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FINAL DISPERSAL...We are offering our two pairs of Crimson Bellied Conures for sale at this time. Selling both pairs for $1800. Both are very proven and produced recently.


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Because we are a small family-based aviary, we are not raising a huge number of babies. As a result, our babies are practically all reserved when they are just a few weeks old. We have had numerous families ask if they can reserve eggs. Yes, you can and that information is on the page about our Health Guarantee and Policies.

 We do reserve the right to change our prices to reflect the going rate during each breeding season.

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 Crimson Bellied Conures - $600 

 Deposit to hold baby (non-refundable) - $300      Deposits are  non refundable unless we do not produce a baby for you in this 2015 breeding season.                        

 DNA Sexing - $25.00 

 Shipping costs



Flight Suit Prices Payment (not refundable)

All sales are final.  Beware of shipping charges on other sites!!!
 PETITE through Large Wide AND Bigger 
Flight Suit, including Lanyard (leash) and shipping   $29

Econopack:3 Flight Suits, 1 Lanyard and shipping   $62

Flight Suit, including Anchorline (leash), and shipping   $33

Econopack: 3 Flight Suits, 1 Anchorline and shipping   $73

*Trainer Flightsuit, Lanyard and shipping   $25

Econopak of trainers includes 3 trainer suits, 1 lanyard  $49

*Trainer Flightsuit, Anchorline and shipping   $25 

Econopak of trainers includes 3 trainer suits, 1anchorline  $53

Spare Lanyard   $6 Spare Anchorline   $9

*WHAT IS A TRAINER SUIT?: These are our same famous flight suit, just not packaged in a fancy presentation, nor do you get choice of colors. Our "trainer suits" are made at a reduced price to encourage you all to raise and wean your babies wearing flight suits. Some may have a sewing error or a imperfection.

Payment Instructions:

If you would like to buy a flight suit, please email me ( and let me know. I will let you know what is available. Then, send a postal money order to: Beth Lee, PO Box 432, Waddell, AZ 85355. I like POSTAL money orders because my post office can cash them for me. I don't often leave home with all that we do and our bank is quite a distance from home. With homeschooling, I have children at home that I don't want to leave while I run all the way to the bank.  If you have paypal, I can email you an invoice, or you can just "Send Money" to via paypal. Be sure to email me and tell me which suit you would like.

I cannot offer refunds on flight suits that are opened due to the nature of contagious bird diseases. If a parrot has a viral infection and the minute, tiny particles are on the opened flight suit, they could be transferred to someone else's beloved pet.



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"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights
of all who are helpless."  Proverbs 31:8

 Today, what this means  to me is stand up for the unborn children of this world and be a good steward of His creatures.


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Gouldian Finches- $500 for 8 green backed babies (this will be an assortment of head colors and chest colors)

                   (there are more purple chesteds, than white chesteds)          

                   (we ship, but only if the minimum number of 8 finches is bought)

                  unsexed babies- $55   (once they are mature enough to sex them, the price increases)

                - Green backed females-$75

                - Green backed males-$60

                - Yellow backed females-$90

                - Dilute males-$60