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In my mind, this picture really shows off the playful attitude of the Green Cheek Conure! This hat was hanging off my four poster bed. As you can see, the Green Cheek decided that it was a fun thing to fly to and swing on. (If you click on the picture, it will enlarge.) Once the Green Cheek landed on the hat, the wind from it's wings was making the hat spin...that's what it is doing in the second picture!

Back in the late 1970’s, there were various breeders working with feisty Pyrrhura pairs attempting to get babies. From what I have heard, there may have been many successes at the same time, but the AFA’s “First Time Breeder Award” for Green Cheek breeding in captivity went to Robbie Harris somewhere around 1981. I found this fact astonishing for Green Cheeks seem to be everywhere, so I always assumed they had been bred in captivity for a really long time. Allen Tucker once outlined how he bought his first pairs in the late 70's from a Budgie breeder who was failing due to trying to breed GCs in the same manner as the very domesticated Budgie. Allen began colony breeding the GCs. He was also was successful with babies around the same time period as the AFA award.

This is my daughter with her friend and they both have babies in their "baby slings!" The baby on the left is a Senegal but the little guy on the right with his head sticking out is a Normal Green Cheek.

To the right is a baby Normal. He is probably 33-34 days old and will be flying by 45 days! That is how quickly they change!

  I love this picture, because it shows that even as babies, they are very curious and not scared of things like...cameras! Also, it shows the big white eye rings that the Green Cheeks have and I think that that is what makes them look so inquisitive.


To the right, is a baby with my middle daughter. This baby is just starting to fly and it is about 43-45 days old. We named this baby Fire because of their fiery attitude and because Pyrrhura means Fire Tail.  
Babies with a full tummy love to cuddle! Now is the time to say "AWWWWWWWWW!"
Even when your Green Cheek is an adult, they still love to hang out in Kleenex boxes! 2 or 3 of our babies will get in one at the same time and it is SO cute!
This is one of our babies wearing a harness! They absolutely love to go outside and a harness is a very safe way of doing that!
Here is another one in a harness! This is a little 11 year old girl that got one of our Normal Green Cheeks as a birthday present. She named her little guy Mango!
Kelby is hoping that these 2 youngsters are potty trained!
Green cheeks love to snooze on their backs. Often, we find our babies sleeping on their backs. Mom still gasps, and says, "Is he dead?"


Gifted with the ability of making its head 2 times its normal size when excited or in ecstasy, Green Cheeks fluff up for a good scratch. Rub their feathers against the grain and watch the head inflate! Green cheeks also fluff up their heads when they are communicating with us humans.
The holiday season is filled with good foods. Read about how to use Pumpkin and Pomegranates in your bird's diet. Cranberries are a favorite too!!
Who needs a Breyers plastic horse when you have a cage full of baby Green Cheeks?!? Mom has found baby parrots in dollhouses, in barns, in the microwave of play kitchens, on puppies, and in purses. Green cheeks are especially fun to tote around due to both their small size and the way they love to snuggle.
This is our neighbor girl who has been dying for a bird-any kind!-for 6 years. Her mom and dad finally consented, and she chose "Mango" a little normal Green Cheek! They are happy together, and Kelli now has a Yellow Sided, too!

"I'm a star...especially since I get to go outside in my harness!!!"

This little guy already likes foot toys!!!


...And I saved the best for last! This is what we call the Birdie Merry-go-Round! All five Green Cheeks were flying around and then decided to land on the fan and go for a ride! Green Cheeks are very playful and have very fun personalities as you can see by these pictures. I am really out to confuse you! There is something called a Double Split. They are called Double Split because they look exactly like a Normal Green Cheek. However, they are different in one way. Their Mom and Dad were a Yellow Sided and a Cinnamon. This means that they are split to Yellow Sided and split to Cinnamon. We have a page that describes the Green Cheeks attitude really well. To see it, click here.

All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.

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