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Maximillian Pionus are the gentlest and calmest Pionus. They are very their fruits and veggies!...and are beautiful. They are not as strikingly gorgeous as the Blue Headed Pionus are at a first glance. But, if you look closely, you can see each feather intricately lined with blue around the green. God colored them with a fine tipped brush! They are the most gentle parrot I have known, the quietest and the most tolerant. They easily adapt to most situations and just love to be with their human.
On this Maximillian Pionus's beak, you can see the remains of a feast!!! Our Blue Headed Pionus are our only Pionus who don't seem to like their fresh fruits and vegetables that much. The Maximillians are our "best eaters" of our Pionus, getting a huge plate of fresh foods in the morning and eating it all by afternoon!

If you look closely, this Maximillian is sitting on a truck and pulling a...
Horse trailer, with a bird for a horse!!!!!!!!
"I am on my way to ride my horse...a Blue Crown Conure!"

The Maximillian Pionus are very fun and are completely irresistible when you fall in love with their sweet personality. One who is bonded to you will pace back and forth in its cage wanting out and on you. They make sweet cooing noises that show they are excited to be with you and they love to shower with you!

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We are selling our pair of Maximillian Pionus. To read more about them, go to our breeders for sale page.

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