We do not breed Pionus anymore.

Pionus...quiet, gentle and faithful!

*Pionus means Chunky*


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We no longer raise these 3 subspecies of Pionus...Blue Headed, Maximillian, and Bronze Wing. We kept our pages up for you to visit them and learn more.

Blue Headed Pionus

Maximillian Pionus

Bronze Wing Pionus
Pionus are one of the most gentle parrots there are! In the Pionus family, there are many subspecies including the Coral Billed, Bronze Wing, Blue Head, Maximillian, Dusky and White Capped. All Pionus are extremely quiet. They have a raspy all that they give off morning and night to "call in the flock" for about 8-12 seconds...then they're done! All Pionus have a red vent area.  This picture is of a Blue Headed Pionus' tail. Isn't the detail beautiful?
Showering with a Pionus is the best! Once they are comfortable with the idea, they grasp the perch and flip over upside down stretching out their beautiful wings. I love the Pionus smell. It is very mild, sweet, musky smell. The strength of the smell varies, and I don't even notice it until I bury a kiss into the feathers. And then, I always have to kiss her again to take another sniff. Yes, I am a Pi-sniffer. (but I am not into 12 step groups).

Pionus also purr! To hear a bird purring, go to and read on the Blue Headed Pionus cage (see below). Charley is purring due to mom's attention.

There are a couple of theories as to why they have this smell. One theory is that helps the genders differentiate each other.
And another concerns nesting: I have read that ants and termites are very instrumental in the wild for keeping the nests clean and for deterring predators. Evidence exists that the other parrot species which do not share this symbiotic relationship with insects do not have a smell.
My theory? God created the smell to give us pleasure and keep us in awe of Him :)

Pionus are very inclined to get overweight. Since they are inclined to become overweight, they have to have a little bit special feeding. All parrots REQUIRE fresh veggies and fruits, the Pionus especially. When you mix seed and pellets, do a greater ratio of seed then pellets. Pellets are high in protein which is good, but causes fat excess. (Probably a ratio of about 75% seed to 25% pellet or 3 parts seed to 1 part pellet). Every morning, our birds get a very healthy dish of veggies. To see how we make our "Pamperedpeeps Parrot Mash" click here. Pionus are a species that is more susceptible to a fungal infection called Aspergillosis. To boost their immune system, feeding foods high in Vitamin A is necessary.

My warnings on diet also pertain to the whole matter of visceral gout that is common in Pionus (and other parrots) Visceral gout is caused by diets too high in protein (20-25%). If the diet also includes high levels of Calcium and low levels of Vitamin A, this can also contribute to the condition. Another cause results from kidney damage, usually seen after antibiotic treatment. (aminoglycoside group. A common one is gentamycin)

Gout is when there is an accumulation of uric acid crystals within the body. The kidneys have lost their ability to remove waste products from the blood stream. There are two kinds of gout: 1. Visceral = the coating of internal organs with uric acid crystals, and 2. Articular = this gout primarily affects the joints. This is usually seen in the lower leg joints.

Birds with gout are usually given Allopurinol (Zyloprim). This drug helps prevent the production of uric acid. Adding concentrated Black Cherry juice to the drinking water can also help. Feeding fresh or frozen cherries is an enjoyable manner to help this condition. Also allowing your bird to exercise is a help. Read our article on clipping wings.

To read an excellent article about Pionus Parrots and gout, go to this link http://www.lorikeets.com/gout.htm

We always encourage folks to research the species before they commit to a new parrot baby, so here are other good sites to read up on Pionus:






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