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 Parrot Nursery 2013!!

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August 19, 2013 Baby season is over until 2014, but we still have our pets and get emails from previous buyers. It is neat to hear how the babies are doing in their new homes! Band 331 is pictured below on the right, but she has been in her new home for a few months. They just emailed me with the news that "Mercury" is talking. They have shared many pictures of Mercury sharing their salad and of their flight suit escapades.

Band 337 has an amazing story. Her new owners called me frantic one night due to their new baby "flipping out" and opening her mouth real wide and struggling to stay upright. Her description reminded me of what happened to one of our canaries years ago. Our canary was eating and choked on a seed. He flipped all over and acted like he was suffocating, but he was able to dislodge the seed and went on to live for many, many years. Band 337's mom told me that her trouble started when she was eating and that she had been completely normal prior. Sounded like choke to me. I got an email a bit later saying that it was "choke' and that "Baby Turtle" survived it and was doing well.

And, wow oh wow, the mom of this baby posted a sweet recommendation letter about our birds and family!! The link is in her blog below. She also is a gifted photographer and her pictures e are beautiful of her children as they enjoy one of God's creatures. http://www.shellyturtle.com/2013/07/22/parront/ 


I just wanted to write you and say thank you, again! We ended up naming our second (337) conjure "Baby Turtle" after our other. So, we now have Turtle and Baby Turtle!

Here is a link to our blog for our recommendation (feel free to use pics as well as recommendation publicly on your website) to Pampered Peeps:


Do you have the hatch date/certificate? Would love to have it if so.

Shelly C

Just wanted to let you know that Baby Turtle is doing well. She was choking but she hung herself upside down and flicked her beak against the bars of her cage and knocked it out on her own. Amazing that she knew she she needed to do in a crisis! Smart baby.

We love her so much. Wonderful addition to our family.


Band 331 in Colorado!

Hi Beth and Co.!  Mercury is *talking*!  Most of it is him making froggy noises in the cadence of human speech, and makes me think of that scene from "Finding Nemo", when Marlin says to the little sea turtle "you're REALLY cute, but I don't understand what your'e saying!".  He does, however, make adorable little kissing noises upon request :)

He also LOVES peaches!  We had the peach festival here in town this past weekend, so bought a bunch of fresh organic peaches that are light-years beyond anything they sell at the grocery store. Merc practically leapt into his fresh food bowl when I cut some up for him this afternoon.  The happy mumbling munching noises that echoed while his head was in the bowl were utterly adorable :-)

I hope you're all doing well and looking forward to the heat winding down some!
Blessings from sunny Colorado,



Band 339 lives here in Arizona and is the only pet in the family. Think that this bird has it well?? I do!

Hello there,
Thanks so much for sending the dna results.  We have been having a blast with little Rio! She is soooo adorable and cute. Thanks so much for all of the work you guys put into raising these cute little birds. They are truly very wonderful.  She is such a sweetheart, everyone loves playing with her and cuddling her.  I was playing the towel game with her and she looked so cute I had to take a picture! I attached it to this email so you guys could see it :)
We're offering the mash to her twice and day and we have the seed/pellet in there as well. I was reading your article on how to care for the baby during the first month and I had a couple questions.  When you say that they should have a veggie dish in there cage with them is that referring to the mash? Or a separate vegetable dish? Also how much fruit should she get in a day?  Sorry for all the questions, I just want to make sure I'm doing everything right. Thanks so much :)



July 22, 2013 Almost all of our Green Cheek babies are in their new homes. Band 336 is still here and flying east to a home where another pamperedpeeps baby lives. This is the 3rd baby this year that has gone into a home where they previously have bought a baby from us! One of them, Band 337,  went to a home with a baby from us from 2011.   It is exciting to me that families come back to us when they want a second bird. The final 2 Crimson Bellied Conures are flying well now and down to just 2 feedings per day. When babies first learn to fly, they are thrilled with their new skill and my kitchen becomes quite an interesting place.  Click here to see them flying.  I strongly believe that baby birds need to become good at flying and landing before breeders clip their wings, and we leave our babies flighted as long as possible. In fact, when band 337 was picked up, I had not yet clipped her wings. I did so with her new family and could review wing clipping with them as I did so.

July 16, 2013 Click here for a new video of Band 336. There is a video down below from last week. This baby was hatched on 5/11/13. I also have gotten some great updates from previous buyers this week.

Below is Kimberly's daughter with Band 310. This family bought a Crimson Bellied in 2012 and did go through the nippy stage that I warn everyone about. But, they persevered, used my instructions as far as the restraint hold and are now considering a second conure. They added a little brother to the family...Praise the Lord for babies!.....and mom can nurse the baby with this Crimson playing on her shoulder and in her hair.

Here is this fun email I got from Kimberly as she considers adding a 2nd bird. You can see this bird as a baby if you click here.

Eek!! I am getting excited! LOL   I will have to talk to my husband and see what he thinks about getting one right now. I have to be honest, I didn't expect for any to be available and was going to ask to be put on a waiting list, but this baby sounds awesome and I do think that we can handle the nipping stage... I'm not scared of being bitten and have been consistent with "the hold" with Millie, and I think that's what got us through. I could totally see her being a "mean" bird if we had not nipped it in the bud. (no pun intended. LOL)  They both will be able to get lots of attention because my daughter and I both hold Millie about equally, so I am sure that they will both be riding around on us at some point. lol  My son is 16 months (I got pregnant with him shortly after we got Millie!!) and she is so great. I can hold her while holding/feeding him and she doesn't try to bite him or anything. She just ignores him. lol The time you put into your birds is so apparent.  I would love for her to have a birdie friend so she can have a buddy but I do still want them to be cuddly and loving with us and it sounds like as long as they have their own cage, that will most likely happen.  Millie seemed to like the company of my cockatiel. They never got really close because he was so old and had seizures, so he was very wobbly and unsteady so I was nervous with him, but she seemed to enjoy his company. We can definitely spend extra time with the new baby to help the bond.  That last picture just gives me the warm fuzzies. I love Millie but there is just something about 2 birds together that you just can't replace as a human. I do want her to have that. (although selfishly only if she will still be loving with us! hahaha) Thank you so much. I will talk to my husband and get back to you!

Here is Band 331 at her new home in Colorado. The blue eyes match the blue in the bird. Beautiful bird and daughter again. I love seeing the children with the birds. It is when I started loving God's creation!


July 14,2013Band 336 

July 10, 2013 We updated pictures and the baby Crimson Bellieds have grown so much!!!

Band 338 Reserved by Kathyrn!


Band 339 Reserved by Marina


July 5, 2013 Band 336 will be weaned within a few days! All of these babies are very sweet and love humans. They come to us when we call them! Band 337 gets to go live with a wonderful family who bought a baby from us a year or two ago. They have 5 children and found their other green cheek to be a really good fit!

June 28, 2013 Many of you who watch our site are not from Arizona! Would you believe it was 119 degrees here today? The really amazing thing is that our breeder pairs and wee tiny babies are outside. The babies come inside when they are anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks of age.

Today was thankfully the day to pull in our 2 Crimson Bellied conure babies. These cuties are for sale.

Band 338

 Band 338 meets human hands for the first time

Band 339!


There are 4 Yellow Sided Green cheek babies that are getting very close to being weaned. They are all so sweet as you can see in the videos below. I love sitting here at the computer and hearing the beak grinding. When parrots do that, that is a sign of contentment. They are all wearing flight suits to prepare them to be better pets in their new homes. Love giving kisses to all of them!

Band 334 Reserved


Band 335 Reserved by Lori


Band 336 Reserved


Band 337 Reserved by Shelley


June 25, 2013 The below baby is reserved by Lori!


June 24 One of the best parts of breeding birds is the people we get to know and the stories they share. If you look at the bottom of this link, in April, we raised a Crimson band 327. Karin sent us an email with gorgeous picture of her baby in a flight suit eating hibiscus flowers. Feeding flowers or live branches to your parrot is a nutritious toy for them. The "live food" greatly enhances their immune system. Click here to read more about feeding flowers and here to read more about branches.

We start our babies out wearing the flight suits while they are here, but it takes them months to get used to wearing them. Months that take perseverance on the part of their new owners. I am so proud of Karin and her family to have their Crimson Bellied in his flight suit.


"Hi Beth, I thought you might like to see Ollie, He is such a sweetie super funny little one. We are really enjoying him.  Karin in Minnesota"


June 22, 2013 There are 4  Yellow Sided Green cheeks being handfed right now. Below is the first one who is ready to go home around the beginning of July.



June 17, 2013  The babies are all getting so big!

June 13, 2013 I had Lisa pull out the camera yesterday so that future families could see their babies, and to show a bit about their food prep. Click here to see the video!

We also got a very sweet update from Band 330 who went home a few weeks ago. The sweet part is this picture of her cuddling!

"Abu is always very snuggly.  See attached photos.  She had a healthy check from the vet.  She has completely settled in.  Thanks for such a sweet bird.




June 8

Band 331 (Crimson Bellied)

Deb's pile of cuteness!

Band 332 (YSGC)

This baby will be Theo's!

Band 333 (Crimson Bellied)

Lora's baby just came inside!

Band 334 (YSGC)



Band 335 (YSGC)


Band 336 (YSGC)


June 2, 2013 The heat is here in Waddell, AZ! The conure pairs still have babies in their nest boxes, but we have brought many of them inside.  Teri was so sweet to update me on how Abu is fitting in. I am thrilled with the homes that God provides for our babies!

Band 331 (Crimson Bellied)

Deb's pile of cuteness!

Band 332 (YSGC)

This baby will be Theo's!

Band 333 (Crimson Bellied)

Lora's baby just came inside!

Band 334 (YSGC)


Band 335 (YSGC)


May 11, 2013 Happy Mother's Day The two babies inside are growing up quickly. The miracle of going from an egg to a flying machine is amazing to watch. We have the 2 babies pictured below inside and are handfeeding them and getting to love on them. In the nest boxes are babies growing up. There are 3 Yellow Sided Green Cheek babies that are unreserved, and 2 Crimson Bellied Conures. These babies are about 7 weeks away from being weaned and ready to go home.

Teri's baby, "Abu" Crimson Bellied Band 330


Abu is settling in nicely.  She went to work with me yesterday for the first time and seemed to really enjoy all my coworkers.  :)  Since it was Friday, it was office cleaning day.  She does not like the vacuum.  Yelled at it the whole time.  :)  She is a sweetheart and loves to cuddle to anyones neck.  My birdsitter put her to sleep by rubbing her neck the other night.
She is a happy bird.  She was talking while eating her mash this morning.  I attached a picture of her hanging out on one of her toys this morning.
She does love to hang out on my shoulder and bury herself in my hair.
Thank you.  She is an awesome bird.
Angelica's baby

The first Crimson we shipped home to Karin took about 3 days to settle in. I did get this email about band 327.

Hi Beth, I just wanted to let you know our little guy is super sweet. His favorite foods are sprouted mung beans and quiona he loves this more then the chick peas. He does not eat much of the mash but some and he also likes the pelleted food If its alittle wet. He will eat veggies but he prefers the fruit he goes nuts for grapes apples etc… So I have to be careful because I think he will be addicted to the fruit.  

  He has not bitten anyone very sweet every once in awhile he will Try to bite my husbands ear.  He loves his sleep cage I put a little ferret bed in there with a alittle fleece and he goes under the fleece and Sleeps.  He is out a lot he has accepted his flight suit perfectly I found a really fast way to put it on I like having it that way I feel he can be out more during the day.  

I also got him a shower perch for our kitchen window he loves just sitting there watching the birds at the feeder. Thanks Beth, God Bless

Band 328 went to a lady in CA who bought a Green cheek from me a few years ago. They wanted to know the gender of their baby and I had to send it to them after she arrived. Here is their email to me. Thank you. We guessed right! Now for the name.   
Oh. And the vet said she looks very healthy. Thank you. We are thrilled. My son is already attached. She's doing great. My son named her Dori. She is very sweet and affectionate.


May 5 Happy Cinco De Mayo! The first 2 babies have settled in with their families and I am very thankful. The 2 babies inside with us are growing quickly and two new  Crimson Bellies have hatched under Rhett and Scarlett. We only banded one of the babies that are inside with us, so these 2 are called band 330 and unbanded. Here they are! The one on the green background is the unbanded one. These 2 will be for Angelica and Terri!


April 30 Bands 327 and 328 flew to their new homes on United Airlines yesterday. One thing to be very aware of when your baby comes home is to feed it like we do here. You can change things once you are confident that  your baby is eating well and adjusted to his new family, but you will want to read these links.  http://pamperedpeeps.com/babycare.htm   and  http://pamperedpeeps.com/mash.htm  I am so thankful for the reports and contacts from our bird families! Thank you Karin and Kristine! Band 329 has a home with a young boy and leaves soon. The 2 younger Crimsons, (band 330 and unbanded) are now living in a cage and out of the brooder. They are in that pre-flying stage where they are cuddly and inquisitive. Here is some video after our breakfast!

April 25 Click here to see the babies in our kitchen!

April 24, 2013 The first 3 babies are almost all weaned and 2 more Crimsons are in the brooder feathering in and being handfed by us. Band 329 is available for purchase. Band 328 is going to a family that bought a Green Cheek from me a previous year and Band 327 is flying to MN. The babies are all still flighted and I feel this is important. We do give them a "baby clip" before they go to their new homes. Here is Band 328 stretching the wings. To read more about wingclipping and flying, click here. Here is Band 329


April 10, 2013 I just realized I have not shared our newest baby miniature horse with you all. Here he is loving on one our labs. This lab is a 5th generation female of our bloodlines!

April 9, 2013 Click here to see the morning feeding.  This group of babies is friendly and curious as you can see. They are all feathering in well! Feathers depict the health of a bird. I had an interesting email from a buyer last year who bought a Crimson from me and a Crimson from another breeder. The baby from the other breeder had terrible feather condition and color. Click here to see pictures of this. I think our mash must really help the health of our babies. Make sure you read up on our mash, sprouting and feeding of fresh flowers and branches.

April 2, 2013 We have had a new baby horse born at our ranch! So excited. Here he is and here are the 3 babies we are now feeding! For those of you desperately waiting for a Crimson Bellied, Becky had to cancel out on her reservation so that moved everyone up a slot! I am sorry for Becky, but happy for you all! Band 327 wore a flight suit most of the afternoon, and the 2 Yellow sideds are ready to come into a cage tomorrow and leave the brooder behind forever!!! 


"Gentry" Band 327 Band 328 Band 329

March 27,2013 We now have 2 Yellow Sided Green Cheeks inside and one Crimson Bellied Conure! The Crimson baby graduated out of the brooder and into a cage today. Last night, we watched a movie and he was snuggled for hours during it!

March 25,2013 We are feeding one baby Crimson right now and have more in the nest boxes. These below picture is from March 20th, and baby has feathered in enough already that he can start living in a cage tomorrow.

God's creation is amazing. To think that this baby will be flying in 4 weeks is just incredible. We are waiting on the birth of a miniature horse tonight!


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