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This is a movie of blood collection on Congo African Grey babies.

Meet Michal Prochazka!! Our very own Czech M.D. I first met Michal when we teased him about wearing a big yellow suit to the Arizona Bird Marts. He started out performing many of the DNA gender testing for many of the country's avian breeders. I think he secretly only wanted to be Big Bird on Sesame Street!

But, he gave up that vision and went on to bigger and better things. Over the years, he has told me the gender on many, many birds. We all rejoiced with him when he married the beautiful blonde he brought to the bird marts with him!

I didn't realize he was as active with horses until we were buying an Impressive bred APHA Paint Horse. I knew the dangers of HYPP in the Impressive line and wanted to get him tested before the sale. The dealer I was buying him from thought I should just trust her, but we all know better. She would not allow me the time to have him tested through our vet. I, in desperation, contacted Michal because I really wanted this horse. Michal had results for me VERY quickly and the purchase was made. You can see Chief on our link featuring our other pamperedpeep pets.

Since then, I have become aware that he is as much of an expert in the horse realm as in the avian realm. His website is  http://www.petdnaservicesaz.com/ At that website, you can easily find contact information and pricing.

Michal Prochazka, MD, Director
Pet DNA Services of AZ

Effective immediately, please send all samples & correspondence to:
4145 W Mercury Way

Chandler AZ 85226
Or call 602-380-8552 for more information

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Instructions for Specimen Collection/Avian DNA Sexing

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