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We have sold all of our Pineapple pairs and are no longer producing them.

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The Pineapple Green Cheek is frequently called the Yellow-Sided Cinnamon...rightly so! The Pineapple has the Cinnamon's light head and pastel green back, but it has the Yellow Sided's beautifully colored belly area. Genetically speaking, the Pineapple is the expression of the Cinnamon and Yellow Sided genes on one sex chromosome. They are gorgeous!
Meet "Gala," the first Pineapple baby raised by Pamperedpeeps Aviary! Doesn't she look like a Gala apple? This bird is the coolest little girl....she flies sooooooooooo fast around our kitchen. We call her a cropduster because she will zoom around and then swoop really low over our heads and then go back up. She does all that in a matter of seconds!

Gala is just a baby on the far left picture. In the middle one, she is a little bit older, just flying. The two birds on the far right are Gala (on left) and Booka (a Cinnamon) on right. This is the difference between a Pineapple and a Cinnamon. See the bright red & yellow on the belly of Gala? The Cinnamon head and back are the same, but the belly is a LOT lighter! Gary is a double split Green Cheek.
  This is Fuzzy, the REDDEST Pineapple in Waddell, AZ!.....and you have to remember, Waddell's population is only about 3,000 people. Our boast is not that grand :)
Pineapple Green Cheeks are a mutation and not a hybrid. The amount of red on them varies just like it does with the Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure.

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We have a page that describes the Green Cheeks attitude really well. To see it, click here.

All pictures are photographed by Pampered Peeps and are copyrighted. They may not be copied without permission.

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