't give up hope. We have been told of numerous successful reunions!

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