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 Parrot Nursery 2015!!

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My email addy of pamperedpeeps@msn.com has changed to pamperedpeeps@q.com

If you are getting a baby from us, please go through my articles page and read the article titled "How to care for your baby". Read up on the mash and on the sprouts. The link about sleeping cages and the one about nipping is important. There is an asterisk next to the important articles.

1/1/16!! I love getting happy updates on our babies! The below email came from the family who has the summer surprise baby!

Dear Beth and family,

Hope youíre having a wonderful holiday season!! Skids continues to be the most delightful bird. She is so silly and endearing. She loves hanging upside down from the top of her cage almost as much as she enjoys wrestling her toys while on her back. Whenever one of my dogs gets silly with a squeaky toy, Skids has to outdo him with her squeaky noises. 

We are thankful every day that were lucky enough to bring your summer surprise into our home-she is such a love!! 

Blessings in the new year!!Ann, Laura and Skids (aka Skid-diddly-do)



9/24/15  Our Summer Surprise baby flies across the USA to VA tomorrow. Her parents are breeding and laying eggs again, so for those of you who missed out on her, we hopefully will have more babies in about a month.



8/31/2015  Our Summer Surprise baby is a delight!!!!     


8/26/2015 Mystery abounds when one raises birds. Why oh why would my pair of Crimsons choose to lay eggs and raise babies in Phoenix when the temps were about 117 degrees?? I can't answer that, but they did. So, we have a baby that is about 4 weeks old and unreserved. It will be ready mid September for its new family. There was just one baby, so he is getting lots of spoiling!

6/24/15 Then, I also heard from the youngest baby, Band 321, who flew to Sioux Falls SD from AZ. Band 321 is called Ruby Roo and her owner "Katie" says she loves her watermelon. Look at the great picture of her in her new home! 

Hi Beth,

I LOVE this picture of Ruby. She has such an adorable expression. :). Who doesn't love a tasty watermelon on a hot summer day!

Katie and Ruby Roo


Good morning Beth,

Ruby Roo is doing great! She is the sweetest lil bird :). As I write this email to you she is eating breakfast out of my hand. I love all the lil sounds she makes. Talk to you soon!

God's blessings. I pray that you and your family are all doing great, and surviving the Arizona Summer heat.

Katie and Ruby :)


6/22/15 One of the best parts of raising babies is receiving updates from our bird family, or those families who own our babies. The bandless baby went to live in  West Virginia and here are updates and a quick video from her owner. The below picture is Ashley's baby after flying all the way from AZ to WV. We pray that these babies bless their families for years to come, and she is off to a good start!!!

Hi Beth!

Just thought Iíd give you an update on the baby.  Iíve decided to name her Callie, short for Calliope (Greek goddess of song, music and dance).  I took her to a friendís swing dance party at his house the other night and she did great with large groups of people.  Everyone loved her and she didnít seem scared at all.  I canít get over how much she loves people.  If I leave the room to go to the kitchen for something, she panics and flies after me.  She and I have bonded very quickly.  Last night she decided she wanted to sleep with me in my bed buried in my neck.  I let her do that for 20 minutes, but I decided that I was worried she would get too hot, suffocate, or that I would crush her.  So I played it safe and put her in her bed in her cage.  Sheís so cuddly.  Sheís like a feathered puppy going through the teething phase. hehe
Is she 11 weeks old?  Iíd like to know her hatch date so I can keep up with her age. :) She really dislikes the flight suit, but Iím still working with her on it.
Thanks again for this wonderful baby!  Iím hoping to see my family next weekend so they can meet her.


Here she is poking her head out from her bed this morning.  In the cage she seemed restless last night, but when I put her in here she didnít move again until morning.  She is such a good little bird.  She seems happy. :)
You all did such a wonderful job raising her.  I could not believe how sweet and brave she was last night.  She didnít seem scared at all.  I think she was just happy to get out of the crate.  Iíve been nervous/excited about getting her, but now I know for sure that she really is a blessing. :)  I canít wait to go home next weekend and show my family.  Sheís absolutely gorgeous!






6/11/15 More video of the bandless baby to see her personality. I call her a "her" but I do not know for sure.


6/10/15 This little baby we call the bandless one, for we missed getting a band on her when her foot was small enough. Her she is. Super sweet baby reading the Bible with my oldest daughter!


6/2/15  My oldest daughter teaches piano lessons so there are lots of children in our home to play with the babies. This young boy visited last night. Band 204 and Band 203 are very loved by their new families in CA and in TX!!! I included their emails back to me next to their pictures below!


5/30/15 Band 204 was reserved yesterday by Louise in TX, so I made her a quick video late last night of her sweet girl!

5/27/15 I am finally figuring out who is available and who is reserved already as the babies get closer to weaning. The first three have gone home and 2 more are scheduled to go soon. If you have contacted me, please forgive my inability to know for sure who is available. It takes me time to know because I don't always have the gender results as quickly as I would like and because I like to match personality with the family that the baby is going to. If you scroll down to 5/15/15 you will see which babies are still available.  There are 3 available!

5/26/15  Click here to see Band 321 being snuggled!!!

5/18/15 Mary, your baby is getting ready to fly home to you. Here is a short video from today.


5/15/15  The first 2 babies are in their new homes! The first baby was picked up a delightful lady from CA. She drove all the way here and met my middle daughter. The other 2 daughters and I had to go to a horse show in Albuquerque. The next baby flew all the way across our America to the east coast! And, we are slowly getting the others lined up to be shipped. My hubby and middle daughter did a great job here at home and even brought in the smallest baby from the next box. I suspect that This will be the end of our baby season for 2015.


Band 202 flew to Virginia to live with Mary

My husband just walked in with the baby.  All safe and sound.
 I'm taking him to vet for check up on Friday. The vet asked me his birthdate I don't remember. Will you please remind me.
Also do you serve the mash cold, warm or room temperature?
 Thank you,  Mary

Band 203  Reserved by Pam in CA

Ah Beth, how could she not, with blessings like that, winging their all the way to Santa Cruz (which, by the way, means Holy Cross :-)

Since she didn't want to eat the scrumptious lunch I prepared for her, Punky and I are now going outside and Ruby is in 
her cage with her food. 
Oh! I just looked at her and she's playing with a strip if woven vine threaded through her cage bars. 
FINALLY, I have a birdie who likes to PLAY!!
Here are some pics & a video...I think...more later. I'm Happy!
xo Pam
Band 204 Reserved by Louise in TX

Hi Beth!  Our baby got here safely and is the cutest thing!  She is so happy to be with us that she didnít want to get in her new cage to eat and rest.  We spent another hour with her before she decided to investigate here new home.  She loves her little sleeping tent and is checking Lola out in the next cage.  Not rushing them, but so far so good!  Thank you for doing such a good job raising her!  We love her.
Louise and Dash
Band 205 Reserved by Bob and Carol in AZ 

Band 206 Reserved by Raymond in AZ

Band 321  Reserved by Katie

5/1/15 New baby pictures!!!

Band 200 went to live in CA with Jody!

Hi Beth!
We got the baby and it is the CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD. It loves my hair and also apparently my left shoulder haha haha
I'm sad we didn't get to meet you but your daughter was fantastic and explained everything!
I hope you guys have a great time at the horse show and ill keep you updated :)    Jody

Band 201 went to Harmony in New York!

Lucy is now home with me and settled in.  I had an easy time getting her, but got lost on the way home!  The city life is not for me.  Anyway, she's a little fussy right now.  She scared my mom biting too hard a few times.  I think she's just cranky from her long day, so I put her to bed.  But she absolutely does not want to be left alone.  She just kept trying to jump to my neck and hide in my hair.  I'm so happy that she's home now.  I will send you pictures and videos once she settles in more.  
Thank you so much for bringing us together!

Band 202 flew to Virginia to live with Mary


Band 203 Reserved by Pam in CA


Band 204  Reserved by Louise in TX

Band 205 Reserved by Bob and Carol in AZ

Band 206 Reserved by Raymond in AZ


4/28/15 Here is a snippet of our very fun kitchen!

4/23/15 The dna results are back on the first four babies. After feeding last night, we pulled out a camera for you to get a glimpse of how sweet this group of babies are!! Click here to see. We are feeding 7 babies and have 2 more in the nest box.


This is Lisa here.....we got the DNA samples ready on the four babies to send in so we can figure out if we have little boys or little girls! All these babies are doing great, and we brought three more inside tonight. Everyone is eating lots, and growing fast! The two oldest (Bands 200 and 201) have been in a cage the past two days and are getting introduced to toys and seed and mash!

Band 200

Band 201

Band 202

Band 203




4/9/15 The first four babies are in with us and being cuddled and spoiled daily! Baby Crimsons feather in green with underwings being their brilliant crimson color. I believe that this green is added protection for them in their natural habitat. Praising our Lord for these four babies!!!